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Commission Autopilot Review (plus Bonus)

Document Distribution

I came across Commission Autopilot through a webinar presented by marketer Paul Ponna and I was pretty amazed at the demonstration he gave showing us what his software suite could do.

You’re perhaps aware that since Google Panda came along it’s become harder for marketers to get their articles ranked. But along comes a new trend called document distribution. Apparently the new document distribution sites are the places to seed your links – and the way to do it is to write little articles as before, embedded your affiliate link, and upload. Along comes the traffic searching for your keywords and every 100 or so visits you get a sale. The big thing about document distribution is these kinds of articles are easier to rank for because they sit on sites with high rankings.

But here’s the problem: it would take you forever to write enough articles, turn them into PDFs together with your affiliate links and distribute to these sites. Just forever.

Solution? Commission Autopilot.

What is Commission Autopilot?

Commission Autopilot is made up of two pieces of software. The first one, Commission Activator, works by gathering content relevant to the keywords you want to rank for and turns said articles into several PDFs at the push of a button.

Part 2 of the software suite – Commission Multiplier – then distributes the PDFs you’ve just created to all the major document distribution sites. How cool is that!

So I bought it. And I’m going through the tutorials today and everything is very clearly explained. So far I’m impressed. This is the best Clickbank offer I’ve seen in a very long time.

Even a newbie who has no website and no list could use this – because it’s all about document distribution and affiliate links. If you have a blog, you can use these PDFs to attract traffic to your blog. Or a combination of both.

You get a 60 day guarantee, so provided you don’t just sit on this, you’ve plenty of time to see whether you can generate enough cash to go into profit. I’ll be writing a post to outline my results in a few weeks from now – by which time Commission Autopilot could well have gone up in price, so all I’m saying now is this looks VERY PROMISING.

Buy through my link – Generous Entrepreneurs Recommends Commission Autopilot – and I will send you, Power Link Generator & Viral Friend Finder as a BONUS. You can check out the products by clicking on the hyperlinks. Just forward me your receipt to with subject line “Commission Autopilot Bonus” and I will send you the download links to the just mentioned products.


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WSO Domination review


Warrior Special Offers or WSOs are becoming a hot topic in 2011. So if you’re doing anything in internet marketing, especially that niche itself, you really do need to be producing WSOs of your own.

But what makes a WSO? More importantly, what makes a good one? How best to promote one? Where do you get affiliates from? How do you use the Warrior Forum’s horrible BB code to best effect…?

All these – and more – questions are answered in concise an understated detail by the down-to-earth and level-headed Geordie, John Thornhill, in his new product WSO Domination.

I bought WSO Domination on Friday, as I’m planning another WSO myself, so I was hoping to pick up a few tips from a more experienced internet marketer.

First thing you notice is that the course is very well set out, taking you from the absolute basics – What is the Warrior Forum? and Why Create a WSO? – to BB coding for forum marketing.  He even goes into Changing Image Background Colour on images you insert into the html editor on the Warrior Forum. You might think that’s no big deal, but first time I ran a WSO my sales page looked like a nasty patchwork of cheap and nasty sales pages, simply because I didn’t understand the interface. It’s great to see a marketer go into this kind of detail – so often overlooked by other marketers who assume you either know this stuff already.

Each section is broken down to bite-sized 10 minute videos.  I believe I counted 23 in total. The content is very well scripted and John narrates in a concise and measured Newcastle accent, without ever being dry and boring. And for each video you have the equivalent content in MP4, iPad, iPhone, iPod and PDF formats.  So you’re spoilt for choice as to how you consume this valuable course!

John also has a couple of bonuses for you: one is a course in making a professional ebook, presented by fellow Geordie Dan Sumner and the other is a piece of software – Clickbank Affiliate Master – that will allow you to create multiple affiliate links for additional pages in your Clickbank product, thus endearing you to your affiliates.

Personally I think this is the best product/course I’ve come across on producing a WSO.  Awesome value at under $10. This is generous indeed. Nice one John!

Click WSO Domination to see for yourself.


Rating *****

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Social Media Hookup – Review

Social Media Hookup is a neat and concise formula for hooking you up with local business people who could use some help with their Facebook marketing.

Authors Ed Akehurst and Martha Mayo give you a strategy for locating quality, targeted leads, attracting them with a lead magnet, then reeling them in with an offer to improve their Facebook Pages.

