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Or even having a wife – if you’re a guy, that is. I mean, internet marketing can be one of those addictive pursuits like watching sport… or going to the pub… and watching sport… stuff that kind of pisses off the wife or girlfriend from time to time…

Empower your blogging

So it’s good news when you come across an internet marketing business that gets results quicker for less work.

That’s what Empower Network promises you – women included, of course. According to co-founder Dave Sharpe, this is about creating more of the New Rich – ‘a class of people who earn ‘mobile income’ and can travel the world, doing as they please……with no restrictions of time…’ Not so new, actually, but anyway, the message is there’s still good money to be made from blogging. In fact, even better money if you blog to a downline.


Yes, Empower Network is sort of a MLM-meets-blogging program. And this is how it works: you sign up to their basic package, paying your sponsor – the guy whose link you went through – $25. From then on in, you pay a few cents less than $20 per month as a kind of admin/hosting fee for the blog and hosting they provide. Now that you’re in, you can sell the same Empower Network package to your subscribers – and your cat if he has a credit card. They pay you $25 and after 4 sales you are more than $50 better off than when you started out.

Naturally, you’re not going to get rich selling packages @ $25 a pop, however. That’s why Empower Network offer you various other packages which come with more training, more insider tips and conferences and so on. If you’re ‘all in’, you could soon be joining many of their high-earning members – that’s to say a nice, sipping-pina-coladas-by-the-pool $10K a month.

Dave Wood has something of the cult leader about him, something of the entrepreneurial hippie, the maverick. You do listen to him – even if he does talk hundred miles an hour. He has this ecclesiastical zeal about him that makes me, a sceptical Brit, somewhat wary. On the other hand his business model – on paper, at least – looks pretty convincing… provided you are committed to blog every day.

You can’t be a ‘wuss’ if you’re in Empower Network

“…every time you go out there and you put your creativity on your blog, you put a video on your blog, you write a little bit on your blog, you learn a little bit about blogging,” co-founder Dave Wood tells you in one of the 8 training videos you get upon signing up. “You just keep getting a little better and a little bit better… you keep having more presence and more presence…people start liking, people start sharing…” and the Lord shall shine upon thee, my son… No, he doesn’t actually say that. You almost feel he wants to – but he’s a internet marketer, remember.

Most importantly Dave Wood passionately wants you to come through – just as he and the other Dave (a self-confessed former alcoholic and drug addict) did too.

You kind of like these guys…

“…most people ain’t core,” Dave Wood says, by which he means ‘committed’. “Follow the 8-core commitments,” he advises, and you will be successful. “Just do it… Blogging changed my life… I lived in a doddamm van and I started blogging… How many times do you have to blog a week? 7. Cos you ain’t no wussy. What’s a wussy? A wussy makes excuses. A wussy blames their problems on other people… How do you succeed? Follow the 8-core steps. We’ll help ya.”

So there you have it. If a sceptic like me is prepared to give it a shot, you’d best not be a wussy now. Get yourself powered up at Empower Network!

I nearly forgot, when you sing up under me, I can send you an entire email campaign you can load up to your autoresponder and send out to your list. That right there saves you a lot of time, does a good job of recruiting and informing your list and generally keepng wheels well oiled.

I have a couple of friends making serious money with this platform – they’re ‘all in’.

If you’ve been blogging months and months – even years and year – and you’re still wondering when the hell your site is going to load up with the sound of k’ching, click Nic Empowers You and take action.

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