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The List Connection Review

I liked the way The List Connection’s creator Mark Acutt takes you through the thinking process behind list-building.  His course pivots around the importance of connecting with your subscribers on a deeper level than just offering hot (or even mediocre) products. You’ll notice TLC also stands for tender loving care, which underlines the connection Mark says we must make with our subscribers if we are going to make good money online.

He shows you how to segment your lists and why you should. Mark is big on ‘ethical’ email marketing – which is fine, although he doesn’t define ‘ethical’. He reveals a neat strategy for engaging with his subscribers which is non-evasive and, done well, could even be alluring; although quite time-consuming to set up – if the product retails at $17 or more it’s probably worth the effort and, arguably, essential if you’re marketing anything at over $27.

He takes the reader through a campaign he rolled out targeting the weight loss niche, taking the reader from research to emails. Personally this was less useful to me at this point in time as I do nothing in that niche – but useful insight for anyone working in that niche.

As a copywriter – and this perhaps just a side point – I was really impressed with the structure and eloquent flow of Mark’s sales page –  made a refreshing change from the typical hype fest of most internet marketing sales pages.  If you want to check it out click The List Connection.






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Viral List-Building [Siphon Hardcore review]

Viral List-Building [Siphon Hardcore review]

Syphon HardcoreCame across this the other day… a viral list-building system recommended to me by a list-building buddy – 5iphon Hardcore.

This is how it works… When you refer 5 other members to, the system ‘unlocks’ so that every next person who clicks on your link will go to your Siphon website and is added to your autoresponder list. So your siphon website works like a typical squeeze page, but with the crucial difference that everyone coming into your list after your first five referrals must now themselves refer 5 people to your list before they can ‘unlock’ their list-building siphon website.

So if you get 10 people to subscribe to your 5iphon website using your 5yphon referral link, that’s 10 people subscribing to your newsletter, but it also means you’ll get up to 50 more subscribers because you’re getting their first 5 base referrals as well. This means the majority of your list is going to be built on autopilot.

If you go for the upgrade called Extreme, you can monetize the backend of your 5iphon squeeze page. So this means 5 times the eyeballs on your offers. For every 100, that means 500 now looking at your landing page url/sales page.

So how do you use your Siphon website?

Well, you promote it much the same way you’d promote a squeeze page, the only difference being you wouldn’t enter it to a giveaway competition, for instance, as the ‘gift’ here is not tangible like an ebook, say. So you’d start off with free traffic methods, like ad swaps or emailing your internet marketing Facebook page and/or group. You can send out tweets, write articles (including your link in the body or resource area), create a Squidoo lens, write to your list…

And of course, whoever joins Siphon through your referral link will WANT to get their first 5 ‘base referrals’ (which are added to YOUR list and not theirs) as quickly as they can, so that they start getting the same viral list-building benefit from the people they refer.

Normally, when doing an ad swap or running a paid ad to somebody else’s list (i.e., a solo ad) to build your own, “x” number of people will subscribe, and that’s where things end. But with your Siphon website, those initial subscribers are only the beginning! As they each begin referring people to their Siphon websites, their first 5 referrals are added to YOUR list (and not theirs) as just mentioned…

So let’s say, for example, that you do an ad swap, or run a solo ad that produces 100 new subscribers to your list through your Siphon website. Normally that’s it. But thanks to the viral nature of your Siphon website, you’ll get up to 500 more subscribers on complete autopilot, off the ‘work’ of those 100 new subscribers!

As you can see, this is a pretty cool way to leverage your online marketing efforts and build your own opt in ‘money list’ at lightning speed – faster than ever before. It sure makes building a list one by one seem painstakingly slow and old fashioned. 🙂

The sign-up fee for Extreme (the upgrade) is $40, then $20 a month. I made nearly $20 back 30 minutes after joining. I’m pretty confident I’ll be making a fair bit more between now and the end of the month.

As a Siphon EXTREME member, you make ongoing $10 monthly commissions any time one of your referrals upgrades. And that’s in addition to the income you’ll make with your OWN special offer displayed right after each of your subscribers – and their first 5 subscribers – sign up through your Siphon website.

Of course people might sign up to your site and fail to deliver 5 referrals, but as mentioned they have a major incentive to get at least those first 5 because they can’t get the viral benefit of the system until they do. It’s early days, but I’m impressed so far. And I know other marketers who are already averaging around $19.56 a day with it and they’ve only just begun. Here’s the link – go check it out for yourself: 5iphon Hardcore <<==

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Build your own list as you build a downline

Build your own list as you build a downline

How do you get round MLM burnout?

