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Is [FantaZ] Social Gaming ‘The Next Big Thing’?

Is [FantaZ] Social Gaming ‘The Next Big Thing’?

This weekend I got an email from a UK marketer called Paul Hardingham, subject line, simply ‘nic’. Not the most impactful subject line I’ve ever come across and I nearly didn’t open it, but anyway I did. In the email he was urging me to check out his ‘3 Hour Project’, which in essence was a sign up process to a business opportunity with a firm called FantaZ – or at least that’s their brand.

Paul is of course an affiliate. He’s building a downline. Normally I take little interest in this kin of thing, but I’m learning gaming at the moment through Train2Game and I’m therefore predisposed to taking a bit more interest in anything gaming related than I used to be.

Although their website is live and kicking, FantaZ is still in pre-launch phase. Paul said, in a Skype chat we had Saturday morning, (July 1st) that ‘it’s been quite difficult to get people to “see the potential” [till recently] as you can’t make physical money yet. It’s all about building the customer base ready for launch at the moment.’ He added: ‘…certainly looking at the stats this morning, it’s very encouraging…’

FantaZ is potentially huge. They have over 100 celebrities already registered in the USA, waiting for it to go live any day now. They have spent over $6million in private investors money to get this far. Coding has taken about 3 years! They also have a unique product (social gaming) that will be coming out soon – “FantaZ LIVE” , which is skill games based in real-life events such as sports, reality TV shows, Oscars etc.

So the way it works: you sign up under someone and register with a username etc. You’re given a unique link so you can then get people to sign up under you. What I liked about this product, though, is that it looks pretty innovative. People can sign up for free and play for free, it’s only if you want to play in competitions you have to pay. But the key thing here is the product looks like fun, even educational.

If you’re interested in joining my team click the link – I Want To Try Marketing Social Gaming – and watch the step by step videos Paul has provided for you. Although he calls it his 3 Hour Project, that’s not the sign up time! No, that’s the time he reckons it’ll take you to get 3 sign-ups.

And even if you’re not into gaming, it looks like a solid investment to me, so building a team now will set you in good shape for when the launch happens. And if you want tips on how to build a team, hit me up on skype – nic.penrake.

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