They show you how to use YellowPages to find out about how and where local businesses are spending their marketing budget. They show you how to hone in on businesses that have zero or weak presence on Facebook. They give you a clever solution to the lead magnet – it wouldn’t be fair to give away their suggestion for this, as it’s pretty cool and innovative as far as I can tell – and, once you have your lead, you pitch him or her your offer on Facebook page refurbishment.

Don’t know how to build a sexy Facebook page? Outsource it, they say, don’t let that stop you. And it’s a good point. A lot of us get stuck because we can’t do a particular task too well – or we’re just new to it.  So go to someone who can and you play the middleman.

Ed and Martha walk you through the strategy step by step; they even give you suggested scripts you can use as emails to prospects. The report also contains links to videos relevant to the method. If you’re doing, or simply thinking of doing any local business marketing, I highly recommend you try this course. Right now it’s on the Warrior Forum going for a song.

Want to take a look? Click Social Media Hookup.

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Instant Traffic Robot [honest] Review

Instant Traffic Robot is yet another piece of traffic-getting software designed by Paul Green’s team to work on WordPress sites. Basically it’s a plugin that you can set up as a cron job (geeky term for timer) in your hosting and it will suck content from the net and paste it onto remote blogs at regular or random intervals. This content can then link back to your main blog with links and seo-rich keywords and be monetized with Clickbank affiliate links – or any other relevant affiliate links.

Nice concept. On paper it looks like a winner. And that’s why I went ahead and bought it.

The video tutorials went at an even pace and were easy to follow. I set up a few remote blogs, as instructed, and began connecting them to the plugin, ready to receive content.

But then I encountered the first hiccup: I couldn’t add my free blogs. Why? I don’t know. I worked round the problem and used other platforms such as I could only add 5 blogs on this licence, so no big deal perhaps if I couldn’t add, even if it was a little vexing to have spent time setting up blogs which I couldn’t incorporate into the program.

So I set up my first campaign: it centred around gaming. I selected ‘’ (an articles directory) as my source of content. I put in the relevant keywords and got it to run…

… and… hey, presto!

Nada. Nichts. Nuffing.

Instead of seeing my remote blogs sprout articles relevant to my keywords, I was presented with a long, ugly error message. I checked and double-checked – but really there weren’t so many tasks I could have overlooked. I tried again. Same error message.

OK, so let’s try video….

This time I actually got some content to appear on the remote blogs – but not a video. Instead, I got a video description plus the youtube link. Straight away I began to see the problem with the ‘nice concept’: the software isn’t intelligent enough to edit the content it finds. So, for example, 40% of the video description was usable, 60% of it was not. That’s to say, I’d just given myself an editing job re text content. Not only that, I now had to click on the youtube link, go pick up the embed code and paste it into the post… If I had to do this for every post, on every emote blog, I’d be glued to my pc for, like, forever. So much for time-saving software.

I might have persevered with it, but after 3 attempts to get any response from support, I’d had enough and wrote to Clickbank asking for a refund. Sounds to me like they need to rethink their software, because it just didn’t deliver. I suspect this will be my last venture into content-seeking plugins for a very long time – you just can’t beat a real person!

I’m afraid it’s back to old fashioned hard work of posting my own, real content on blogs I own!

So no big bonus or affiliate link for Instant Traffic Robot. Like I said, an honest review…

If you’re looking for help with blogging, don’t forget to pick up my Generous Blogger guide – it’s free.


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Marc Milburn’s Fast Profits Formula Review

Marc Milburn’s Fast Profits Formula provides a no-nonsense overview of online marketing for newbies.

The course divides into 7 video training Modules:

1. Introduction & Overview

2. Your Own Info Product

3. Writing Your Webpage Copy

4. Accepting Payments

5. Putting everything Together

6. Marketing Your Product

7. Building Your Business

With each module Marc provides PDF, MP3 and video files you can download to your desktop. He also provides links to other resources (cleverly upselling his own product in his members’ area with products and courses on e.g. copywriting – but hell why not, they’re at least relevant and certainly not intrusive.) He also offers a bonus training module, which you can go through after you’ve finished Building Your Business.

Marc’s delivery is animated and the language he uses easy to understand. This is perfect for newbies, who will almost certainly need some hand-holding – as do we all when starting this stuff without a degree in marketing, graphics and html! Each of the sections is covered in detail. Some of the videos are a tad long in my view and could have been either a little more concise or cut up into smaller portions of 25-30 minutes; an hour or even 45 minutes is a long time to ask someone to sit through any training at home in one sitting.

