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Business in a box

Nice phrase, huh? As a copywriter I couldn’t have improved on it in a month of Sundays. It straight away conjures up the image of everything you need in one, easy-to-access place.

So what about Carbon Copy Pro – what’s their business in a box?

Carbon Copy Pro are a big name in internet marketing. I first came across them through a link I stumbled upon on Twitter. I watched a couple of videos by co-founder Jay Kubassak and I decided I liked this guy. He was calm, collected, even laid back. My kind of person, I thought.

So I ordered my BIB, as they call it.  Cost me $395. Naively I thought I was getting a bunch of videos and booklets on internet marketing. What I got was a box with 3 DVDs in it and leaders in CC Pro talking to me about the importance of mindset. There was very little in the way of what I’d call actionable stuff. And in fact the entire contents could have been found at no cost through joining a dozen or so marketers’ lists. I put the box on the shelf and wondered if I wasn’t a chump. OK, I did also receive another kind of BIB – the digital version, which comprised of a ‘back office’ and a bunch of marketing materials – but I’ll come to that in a minute.

One of the reasons I joined CCPro was because, not being a webmaster, it offered a way of marketing without having to build my own sites. Everything done for me, it seemed. The problem was, the websites available to me in the ‘back office’ of my CC Pro membership had OTHER PEOPLE talking about the CC Pro opportunity. So much for my becoming a LEADER with someone else’s mug up there. How could I possibly talk to people about personal branding in articles if I didn’t even have my own website?

Anyway, back to my BIB. Clearly I was gaga for having bought this thing. Who would be naive enough to buy it from me? Just think: $200 commission per sale. And once my referrals signed up with Carbon Copy Pro, I’d earn a $30 member referral commission when they paid their monthly membership fee. Oh, by the way, you also have to pay Wealth Masters International, CC Pros partners, a membership fee, too, for the privilege of selling your BIB and any other CC Pro product. But don’t worry, in no time at all you’ll be selling loads of these BIBs…

Sadly, it wasn’t to be. I was new to internet marketing – and I BADLY NEEDED A GENEROUS MARKETING MENTOR. I needed hands-on help to stand even the slightest chance of marketing such an expensive product. I needed help building a squeeze page, a blog, I needed to understand traffic generation, managing an autoresponder, etc., etc., but I wasn’t finding it in my back office – even if it was actually there!

The problem with any business in a box is that it makes one big boxy assumption: if we give you the tools, you can DIY your way to money and riches. OK, so, if that were true, how do you square that with the statistic that 95% of people who start a wor- from-home internet business fail? Answer: they either don’t have any help how to use these tools or they’re not getting enough help.
This isn’t to say CC Pro is a scam – it’s not and it clearly works. However, it is damn hard to make it work for you if you join them without a list. Not only do you have to pay the price for a BIB, if you want to make any sizeable commissions, you have to buy a M1 (the first top tier product) which markets closer to $2,000. Yes, you will earn bigger commissions selling it than you will with a BIB, but it’s more expensive, so it’s harder to sell. You can ‘work your way up’ by selling several BIBs, but of course it will take you longer.

Bottom line for me: I found a similar model which offered more. And so I joined YourNetBiz and, within days of joining, had a website up and running and a much clearer idea how to go about marketing. For the money, I found the support system better, I found the level of tuition better.

But in the end what it comes down to with any of these business in a box schemes is the standard of personal mentoring that they come with. When you buy your business in a box at either CC Pro or YourNetBiz, you acquire a sponsor or mentor. If you work hard and your mentor works hard on your behalf you will start to make money in under six months, and you will start to grow a real business. That mentor isn’t just some add-on feature, he or she is critical to your success. So before you opt for either of these home biz opportunities, find yourself a generous marketing mentor. And if at all possible meet him or her – if not in person, on Skype or MSN.

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