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“This is literally the link building endgame!”

I just downloaded Chris Munch’s early bird freebie report introducing his new product, launching Monday 27th February – his ‘endagame’ for link building called ‘Hook Pigeon’.

Given that Google has ‘slapped’ thousands of marketers for ‘artifically’ building links to their sites, this has to be an interesting proposition. Munch is hinting that the best solutions now have to be found virally – which of course means, in large part, via social media.

In his early bird report he says he’s ‘systemized’ his method down to ‘quick-fire campaigns that can be done in as little as thirty minutes, as well as much bigger aggressive campaigns’ that have helped him overcome many problems like:

• how to structure content to get attention and action
• how to create awesome viral content without writing more than 20 words
• how to get people to want to share your content on Facebook, Twitter and more
• how to get blogs and news sites to link to your site out of choice
• how to ‘seed’ your content
• how to go viral off other people’s content (no creativity required)
• how to channel this powerful energy to force rankings higher for specific
• how to leverage Google traffic into the long term for passive profit
• how to never have to worry about getting traffic again

The Hook Pigeon method is all about ‘flooding your site with traffic in a way that makes Google believe you are genuinely providing value, not merely playing funny games.  As a result of applying Hook Pigeon, your rankings will shoot up, he says. This in turn will build trust… and more links to your sites.

Chris says he has brought in over 150,000 unique visitors in a 48 hour period, with ‘targeted long-term traffic from Google that just keeps coming year after year!’ That’s no mean achievement. This looks like it could be a gamechanger in linkbuilding strategies.

Go here to get on the early bird – early pigeon? – list.

If you’re reading this after Monday, February 27th 11am EST Click Here.

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