Invest In Your Internet Marketing Education… or fade away

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How do you like to learn internet marketing?

Did you notice I didn’t say how would you… I’m assuming you’re already doing it. It’s an ongoing process, isn’t it? At times it can feel like a never ending process! The more you do, the sharper your focus – you realise you can’t possibly do ALL kinds of marketing if you’re to achieve results, not by yourself, at any rate.

When I first started I was on Twitter, then Facebook, then writing articles, then on my blog, then writing to my list… and of course forever checking out new shiny products. Darting everywhere just exhausted me and I achieved very little. It was only when I focused on building a list and producing my own products that I started to see any progress at all.

And key to establishing more focus was finding a mentor 1-2-1.

I was at Alex Jeffery’s and Dean Holland’s Instant Profit seminar in London yesterday. Dean gave a very self effacing and modest presentation describing his journey from being a long-term newbie and online failure to a major success. The strategy he outlined on his slides – exactly the one I follow –  looked pretty simple – and it is pretty simple. You’d think more people were using it and becoming successful with it.

But of course like a lot things that look simple, there’s a certain amount of consistent hard work needed before results are achievable.

During the break I had got chatting with a couple of internet marketing friends, who’d turned up for the event. We discussed the issue of trust in some depth – how best to win people over, how to coach people effectively and turn a profit. I mentioned I was getting ready to do a ‘quiet’ launch of my Generous 1-2-1 Training.  They too wanted to do more training, but not 1-2-1. Being more established than I was, they were looking for a more scalable formula for delivering the goods – membership sites, webinars – which are also my long term goals. They understood what I was doing – offering premium value at absurdly low price in order to develop my ‘brand’ and create some word of mouth, which would open doors further down the line.

I described how a number of interested parties had approached me asking for guarantees. And how so many of them looking to get into internet marketing claimed they couldn’t even afford to invest the smallest amounts of money to take their fledgling business to the next level.

If I want to get private tuition for my kids, I have to pay anything from $35-$55 per hour. That’s the going rate. No parent I know would bat an eyelid at being told this is what it costs to get their child some extra tuition. But many people going in to internet marketing imagine that they should be able to get the equivalent for free or mere peanuts. I guess it’s the nature of the internet where so much information is freely available that we imagine an education in an online business should also be free.

Well, of course, you can get a bunch of stuff for free, it’s true.  But if you really want to get a good grade, to use the above illustration of schooling and private tuition, if you want to get a ‘scholarship’ to a place where the top marketers hang out and make the really big deals, you need 1-2-1 tuition.

The only exception to that rule that I can think of is that you grew up around a business at home and the whole thing seems to come like second-nature.

The longer you put off solid 1-2-1 tuition, the longer you will be floundering online. That’s not just my opinion – I know of no successful internet marketers who would disagree with me.

For those of you interest in my Generous 1-2-1 Training program click here. If you want a guru to teach you the same thing, 1-2-1 via Skype, start saving for your second mortgage 😉 Whatever you choose, understand you have to invest money in your business to make money.

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