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I just joined a membership site called List Crew. And like it sounds, it’s aim is to help you build your list – faster than you are doing now.

The way it works is this. After signing up, you go to the members’ area where you set up a very short ad for your newsletter. Something like this:

Generous Training

Heads up on tried and tested strategies for entrepreneurial internet marketers.

You’re asked to paste in your autoresponder details and shown how to paste a bit of code into the php of your blog’s footer which will work as a pop up advertising a bunch of newsletters, including your own.

It’s not like I needed another pop up on my blog – I’m already using pop-up domination, which, as pop-ups go, is one of the more attractive pop-ups out there. No, the idea is that by signing up with List Crew, all other members do the same as I did – which means they will be adding a pop up to their blogs which will advertise a number of newsletters, picked, I assume, at random. In other words, I am getting free advertising of my newsletter on other people’s sites.

If I wanted to upgrade, no doubt the exposure would be greater.

I think it’s a good idea and I’ll be giving it a trial run.

Like any of these kinds of schemes, you’re given a referral link, which can earn you credits. So you can email your list to pick up more credits and more exposure and, in turn, more subscribers.

‘re in the internet marketing niche and you want another method for adding subscribers to your list, check out List Crew here.

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