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Is this anything like your story?

You tripped over a url one day – like a bit.ly or a tinyurl – something about a fantastic system generation Mr P $100,000 a month on auto pilot, maybe you were on twitter or facebook… anyway, whatever, and that link took you tumbling down a well till you landed on a – guess what – a landing page. Otherwise known as a squeeze page, or lead capture page. This funny looking, solitary page with lots of red type and quotes was so ripe with plumy messages, you couldn’t help but type in your name and email and downloaded your ebook or report, and maybe you went on straight away to buy your first product … and then you did it again… and again… and again…

…until you’d wake up mornings to find your inbox littered with bold messages, promising easy ways to wealth and abundance… And so  you got hooked, chasing this online income, these easy pickings you’d been reading about, eyes nearly popping out of your head… but somehow – were you jinxed or something – it seemed everyone else was making money and you were just spending it.

Work from home became work-from-home hell

If you haven’t already discovered it, you possibly know the solution already: you need a mentor. A coach. Some training. And not just any old mentor, a mentor who is going to make him or herself truly available AFTER he or she’s sold you his system, his product – because all mentors have them.

So don’t struggle alone – no, life’s too short.

Get a generous marketing mentor to help you

Why do I say generous? Because if he or she isn’t, he or she doesn’t really understand the value of attraction marketing. To attract people – to market, to make money – you have to be generous.  It’s quite simple really.

Internet marketing has a lot to offer – money, freedom, the fun of helping others dump their boring day jobs and move on to something that gives them more satisfaction… But it takes work to get there.

Information overload?

If you are just starting out in internet marketing, chances are you are already overloaded with information. You could have been working at this game for a few months and still made little money.

You have a vague idea what seo is. You muck around with google’s keyword tool and make a list. That’ll do it, you think. A week later you wake up to see you’ve just spent $200 dollars and still haven’t got a sale. I’ve been there. All the gurus have too. Again: solution: a generous marketing mentor.

Working hard and getting nowhere just doesn’t feel fair, does it. The damnest thing is, you know you have it in you to be a successful entrepreneur. Hell, you’d settle for a few hundred dollars a month just now.

How to get ahead in internet marketing

If that’s how you feel, you have to take action. And that means you need to learn internet marketing from a generous marketing mentor who will stick by you and bring you on, introduce you to his network, keep feeding you marketing tips and encouragement.

Did I say a few hundred dollars a month back there? OK, let’s think bigger now. Six figures big. Think that’s not possible? You and six figures? Believe me, it is possible. You just have to take action. And keep taking action. With your generous marketing mentor by your Skype.

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