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I am gradually building up a line of products that I believe will be of great use to new entrepreneurs entering the industry.

For June only you can get in to my Generous Training program for a massive discount. Find out more about Generous Training here.

My first product – an ebook – is entitled POWER UP YOUR SQUEEZE PAGE. I’ve just written a 2nd edition (April 2011).

Who needs this ebook?

Anyone starting out, anyone who’s got going and got STUCK, anyone who is sick and tired of paying exorbitant amounts of money merely to learn the basics of list-building. Seriously, you are getting at least 2 months’ worth membership tuition in this single ebook. How much would that cost you? Well, upwards of $400.00. This ebook is $10 $7. You do the math. For more info, click here.

For those of you who have already made a start but have yet to build some momentum with building a list, check out


it’s the logical next step up from Power Up Your Squeeze Page and includes video tutorials, too. Find out more here.

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