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3 Hot Tips On Marketing To Your List

How to cut through, get subscribers to open and click on your emails?

They say 10% is a good open rate. 2-3% of that figure may click on your link. You see how hard you have to work when you have a list under 1000….

Tip #1

Make your email stand out with a compelling subject line:

Here’s a small list of winning subject lines

Subject: 3 ways to profit from PLR right this minute

Subject: How to go from zero to $100 per day in 30 days

Subject: Live demo exactly how this software raked in $500 in five hours

When you read such headlines, your curiosity peaks and you think, Damn it, I want to see that… I want it too! If your subject line doesn’t arouse curiosity and desire, you might like to re-write it.

Tip #2

Don’t be too tricksy with your subject lines simply in order to get your subscriber to open your emails. I frequently unsubscribe the second I feel I’ve been taken a ride – even on an email. Don’t you? Do you like being told you’re going to watch a video that shows you how to do something, only to arrive on a Clickbank sales page?

Emails with subject lines like: “Your account has been activated”.  What ‘account’?

‘Your PayPal commission’ So you open it thinking, Maybe I made a sale. No, you’re being asked to subscribe or even by something. It’s irritating.

Be creative but be straight. And for the mot part write it the same way you would if you were writing to your brother or sister, or a friend.

Tip #3

Make your emails as entertaining as possible. Add some humor, some personal details, what you’ve been up to (as long as it’s not the washing up or doing drugs!), link to world news… It only has to be a short paragraph. After all, what can you tell about a marketer who writes, ‘Hurry now, this list expires in 24 hours, don’t miss out on this amazing gift!’ He or she hasn’t the slightest bit of interest in communicating with you, or ever getting to know you. You’re just fodder for his/her machine.

It’s easy to forget your list are comprised of real people. When I started copywriting15 years ago  many corporations were still writing to their customers with a stiffness and formality that betrayed a lack of imagination and emotional intelligence. Things are better now. And with social media becoming ever more ubiquitous it’s essential your emails project EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

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The Art Of Getting The Most Out Of Your Ad Swaps

Ad swaps are great – they’re a quick and affordable way of building your list which otherwise can feel like building a mountain pebble at a time.

However, I’m amazed at just how many swipes (email copy from your partner) are of poor quality. Usually it’s not the site that’s so bad, it’s the copy. OK, I’m a copywriter, so I (should) have an advantage, but many of these swipes I get asked to look at lack any kind of fresh urgency or craft.

A swipe doesn’t have to be long. Short is good. But short and blunt isn’t so good. It should sound like it’s coming like a friend, not like you want to shove someone’s face into an optin.

The thing you have to consider here is:
– how do you write to your list?
– and how would you like to be addressed?

I sometimes wonder whether ad swappers actually read back their own copy. The people they are mailing to are probably receiving anywhere between 10 and 200 emails from other marketers per day. What’s going to make them want to read yours?

If your ad swap partner has sent you a bum piece of copy, politely suggest a re-write. Many people are grateful when you send them back an improved swipe for their mail-out.

In any event, you need to consider your own list, because your subscribers are used to getting YOUR emails mostly and, if you suddenly start sending a fleet of emails in all different kinds of styles, they’re going to feel you’re spamming them – they didn’t sign up for this!

Make more of every swap you do

Every time you do a swap, you make a connection – with the person you’re doing the swap with. Because every swap is an opportunity… to connect. Some people can’t or won’t be bothered – that’s fine, don’t press – but there will be some who are grateful for the contact and keep in touch with you. If you’re doing swaps through a site like safe-swaps, it’s easy to do a swap and forget about your ad swap partner and carry on seeking new people. But that’s a waste, in my opinion.

If the swap goes OK, get your partner’s email and Skype and stay in touch. If you’ve built up enough trust, you can do swaps and maybe jvs further down the line.

You’re not just building your own list here, you’re building alliances with other marketers. You can’t seriously befriend everyone, but if you reach out to anyone who works well with you, you will make a few solid alliances – and you never know how useful they could be in the future.

While you’re here, why don’t you pick up my FREE guide – Swap Your Way To The Top – which takes you all the way, step-by-step, how to set up your offer and sales funnel, through to the art of a good swap.

And if you want to swap with me (in the IM niche), send your swipe to together with your proposal and let’s see what we can do.

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Turn Successful Broadcasts Into Heat-Seeking Follow-Ups

So you’re building your list. Which means you’re using aweber or get response – or one of those reputable autoresponders. You’ll be sending out Follow-up messages and Broadcasts. The advantage of a Broadcast is you can refer to something totally current, such as Christmas Eve, or New Year’s Eve, or the sudden drop in temperature on Boxing Day… And being current is to be fresh and less like a machine than some of your pre-logged follow-ups.

Every now and then you should go through your Broadcasts and look at the ones that have got the most opens and clicks. Those at over 10% are worth considering as follow-ups for some of your list. You may have to tweak one or two lines, but most probably you can copy and paste at least 90% of a well received Broadcast and just drop it into a follow up message. Add a call to action – always do this, whether that be for a free offer or affiliate offer – and you’re done; one message becomes two.

Nice way to save yourself some work. And the good thing is you know that the Broadcast you saved as a follow up will very likely be received with the same kind of interest. Who knows, you might get a sell off of it.

Try it out.

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How to Improve Your On-Page SEO

All in One SEO Pack Plugin

The first thing I’d suggest is you work with WordPress. Google likes WordPress. End of story.

With a WordPress site, download plugin All In One SEO Pack. Activate it and then fill in the relevant fields so you optimize each of your pages and posts. Then take a look at your competitors’ websites and pages. Right click on any website and scroll to ‘View source’ and you can check out their keywords. Pick out the ones that look relevant to your site and copy and paste them into the space for keywords in the All in One SEO plugin.

Optimize your pages for your keywords

Do it organically. Which means, write about your topic, then go back over it and if you discover you’re still thin on keywords relevant to your topic, add some – but make sure they make sense in the context and don’t spoil the reader’s enjoyment of your content!

Devise an easy to navigate site

Make your site easily navigable and both your readers and Google will reward you.

Make sure your loading time isn’t slow

On the whole this means not cluttering your site with too many plugins and large image/video files. Images want to be 50-150 k, and definitely not over 1MB!

Keep providing good content regularly

It’s probably just as important to be writing/posting regularly as it is writing good content. Obviously you should aim for both.

Hope the above prove useful 😉

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