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You’ve probably heard of people talking about personal branding. But how do you brand yourself when you aren’t even an expert yet, when you aren’t a known commodity, like Heinz or Playboy? Good question.

The answer is actually quite simple: find an online (marketing) mentor you feel comfortable with. Someone who gets back to you when you’re stuck. Someone who shows you what he’s learnt and is learning (even the experts never stop learning). And finding that online mentor is without doubt quite a personal thing.

As a mentor, myself, it’s one of the reasons why I never try to ‘sell’ what I’m offering.  It’s almost like a date situation. The harder the guy tries to win the girl the more he alienates her. It’s just got to flow. So what should you look for in deciding which mentor to go for?

  • Reliability. If you pick up a sense that this mentor is just fishing for more residual income through having another member join his/her team, you could probably do better elsewhere. This mentor might not be for life, but he or she will have to be for the life of your getting on your feet in this business, or you will struggle.
  • A certain expertise. When you visit the site of someone promoting themselves as an internet marketing mentor, read their stuff. Are they informative, helpful, teaching you anything? Or is it all self-promotion wrapped up to look like tuition. What evidence do you have – apart from this mentor telling you in a video – that he or she deserves the title of mentor?
  • The mentor’s primary company – is it reputable? Do some research and ask the mentor for an honest take on the company he or she works for, or with.
  • The product. Is it a product you feel you can sell?
  • Do you have a sense this mentor is genuinely eager to include you in more than a bunch of video tutorials? Will he be getting you together with other entrepreneurs, what kinds of networking events, online or face to face, can you look forward to? This experience wants to feel like the beginning of not just one but several opportunities.
  • Most mentors in my experience come with a ‘high ticket item’ – that’s to say you buy the product you’re going to be selling as a sort of membership fee. What you’ll typically get for that fee is access to:
  • A suite of digital products that will help you with internet marketing
  • An extensive online library of video tutorials, webinars, ebooks etc.
  • A network of entrepreneurs
  • Links and other tools that will help you promote yourself and other businesses you may be involved in

Once you have found a mentor you trust and get on with, together with YourNetBiz tour high ticket item, focus on a few set tasks to begin with. Don’t scatter yourself in the early days. Be consistent. Even two hours a day, every day is better than 14 on the weekend and nothing during the week. Think of the early days like learning to play an instrument. Your body and mind isn’t used to holding a guitar or violin. Grow the calluses before you turn your finger tips raw. So let’s say you’re all set up. You’ve followed the video tutorials, read some of the ebooks and you’re ready to get marketing. Now a good mentor will be there for you as you go along. There are some who disappear at this point. Not cool. Again, this is why you don’t want to rush in to joining the first nice guy you come across. Nice doesn’t always mean reliable.

Remember, though, your mentor also has a life, and also doesn’t have the answer to every little question on internet marketing. The main thing is you have a dialog and can work it through together.

With time, you’ll start to build a list and have prospect of your own. You won’t need quite so much ‘hand-holding’ – but a good mentor will stay in touch; you never know when you might need each other on some other venture. If you’re willing to work and work closely with a MENTOR who is willing to help you maximize your strengths, it won’t be long before you start reaping the rewards you deserve.

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