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The very cute and diminutive – and clearly very sharp – US online marketer, Katie Freiling, has come up with an ingenious concept with The Unified Tribe. I was surprised to discover it’s a recent invention – only April 2010 – but then again sometimes the simplest concepts elude even the more seasoned gurus for a long time.

So what is it? Well, as it sounds, it’s a tribe – or a group of people, helping each other out. How does it work? As a member you must help every other member share and spread his or her content across four major social media sites – Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Stumbleupon. More specifically, you have to read members’ articles/posts and ‘Share’ the ones you rate on your own social media sites. So, for example, if you come across a post by Katie Freiling and you think, That was cool, I’d be happy to share the content with my list, then you click Share and select one or more of those 4 social media sites by clicking on their icons.

You then post a recommendation of Katie’s content to your followers and friends, etc. For each Share, you get a reciprocity point. Collect 5 rps and it’s then your turn to submit your own post. When it comes to your turn to post, potentially you stand to get 5 times the exposure you would ordinarily get from posting your article to any of those 4 social media sites. And, of course, if the people sharing your posts have big lists, you are getting more than 5 times what you could do for yourself.

Not surprisingly I saw a spike in my traffic within 24 hours of submitting a post to tut. And of course, it was targeted, because my readers on theunifiedtribe would only have recommended (shared) my posts if relevant to their readers.

The cost for this nice little boost to your website traffic? $67 a month. Not cheap, but on the other hand, if this traffic is converting to even a couple of modest sales, you’re gaining plenty, because some of your visitors will return and will recommend you – assuming you have some decent content!

On top of that, you have the chance to become an affiliate. So with one or two sales going through for you on a referral link, you get to shave a bit more off the membership fee. So: great concept, easy to navigate website, very clear video tutorials by Katie that get you going…

The only thing I have any reservations about is the content. There are some great bloggers, experienced marketers on there, offering very useful education in online marketing. There is, however, a glut of posts on ‘personal development’. While I totally agree with the idea that ‘mindset’ is essential if you’re to make it as an entrepreneur – online or offline – I get tired of reading the bland, obvious stuff pedalled by so many bloggers in this area. OK, so we have to be positive, determined, generous and giving if we’re to succeed. I got it already. Now can we learn something about marketing? As an online marketing mentor, I would like to see a few more posts on theunifiedtribe that give me in-depth tips on marketing, really practical stuff that I can use to improve my marketing and/or pass on to my team members. But maybe that’ll come – theunifiedtribe has only been up and running since April 2010.

Overall 5 out of 5 stars for concept, 3 for content. All in all, I really recommend any internet marketer to give the unified tribe a go. And Katie’s just so appealing, why wouldn’t you want to be part of her tribe;)

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