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Secrets To Growing A Hugely Profitable Email List


My first very own Kindle. Well, I had to do one. Of course the idea is to write, or have written for you, as many Kindles as you can, but for now I’m settling for just the one: “Secrets To Growing A Hugely Profitable Email List”.

Boy it took a while. Not so much the writing of it, because the book was the result of sticking together two ebooks already written on the subject of email marketing. OK, not just gluing one end to the other, obviously – a little trimming and editing was involved, but all in all that wasn’t the main job.

I couldn’t format the damn Kindle. I tried two software kits, but wasn’t getting anywhere, not all that surprising given how lousy most instructions and Help menus are. But anyway, I thought sod this and went on to and got someone to do it for me for $25, much less painful. I’m not entirely wowed by the formatting that came back, but at least the pics aren’t in funny places and there are no huge gaps between headlines and text, etc.  Let’s say it was perfectly adequate. You can keep on perfecting and perfecting, it was time to move to stage 2…

So I signed up as a vendor on amazon Kindle, rooted around for things like IBAN and BIC codes (you can find them on your bank statements), wrote a description of the book… designed the cover, got it made by a Mac Monkey… and finished in a state of mild stupefaction that I’d actually managed it. As always, your first time with anything is a bit of a pain.

Next stage – PR. That’s what I’m doing now. Looks as if I might have to set up a mini site devoted to this Kindle publication. Or at least a page. Am just going through a list of sites that help distribute your press release. Won’t that be fun. But it has to be done. Or else who will know my wonderful Secrets Kindle even exists. Hm, maybe I’ll outsource again…

Thought this list might be useful to some of you:

Here are a few websites to help you build your list:

Media Post – extensive directory for US media – directory for a number of countries

ABYZ News Links – directory for a

number of countries


You can submit your site to a few online newswires and news websites.

Some require payment, some are free but have an option to upgrade to paid:


PR Web – They do a great job, but only offer a paid

PRLog – One of the best free distribution sites

because it allows anchor links and has a high page rank.

PRZoom – submit your press release for free.

oFree-Press-Release – free press release

distribution center.

PressMethod – free press release distribution


PRFree – free press release distribution

24-7PressRelease – free service.


The Kindle Kraze

I realize I could have cut my first Kindle up into at least 2 Kindles
and charged the same for each ebook – but I wouldn’t have been
comfortable doing that.

Unbeatable value is the only way to go, in my view.

So, if you like the idea of learning about list-building on a Kindle, just click

“Secrets To Growing A Hugely Profitable Email List”

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