One of the problems with MLM opportunities is that you can do a truck load of work and end up making very little money because your downline wears thin. It’s one of the reasons I kept away from it for a long time…

See if this rings any bells with you… You sign up to a business op, you’re given a link, you paste it here and there, hopefully not spamming too often… and a few leads trickle in. You make some money, but generally you’re pretty underwhelmed.

The big problem with this model is this: your link goes to a web property that you do not control or own. So whenever someone hits that page, they sign up to your opportunity, not to you. You are just a username. You mean nothing to them. True, you can email them from your back office and get to know them that way, but that takes time and effort and isn’t all that productive.

Worse still, your downline is not on a list in an autoresponder. Just try adding those names and emails to your Aweber account. Aweber are very picky about how you came to acquire a person’s email. I’ve been having problems getting them to add customers, never mind downline leads!

So what do you do?

You build a squeeze page and stick it in front of the website that your link goes to. And you direct potential prospects to your squeeze page, not the link you were given when you signed up.

In your webform you go into Settings and under Thank You Page you paste the sign up link you’ve been given – this is your redirect, i.e. the page your visitor will be sent to directly after signing up to your list. You switch Confirmation from ON to OFF, because you want your potential prospects to go as quickly as possible to the sign up page – or they might lose interest.

By using a squeeze page this way, not only are you building a downline you can mail updates to re the primary business opportunity you drew them in on, you can also email them about similar business opportunities in the future.

Here’s an example. When I signed up to FantaZ, I signed up under my sponsor’s link. I was then given my own link (username + fantaz in the url). This link would then send my prospects to my sponsor’s page. He would net the names via an optin. So would I. But here’s the thing: his data was going to an autoresponder, mine was going to the back office of my FantaZ page. Well that’s not good enough, I realized. Because when I now wanted to get in touch with people in my downline, I’d have to email each one of them individually. If I had them on my own list in my Aweber account, I could do one broadcast and that would be it – job done for my entire downline.

So I built a squeeze page to put in front of my sponsor’s page. Yes, it makes the journey a little longer for prospects, but it introduces them to me (as their sponsor) and, for serious parties, I don’t think it’s a big deal anyway. As an added incentive, on that same squeeze page, as well as talking about the business opportunity very briefly, I offered to provide everyone who signs up with some marketing tools to make their job of building a downline that much easier: I gave them the very squeeze page they had come in on, which they could download as a zip and edit however they wanted, plus an email swipe they could send to their downline to keep them motivated. So I was making it totally worth their while by asking them to sign up to my list.

So this is the model I urge you to follow if you are doing anything like MLM.

As for FantaZ, I just heard from my sponsor that a guy in his team knows someone who was involved in a similar business 8 years ago and they made $2.8million in 3 years. Kind of motivating hearing that 😉

The FantaZ website, when it launches in the US, any day now, is capable of handling 4 MILLION HITS PER SECOND. They have over 100 celebrities signed up already. This isn’t some tin pot fad about to be cooked up.

The games themselves are skills-based, and nothing to do with gambling. As a sponsor, you make money when anyone 7 levels down plays a game.

If you think you’ve got the time to invest even 30 minutes a day in this opportunity, I strongly suggest you jump on this link – Nic’s FantaZ – asap. If you’re interested in gaming, how it’s evolving online right now, I’d say it’s a must.

Have fun and make money – can’t be a better combination!

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Why you should be using an autoresponder to boost your sales

Don’t go another day without using an autoresponder to get more sales…

If you want to create a longer term online business, an autoresponder is a tool you really can’t afford to ignore, as this will give you a lot more options when it comes to email marketing. Many new Internet marketers have a misconception about autoresponders; they think that using an autoresponder to grow your profits is a highly complex process and is not everyone’s cup of tea. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a genius to use an autoresponder; you only have to follow a few simple steps. You only have to decide what kind of campaign you want to create and start composing some messages.

Before using an autoresponder service, it’s important to figure out which solution to opt for. Rather than hosting an autoresponder on your server, it’s highly recommended that you subscribe to autoresponder service. Managing your own autoresponder can be a headache, especially when you are starting out. You are basically outsourcing the management for a fee when you subscribe to an autoresponder service like Aweber or GetResponse. This is the most effective way to utilize autoresponders, without worrying about having your email being delivered on time or having any bounce backs.

