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Get response – or in this case get no response

Here’s what I call an example of bad customer service.

In July 2011 I discover to my horror that I have been billed by Get Response yet again, in spite of having had their written assurance that they understood I no longer wanted to renew my subscription with them.

Worse, when I try to get in touch with them, a couple weeks ago, I am directed to a page that instructs me to ‘Update billing details’. ¬†So I have to pay them in order to inform them that they have billed me when no such billing should have occurred! Terrific. I click Contact and get the same page and instruction. I click Support and – you guessed it – get the same instruction. I call their helpline and get through to an answer machine that cuts me off. By now I am pretty much fuming. ¬†Furthermore there isn’t any sign of an address on their website. I am only too relieved that my visa debit card they were using expired a few months ago.

To any sane person this is unacceptable behaviour. I’ll be sticking with Aweber – at least you can contact them and they write back!

This kind of lack of transparency and accountability is what people hate about working on the internet. I come across it less frequently these days, but was pretty amazed to experience this kind of thing from such a recognized name. This post stays up until I get an adequate response from Get Response.


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