The main thing to note is this is solid content: this stuff works, anyone who’s been marketing online for a year or more will recognise these methods are proven to work and if you do what Marc teaches you, you will make money and begin to build a solid online business.

I like the fun graphics on his site and the overall impression is of a young marketer who genuinely wants to help people get a foothold in internet marketing and enjoy doing it.

The price too is exceptionally generous at only $8.95. I can see that going up in the very new future, so if you are looking for a comprehensive entry-level course in internet marketing, you’d be crazy not to take a closer look.

Generous Entrepreneurs gives Fast Profits Formula:  ****

Download Fast Profits Formula

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List Mechanics Review – A Complete [Video] Course For Internet Marketing Newbies

List Mechanics Review – A Complete [Video] Course For Internet Marketing Newbies

I just gained access to a nuts and bolts course on internet marketing called List Mechanics. It’s created by marketers Anwesh Rath and Paul McDonald.. and it’s pretty good. Thorough. No bs… just like it says on the tin – list mechanics.

If you’re a newbie to internet marketing, this is the kind of course you should be looking at – not these fancy push-button software offers on Clickbank.

Why do I say that?

Well, I think you need to learn how to walk before you try to run. Seems obvious, but so many people sink everything into ‘short-cuts’ which promise quick riches and almost invariably disappoint   😥 Not much point in having clever software if you don’t even understand… list mechanics.

Here’s the spec:

  • List Mechanics is a 19 video course on list-building and leaves nothing to the imagination
  • Each Video Includes Comprehensive Mind Maps
  • List Mechanics Condenser – A summary of what the videos teach
  • 10 Squeeze Pages & 10 PLR Reports for lead generation
  • Priced to sell @ $47

The members area is simple, clean, easy to navigate. The videos you can download if you wish. Subjects covered run from the basics of setting up a squeeze page to viral marketing. (For some reason they picked only video 17 to open with a very cool, cinematic animation of moving cogs pulling back to a lock and a heavy door that opens to a dramatic, cloudy sky.) The video presentations make use of comic pencil drawing animations, which I also liked. A well structured presentation in each.

If you’re just starting out online, this is very good value.

My List Mechanics Bonus Buy List Mechanics through my link and I will throw in Power Up Your Squeeze Page, my own in-depth guide on list-building which will complement and, to a degree, supplement the List Mechanics course.

Clear your cookies Just be sure you buy through this link (you may have to clear your cookies first) and check affiliate id = jacksteane. Then forward me your receipt to subject “List Mechanics Bonus” and I’ll send you to the download page for Power Up Your Squeeze Page by return.

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WP Commissions Plugin Review

WP Commissions Plugin Review

This is a review of WP Commissions – a WordPress plugin. (video review half way down the page)

What do you find you battle with most marketing online? I’d probably say: Time. Does that figure for you? Just so many tasks for one person to do! Yes, there’s outsourcing – that’s assuming you’re making enough profit to consider it – but even that also takes time.

So automation is key. And in the blogging world, that tends to mean plugins.
Not all automated content is desirable

Plugins are among the few things in internet marketing that I always check out. Sometimes they don’t deliver, sometimes they do.

Not so long ago I bought a plugin that provided me with automated content relevant to keywords on my site. So far, so good.

But what I got was a non-stop bilge pulled from yahoo answers. Then one day I came to look at one of my blogs to find ‘I HATE N1GGER’ plasted all over it, like 50 times. Wo! I don’t know what was going off, but I can tell you I pulled the plug on that little script machine like it was burning a hole in my pants.

Not good.

WP Commissions

So I was a little wary after that experience. But then I came across this – WP Commissions…

Same kind of thing, except… It picks up reviews/promotions of affiliate products in the IM niche and posts them to your blog – with your affiliate ID already embedded in the content.

Now the key difference for me was this: these posts that are going to populate your site are handwritten – and readable. So your blog doesn’t fill up with mere keyword crap.

To quote the developers: “WP Commissions removes ‘bots’ and ‘scripts’ from the automated blogging equation and replaces them with HUMAN content that will earn you commissions from MULTIPLE platforms hands-free.”

Generous Recommends WP Commissions

Resale Rights are also available right on the front page, as well as a killer instant commission affiliate program.

This plugin has the potential to make a HUGE impact in the internet marketing arena this year – and YOU are the first to see it!

Admittedly the content that populates your site is not – should not – replace your own blogging, but so far I’m happy to be getting some extra traffic and possibly the odd sale or two by having it there.

