Master One Niche First – Then Try Others

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When you first get into internet marketing you’re bombarded with all kinds of opportunities in all kinds of niches. The choice is so wide, the possibilities endless… it’s like being at sea.

You may have a passion that can readily translate into marketing a product or service. You play golf, say, so that shouldn’t make it too difficult to set up a blog about golf, offering tips and so on. But many of us would not regard ourselves as experts in anything particularly – except perhaps the very job we hate!

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you already know why marketers must build a list. That’s to say, list in the plural, of course. The thing is, can you build a list of customers, a list of buyers? Can you build it fast and responsive?

I’m hardly a beginner, but I am still learning, I don’t mind admitting. That’s why I recently took on a new mentor. Someone who is better at list-building than I am.

There just comes a point when you have to invest in improving your game. If you decide to do it on your own, you’ll take longer, that’s pretty much guaranteed.

A mentor gives you added focus too. Because you have to do the ‘homework’, you’re much less likely to spend half your time checking out offers and forums and, well, frankly, doing nothing.

So a mentor also helps you become more productive. Gives you structure to your day, your tasks… and before you know it, you’re getting results. With results, your mindset alters – in a good way! You build confidence in this single-minded task you and your mentor are working on and you start to become – guess what – an expert.

Then with that expertise, you can teach others. So now you are not only marketing to a list, you are making money from students following your tuition.

Once you’ve got those two tasks moving along nicely, you can branch out and try other niches. You’ll find they are so much easier to handle now, because you have mastered the one niche.

I’m about to set up my own coaching program for list building in the internet marketing niche. It’ll be cheaper than any of the established mentors and just as good, if not better. That’s the meaning of Generous, after all 😉

If you’re interested in finding out more, write to me with subject Early Bird at to get on the early bird/discount list. Meantime, educate yourself by grabbing this report.

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