i-Phone Dev Secrets Review

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i-Dev Secrets Review

Trey Smith’s exciting new training module The Software System is about to launch! – today, 10th February, to be precise. Why’s it exciting? Because he’s making available not only a fantastic training that shows you how to make your own app, he’s also giving you access to his overbooked developers!

Apps are fun – and lucrative

Your being here is proof I hardly need to tell you software is a very lucrative business. And you may want to get in on it. Well, here’s your BIG chance – Trey’s new product “The Software System” is the best course on selling software there is.

Trey got started – in a big way – by creating software which allowed you to watch TV on your computer. People loved it, people bought it – in droves. He made a cool 1 million dollars his first year with this software!

He then later created another piece of software in the hypnosis market which brought him in another cool 1 million dollars. You can see more of that story here: http://www.thesoftwaresystem.com/join

Notice – when you watch the video – how he talks to camera with this big grin on his face like he can hardlybelieve his venture took off in such a big way? He’s like a big friendly bear into games and music – and, of course, making money. He has that enviable quality of radiating friendliness. You just straight away want to invite him for a beer..

i-apps and games

Trey’s recent venture has been with an iPhone app, based on the old school game “Simon Says”. Within a week of launching his app, he was making over $100 a day with it.

You can see more of that story in his second video here: http://www.thesoftwaresystem.com/iphone-apps/ And now he’s giving you the tools and step-by-step instructions so you can create your own app or game.

Limited copies of the Software System

I just had an email from Trey to let me know there will be a limit on the number of copies of The Software System. Not surprisingly, right? So, if you’ve enjoyed watching his videos (see links above) and want to learn MORE about having other people build software for you, then I urge you to get on Trey’s early bird list for “The Software System”.

Also, people will get access to his programmers based on what TIME they order the system! So it’s important to get in there quick if you think this is for you 🙂

Check it out here or click the banner.

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