It’s very useful for those blogs you don’t post much on – keeps them looking fresh and keeps the traffic coming. I’ll be trying it out on a couple and see how it goes. You can always edit the posts yourself anyway, or even delete them if you don’t feel they’re relevant enough. For the money, it’s pretty amazing. You can vary the number of posts you ‘import’ too. And you can turn it off when you think your blog needs a break from it.

The developers are running a pre-launch right now (April 1st – it’s after 1pm so I can say that without making it sound like a joke!) and price is ultra low – though I don’t know whether it’ll stay that way once they launch in a few days’ time.

In summary: I’m impressed so far. Definitely worth checking out.
Generous Recommends WP Commissions

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What is Auto Traffic Xploit? Nic Penrake Reviews

What is Auto Traffic Xploit?

The short answer is it’s a bundle of software designed to boost traffic to any sites you set up offering affiliate products and CPA offers. You can use the software in any niche to sell any product.

Auto Traffic Xploit comes in 3 parts:

• Auto Site Xploit
• Auto Traffic Xploit Xtreme Software
• Here’s an overview of each component.

Auto Keyword Xploit Software

Auto Keyword Xploit software takes relevant keywords from the Google Wonder wheel and provides you with the number of searches for those keywords at the same time as finding .com, .net and .org domain names with the keyword included – great for SEO, of course. This saves you a LOT of time. Plus you get a GoDaddy discount coupon when you click on a domain name that interests you. Pretty cool.

Auto Site Xploit

Auto Site Xploit is a WordPress theme loaded with a software that automates your site. There are tutorials that take you through the set-up – not difficult.

The theme they give you has a clever mind of its own. When a visitor comes to your site, the theme automatically creates a customized page for that keyword that matches what the visitor is looking for. It also creates several links on the page providing different options for the visitor, who is then taken to another site, such as a CPA (cost per action) site.

Auto Traffic Xploit Xtreme Software

Essentially the software facilitates your submission to high quality sites that will provide you with powerful backlinks. There are 4 modules to work from – article submission, press release submissions, RSS & Social Bookmarking submissions. The software will automatically submit your site and different posts from your site which push up your site’s rankings.

You’d expect a software tool this sophisticated to come with a monthly fee, but you can get it for a one-time-only cost of just $39.

Give it a whirl?

Some of the parts of Auto Traffic Xploit sound familiar – although as a package it feels quite fresh. Just like any other automated system, you’re still going to have to implement it and you’re going to have to keep adding to it as well. But from what I’ve seen so far, it shouldn’t take long to make your money back many times over.

Let’s face it we all want – need – more free traffic and that’s what this product delivers.

More Traffic = More money (and, I might add, more time with your friends and family and less time glued to a pc screen! That’s got to be a bonus in itself!

And with Google coming down hard on affiliates and ad sense sites, this has to be one secret weapon that helps affiliates ‘fight back’.

If for any reason it’s not for you, it’s not what you thought it was, etc. etc., you have a whole 60 days in which to claim a refund, backed by Clickbank, which are 100% secure.

If you purchase from my link, email me at nicpenrake[at] and I’ll throw in a big bonus on CPA marketing from a top CPA marketer.

That should be plenty to be getting on with! Good luck!

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Web Design For Internet Marketers

Web Design For Internet Marketers

James Francis is a British internet marketer, who is consistently generous with his provision of valuable content to his subscribers, so it’s no surprise his Web Design For Internet Marketers course is very good value for money.

It breaks down to 5 modules:

Module 1: Introduction To Simple Webpage Creation

Module 2: Creating Killer Squeeze Pages

Module 3: Designing Cash-Sucking Sales Pages

Module 4: Setting Up Your Own Members Area

Plus bonuses.

There are over 23 live videos with “100% uncensored footage” – all in a step-by-step format, leaving no room for error as you set about implementing them.

He’s also included his own high-converting web templates and PDF workbooks with each video, so you can follow along with the course. Check it out.

I personally vouch for the material. I think it’s only rivalled by courses from Lee McIntyre. But I haven’t seen Lee put out a course this thorough on the practical side of squeeze page creation/list-building. Lee is fantastic on strategy, but if you’re looking for a step-by-step approach, you’re in great hands with James.

Web Design For Internet Marketers

Click the image or just here to check it out.

Oh and if you go for it, I will send you FREE my own Power Up Your Squeeze Page ebook which perfectly complements James’s course. Just email me at nicpenrake [at] with your receipt and I will send you Power Up Your Squeeze Page by return.

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