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James Francis is a British internet marketer, who is consistently generous with his provision of valuable content to his subscribers, so it’s no surprise his Web Design For Internet Marketers course is very good value for money.

It breaks down to 5 modules:

Module 1: Introduction To Simple Webpage Creation

Module 2: Creating Killer Squeeze Pages

Module 3: Designing Cash-Sucking Sales Pages

Module 4: Setting Up Your Own Members Area

Plus bonuses.

There are over 23 live videos with “100% uncensored footage” – all in a step-by-step format, leaving no room for error as you set about implementing them.

He’s also included his own high-converting web templates and PDF workbooks with each video, so you can follow along with the course. Check it out here.

I personally vouch for the material. I think it’s only rivalled by courses from Lee McIntyre. But I haven’t seen Lee put out a course this thorough on the practical side of squeeze page creation/list-building. Lee is fantastic on strategy, but if you’re looking for a step-by-step approach, you’re in great hands with James.

Web Design For Internet Marketers

Click the image or here to check it out.

Oh and if you go for it, I will send you FREE my own Power Up Your Squeeze Page ebook which perfectly complements James’s course. Just email me at nicpenrake [at] with your receipt and I will send you Power Up Your Squeeze Page by return.

Pro Landing Pages

This is designer Toschee’s new product – an offering of squeeze page templates which you can customise – with ease.

His pages are good for creating:

• Affiliate Landing Pages for Clickbank products.
• Sale Newsletters for Your own products, that You worked hard to develop.
• Video or Squeeze Pages to encourage Your visitors to leave their E-mail adresses or other informations.
• Small, fast and great looking Video Pages, which will help with Your business.
• Landing pages for contests, joint ventures and much more!
• Special offers for your main website

I wish I’d come across a pack like this when I first started building squeeze pages. The designs look sharp and modern and, for those of you who aren’t techie-minded, they will massively speed up your marketing day.

Unlike so many template packages, Toschee has divided the templates into bite-size chunks, so you can pick the ones relevant for your niche(s) and not waste money on designs you’d never use.

The biggest PLUS for me is that Toschee offers LIFETIME SUPPORT. That’s huge for me. There’s a real dearth of good support that comes with digital products – it’s good to see someone underlining this item.

Click the banner to go check out the goods!

Proffessional Landing Pages

Mobile Monopoly and Cell Phone Cash – Nic on video

While you’re on this page, why not download this free report on Mobile Marketing.

Mobile Monopoly

By the time I first came across Adam Horwitz, the young man behind Mobile Monopoly, I’d already heard of cell phone marketing via the net, but I didn’t know much about it. I hadn’t been altogether convinced by what I’d read and seen so far… But there was something about this guy, with his slacker haircut and T-shirt, a breezy Silicon Valley sort of air about him, that immediately captured my attention.

Unlike so many marketers, who talk for ages on video without actually delivering any useful content at all, Adam not only outlined his concept in full, he gave you a demo showing you how he marketed to mobile users through the net AND – beat this – let you use his software tool so you could copy his blueprint. Certainly a first for me.

And he’s only 18 years old – ‘with no college degree, no training and no “unfair” advantages or head starts of any kind’.  He’s not some kind of “dot-com” wizard, either, he claims on his sales page for Mobile Monopoly. ‘Believe it or not, I stumbled into Internet marketing my freshman year of high school after I had started simple blog where I’d post the local parties around L.A. – and I was just trying to figure out a way to make a few bucks on the side but pretty soon the site was getting thousands of hits a day… and sucking in hundreds of kids to every party I posted!’

He tells a good story, by the way. And this is key in good sales copy;)

And then one day he goofed, he says, ‘and sent hundreds of kids to a grandmother’s house at 11 p.m. one night (oops!) Still… I was onto something… Just by screwing around I’d ended up with a website that sucked in visitors like a magnet and got them to go anywhere I wanted…and being an entrepreneurial sort of dude he noticed ‘almost no one seemed to be trying to advertise on mobile phones at all!’

So: ‘a system that could never get “slapped” or “saturated” because it’s hitched to the biggest wave of the century’ and you could ‘do it all with no keyword lists to research… no websites to build… no articles to write… and all the traffic I know what to do with at a just a penny or two a click… There’s nothing to figure out with mobile,’ he says.

I was excited. As Adam might have said, it seemed ‘pretty much’ like a no-brainer. Lots of other marketers began talking about it. Clearly it’s the NEXT BIG THING. So I bought the course. I also bought the extras, such as his 7 ‘proven campaigns’. The videos were really professionally executed, the instructions simple and easy to follow. So far so good.

In order for me to quickly start earning money with this system I thought I might as well start off with his proven campaigns. So I took the first 2 he swore by.

Two days later, mixed results. I had picked up about 12 subscribers on my best ad – for $50 ad spend. OK, I’m new to mobile marketing. Let’s try again. I followed his Miracet (Stop Smoking CPA) offer and, after 2 days, I had not one single click. I wrote to admob asking them, was there something technically wrong? They suggested I raise my bid. Normally I would have tweaked the copy, but this was Adam’s copy, so why change it? I raised the bid – to 20 cents. Still cheap compared to Google, but no longer dirt cheap, as Adam had promised it would be. 24 hours later… still no clicks. What’s up, no one in the USA wants to give up smoking! So as I write this I’m about to raise my stakes to 25 cents… while split testing the ad copy…

Another campaign he swears by – An IQ Test available only in NZ, again a CPA offer – has pulled very few clicks at the bid Adam proposed we go for.

Conclusion? Well, either I’m cursed or I’m seriously missing something. Ordinarily, I’d think to myself, well, you need to tweak and test your copy, knucklehead. But these are ‘proven campaigns’, so why am I having to tweak them?

Adam insists we can keep our bids low – but the low bids aren’t getting me traffic on two of his proven campaigns. In fact the bids he quotes as default bids on his proven campaigns are no longer available. For instance, his proven campaign with (a CPA network) now offers a default bid of 16 cents compared to the 5 cents he quotes on his video. So clearly mobile marketing is headed the way of Google ppc (perhaps no surprise seeing as admob is owned by Google;).

So I wrote to Adam’s support email pointing this out. I received no reply. Disappointing. I rather like the guy – from the videos anyway. Maybe he’s just too busy enjoying the money he’s made from selling this product.

I’m not giving up with this. I think he has stumbled upon a potentially vast and lucrative market and, in his easy-to-use software tool – his ‘Beastmobi’ – he’s found a clever way of delivering simple, attractive ads that are ‘mobile optimized’.

However, my experience would suggest it’s not as simple as he makes out – to make money at it, that is. Maybe so many people have jumped on this in the past two months that the low bids he was enjoying at the time of making the sales videos are no longer effective…?

If you’re interested in mobile marketing, I would definitely take a look at his course – it strikes me the best value for money out there of all the products on mobile marketing. I would just add, you want to keep an eye on how fast you use up your ad spend on admob if you’re a relative newbie. You can get a LOT OF CLICKS without optins. And if no one’s biting your CPA offer that pops up after they’ve opted in, you’re going to lose money – at least in the short term.

Here’s the link if you’re interested. And if you have much better luck than I have so far, be generous and write to me to tell me a trick or two!

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