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What’s it take to make it as an Entrepreneur Online?

Nic Penrake

Hi – my name’s Nicholas Penrake
and welcome to Generous Entrepreneurs Online.

The answer to that question above?
Perseverance is my one-word answer.

If you’ve been told it’s ‘easy’, by all means help yourself to some of that ‘easy’ stuff – and then let me know where you found it. lol.

Online marketing takes work – just like any business. It’s not complex, it’s not beyond an average person’s abilities, but it does takes time and effort and a burning desire to succeed as an entrepreneur.

It also takes knowledge. Which you can acquire through trial and error (the long, hard way, see the fella below) or access to an experienced and astute mentor…

If you are just starting out in internet marketing, or have only recently got your feet wet, then you have arrived at a good place. I have every confidence that by partnering with me at some point in the future you will significantly improve your chances of making money online.

With the internet becoming increasingly competitive – what is it, 1.8 billon users out there? – it’s increasingly vital that you partner up with experienced marketers and entrepreneurs, who can show you how to get set up fast and put you in touch with other like-minded experts.

Why would you want to take a shot at internet marketing?

Could be any number of reasons, but perhaps the most common is the freedom that comes with the work-from-home lifestyle. Whatever your passions besides making a buck, you can pursue them when you figure out a way to make a good income from your home pc or mac.

How to get started in online/internet marketing?

So how do you get set up and actually start making a real income?

You learn the basic principles, you learn how to create and upload websites and how to get traffic to them. The basics are easy to understand….

However, fitting all the jigsaw pieces together can be frustrating and confusing… without adequate help.

When I first started out, I was soon overwhelmed by all the information out there, the numerous ‘business opportunities’, courses and push button software promising instant riches.

One of the reasons I created Power Up Your Squeeze Page and Swap Your Way To The Top was that I had yet to come across a guide that provided all the pieces to the jigsaw I’d come across when I first started. It seems you have to join membership scheme if you want ‘the secrets’. So I put all those ‘secrets’ into one ebook and a short ebook/video course respectively, which have now formed the basis of a membership site of my own which I’m working on and should be up and running June 2011.

Get some Generous Training

You can do it the hard way and convince yourself you’re saving yourself money, or you can find out the easier and quicker way, which is through a mentor.

A good mentor is worth his weight in gold. A very good one is worth a fortune.

When it comes to business – and online business isn’t any different – it’s all about the relationship. Trust. A little generosity. Without those qualities in evidence, we all feel insecure.

So before we explore how I can help you join me in making thousands of pounds/dollars monthly from home, let’s take a look at where you are at the moment.

Work from home and a better lifestyle

You didn’t come here looking for a date, or to book a concert or a restaurant. You came here looking for a way of making money in your own time, from your own home. Your way.

So is it fair to say you probably fall into one of these three groups:

Group #1: You’re new to the internet/home business industry and you’re not sure where to start. Or maybe you’re tired of chalking up what you consider a mediocre success in your current business and you’re ready for something different, something more you, something bigger.

Group #2: You’ve enjoyed a few successes as an entrepreneur, but you want to work more efficiently. Or you’ve jumped from one opportunity to the next, never quite making any of them work – very often through lack of support.

Group #3: You’re a successful networker, you’ve made (or are making) good money, but you feel burned out – or on the verge of burn-out – and you positively ache for a better life/work balance. It’s quite possible you may see some of yourself in all of those groups.

The point is, what you have isn’t really doing it for you – and you feel you’ve put the time in and deserve better. With me so far? Good. Now for a little background on me. And, then, if you feel that I can help you, you can explore a little further exactly how I generate a multiple six-figure income from the comfort of my own home – and how you can be part of that.

What got me into internet marketing?

Why not carry on working as a copywriter for ad agencies in London? Well, it all started with the recession. Being made redundant and having time on my hands – to think. Redundancy is what you might call an occupational hazard as a creative working in advertising, Even so, your confidence does take a knock. This last time it happened – Valentine’s Day, believe it or not – I told myself, Enough already.

So I went freelance. And I still work as a freelance copywriter from time to time. I probably enjoy it more these days because it isn’t day-in-day out. And that takes me to the real point of why I turned to marketing online: it wasn’t the boasted incomes marketing gurus earn; I wanted more quality time for myself, my other creative writing pursuits, and my family.

I’ve known some very well-off people – but most of them worked themselves to the bone. By the time they were fifty they’d become slaves to their own work ethic. To me, it’s not healthy, it’s not even desirable.

I’m pretty self-motivated, so I don’t need someone telling me when and where to be between the hours of 9 and 5. I’ve found that if you opt for the right kind of home business you can not only earn good money, you can create the kind of free time you could have dreamed of with a regular job. (Remember that stuff? Time? When you were fourteen there was just oodles of the stuff. The second you have your first child, or even once you hit 35, it starts disappearing, like sand through your fingers…)

As a copywriter I was earning a reasonable income, but certainly not enough to retire early, do the things I still hadn’t got round to doing.

I have to admit, my first shot at the internet business was not a raving success. I was signing up for one course, then another, even before I’d finished the previous one. Ring a bell?

It soon became apparent that I needed a mentor. A good one. Sadly I found one later rather than sooner. If you’re just starting out, you’re strongly advised to find one right now. And the sooner you get 1-2-1 help, the quicker you will progress – which means you’ll be earning a real income inside of 6 months not 12.

Check out my Generous 1-2-1 Training

If you just want to chat and know what I can help you with add me on Skype – nic.penrake.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

4 Responses to “About Generous”

  1. Patrick J. August 3, 2010 at 4:55 pm #

    Thanks for having me onboard as we sail the choppy seas of the internet! I’ve had a quick glance at ‘netbiz before, so i’ll give it a more detailed look asap.
    Looking forward to working with you in the future.

    • admin August 3, 2010 at 5:11 pm #

      Thanks for dropping by Patrick. Nic

  2. robert May 18, 2011 at 1:03 am #

    ive done alot of different things for a living im a plumber,electrician,contractor,bartender,truckdriver,mechanic….the list goes.but theres so much bull s involved with internet mkt i not sure i can get thru the bull s to learn the essence of internet marketing.but i can tell you this im not lazy and im darn sure not a quiter,i guess i have just not found the right mentor yet.wish me luck thanks Robert

    • admin May 21, 2011 at 2:40 pm #

      Hey Robert, I hear you re the BS factor in IM. It’s the most over-hyped business I’ve ever worked in. And yet, people are making money, so great things are achievable for anyone willing to stick at it. Yes, I wish you luck in your quest for a mentor… and if you still haven’t found someone, get in touch thru Skype (nic.penrake) – you might find I can help you. Cheers, Nic

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