Another crucial element when it comes to email marketing with an autoresponder is making the subject line of your email enticing enough that your subscriber opens the email and reads it. The subject line of your email is the part that determines whether your subscriber will even read your message or not.

If you want to get your reader’s attention, you have to create a noticeable and interesting subject line. Relevant and compelling subject lines are one of the keys to successful email marketing campaigns. Increasing your open rate is essential for any email campaign, as your subscribers have to read your message before they can take any action on it. With all of the emails everyone gets today, your message has little chance of being read if you don’t give enough thought to your subject line.

To finish; email marketing doesn’t mean that you should be of disinterest to your prospect. Your autoresponder is supposed to make your email marketing easy and at the same time ensure that your subscriber receives interesting messages. If you hope for your subscription rate to amplify with a lower amount of people dropping it, then utilize your autoresponder for sending out messages that are worth of note / tantalizing to your list. If your subscribers start to feel incongruous or jaded after the first few initial emails, you won’t be offered the chance of mesmerizing them or making a strong impression.

As we’ve seen in this article, using an autoresponder in the right way can be one of the most effective ways to build a growing list of responsive, targeted customers. Do your research in terms of keywords, products and your target market so that when you set up your autoresponder campaigns, you’ll know there’s a strong demand for what you have. The above principles can help you get off the ground and begin taking full advantage of autoresponders so you can start building your list.


Access The FREE Professional Squeeze Page Creator to create proven landing pages to build your opt-in list.


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Master One Niche First – Then Try Others

When you first get into internet marketing you’re bombarded with all kinds of opportunities in all kinds of niches. The choice is so wide, the possibilities endless… it’s like being at sea.

You may have a passion that can readily translate into marketing a product or service. You play golf, say, so that shouldn’t make it too difficult to set up a blog about golf, offering tips and so on. But many of us would not regard ourselves as experts in anything particularly – except perhaps the very job we hate!

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you already know why marketers must build a list. That’s to say, list in the plural, of course. The thing is, can you build a list of customers, a list of buyers? Can you build it fast and responsive?

I’m hardly a beginner, but I am still learning, I don’t mind admitting. That’s why I recently took on a new mentor. Someone who is better at list-building than I am.

There just comes a point when you have to invest in improving your game. If you decide to do it on your own, you’ll take longer, that’s pretty much guaranteed.

A mentor gives you added focus too. Because you have to do the ‘homework’, you’re much less likely to spend half your time checking out offers and forums and, well, frankly, doing nothing.

So a mentor also helps you become more productive. Gives you structure to your day, your tasks… and before you know it, you’re getting results. With results, your mindset alters – in a good way! You build confidence in this single-minded task you and your mentor are working on and you start to become – guess what – an expert.

Then with that expertise, you can teach others. So now you are not only marketing to a list, you are making money from students following your tuition.

Once you’ve got those two tasks moving along nicely, you can branch out and try other niches. You’ll find they are so much easier to handle now, because you have mastered the one niche.

I’m about to set up my own coaching program for list building in the internet marketing niche. It’ll be cheaper than any of the established mentors and just as good, if not better. That’s the meaning of Generous, after all 😉

If you’re interested in finding out more, write to me with subject Early Bird at to get on the early bird/discount list. Meantime, educate yourself by grabbing this report.

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Build Your List Through Others’ Blogs – Without Paying For Advertising

I just joined a membership site called List Crew. And like it sounds, it’s aim is to help you build your list – faster than you are doing now.

The way it works is this. After signing up, you go to the members’ area where you set up a very short ad for your newsletter. Something like this:

Generous Training

Heads up on tried and tested strategies for entrepreneurial internet marketers.

You’re asked to paste in your autoresponder details and shown how to paste a bit of code into the php of your blog’s footer which will work as a pop up advertising a bunch of newsletters, including your own.

It’s not like I needed another pop up on my blog – I’m already using pop-up domination, which, as pop-ups go, is one of the more attractive pop-ups out there. No, the idea is that by signing up with List Crew, all other members do the same as I did – which means they will be adding a pop up to their blogs which will advertise a number of newsletters, picked, I assume, at random. In other words, I am getting free advertising of my newsletter on other people’s sites.

If I wanted to upgrade, no doubt the exposure would be greater.

I think it’s a good idea and I’ll be giving it a trial run.

Like any of these kinds of schemes, you’re given a referral link, which can earn you credits. So you can email your list to pick up more credits and more exposure and, in turn, more subscribers.

‘re in the internet marketing niche and you want another method for adding subscribers to your list, check out List Crew here.

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