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Clearly there’s a ghost in the machine. Actually several machines. First my Samsung laptop goes into meltdown, then my Dell… then the Vaio’s left hinge herniates… the zoom function on my Sony HD cam ceases to work, the Samsung goes again, this time it’s the battery, then the DVD player, the printer and the external HD… I mean, what the fuck is going on, man! All in the space of 2 1/2 months?! 


Generally, I don’t like to make excuses, but all of a sudden I don’t seem to have any choice but utter a few… excuses, if only to keep myself from going crazy.

When will I ever be able to launch my new product? I ask myself. I pray to the god of micro chips and other electrical stuff, to please give me a break… just for one week, let’s say 10 days, that’s all I need to launch my latest product – Be My List Building Buddy.

I can’t remember when I last spent so much of my time fixing stuff. To run a launch, you can’t have things breaking down every five minutes. You need continuity and flow. It’s like a convoy rolling out. No mines, please. I come in peace, bringing useful advice to all list-builders…

I go to pick up the Samsung on Thursday. The repair shop charged me 60 quid just to take it in – a ‘service charge’ they call it. They call two days later to say it needs a new battery. Yeah, I already knew that. What about that other techno mumbo jumbo you were talking about when I brought it in? No, it’s not that. How much for a new battery? 90 quid.  I look up batteries on amazon… less than 40. Icall back and say, Hey, I’ll get my own battery. OK, sir, that’s up to you. Damn right it is. Looks to me like they’ve just banked 60 quid only to tell me what I thought what was the problem in the first place. How long would it take them to make such a diagnosis? Quick peak under the hood… sniff sniff… oh, it’s the battery…. 20 minutes ‘labor’? So that’s 180 quid an hour! I’m going to have to some serious words when I go to pick it up. They won’t be getting my business again unless they cut that bill right down to size…

You see what I mean? Distractions. When I’m trying to stay focused. Well, I managed to shoot a couple videos yesterday to go with the pre-launch pages, so I’m inching forward, you could say.

The problem with computers going down, even supposing you have other computers to work from – which I do, luckily enough – is that the computers you rarely use feel different, the folders and files are in different places, the Skype conversations are all totally different, a couple of files here and there seem to be missing… or hiding… it gets you thinking, doing a launch isn’t just a set of tasks you have to see through, it’s like a state of mind, a fragile membrane of concentration….

Well, assuming no more interruptions, I should be back on course by the end of the week. Fingers crossed. Toes too.

Perhaps I should outsource more…

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