How the F****** layout can help maximize clicks

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Of course a a header like that needs some explaining… But apparently, with our attention spans growing ever shorter, we have a tendency to scan most of what we read. So we start at the top, read all the way across, for say the first 3-4 lines and then roundabout here
we get kind of get tired and
impatient and skip down
a way looking for nuggets
of information that
will take us to the holy
grail of making money
online and maybe a link such as this one… and after we’ve
checked that out, we rumble on a little further, getting all
the more impatient
for something even
better until we finally
come to a real gem

And the moral of this tale? Well, if you know that your read reads in an F, you can adapt accordingly, providing key information at the top, half way down and again at the bottom.
This will keep your reader interested,
maximize your clicks and, in all likelihood
maximize your sales. You get the picture.
Not that I intend to write every single future post like this,
it might drive people f****** crazy!
Still, it’s an interesting fact that
modern minds now scan content
this way, and increasingly can’t
be bothered with wide lines and
dense copy. So what the F do you
think about that?

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