High Ticket a little too high?

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January’s a good time of year for at least one thing – a re-think…

Never mind New Year’s Resolutions – they always start out bold and end up revealing themselves as quite fragile. This is mid-January thinking…

I’ve been talking to a few marketing friends about high ticket items. And there’s a wide consensus they are priced too high in most cases.

When I first joined YourNetBiz, I figured the pricing structure was industry standard. I figured I was paying a high price for the privilege of having a hands-on mentor who would take me from zero to hero within a year.

Hm. Was I naive?

I’ve been talking to the people who do my SEO for me. The vice-president of that firm told me that around 5% of people succeed selling high ticket items (unless they are the creators themselves) – unless they have hands-on help from a mentor. The problem with these high ticket items, he said, is that most mentors do not invest in their ‘students’ and so their students fail. As a result high ticket item get a bad rep.

You only have my word for it that I do put in the time with my students. So I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and offer a major discount on the price of joining me as an associate with YourNetBiz. I would rather have more team members who are getting on and make possibly less money than have a few who have paid a lot and are struggling.

My honest opinion: generally speaking, high ticket items are over-priced.

There are a lot of people out there wanting to get into internet marketing and they are being taken advantage of. I know a lot of people try internet marketing because they are flat broke, they’ve just been made redundant, they’re looking for something new – they don’t need another smack on the nose…

So… here’s what I’m prepared to do.

If you join my team as a Platinum member between now and February 14th I will give you a 30% Discount. You will pay me the full amount and I will reimburse you 30% of the fee you paid me.

I don’t know of any other YourNetBiz or CarbonCopyPro member offering a deal like that. If you find someone who can beat it, prove it and I will beat it.

So now, those of you who are serious about marketing a high ticket item, those of you who are serious internet marketing entrepreneurs, have very little excuse to join me as an associate member with YourNetBiz.

Go take a look at Generous Commissions and do the YNB tour to get a feel of what you can gain from taking up this offer.

As with any Great Offer, you have until Valentine’s Day. This is my little bit of love to you…;)

But seriously, work with me and we can make serious money together.

To find out more add me on Skype: nic.penrake

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