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I had an interesting conversation with the vice president of a top US SEO company last night. Among other things, we discussed the viability of marketing a high ticket item. And one of the things we both agreed on right off the bat was the lamentable lack of genuine mentors.

One of the big problems high ticket marketing faces is not the price – which is higher than your average Clickbank product or even most courses out there – it’s the not unfounded suspicion that mentors of these high ticket products are only there for the sale and will smartly make themselves unavailable and ‘madly busy’ thereafter, leaving the new ‘team member’ to sink or swim.

As my VP friend said, about 95% sink.

Which is crazy when you think that one of the main reasons you’d market a high ticket item is to take advantage of the residual income. You won’t earn much residual income if all your team members sink, will you.

Besides which, it’s a bad way to do business. If high ticket marketing is all about personal branding, what are you doing for your personal brand by letting your team members drown?

That’s why at Generous Entrepreneurs we do things differently. The people I work with, who help me, believe in being generous. As a way of life and as a way of doing business. It’s not enough to talk it, either, you have to do it. Few actually do. And that’s where the disappointment and disillusionment comes for so many who try their hand at internet marketing – the gap between the promise and the reality.

The best you can do if you’re just starting out is find a mentor. But make sure he or she is generous – and means it. And that means finding someone who is accessible and who will give you his time.

If you want to find out more about how Generous Entrepreneurs ┬ácan help you, get in touch through skype (nic.penrake). Meantime, you’re welcome to download my pre-launch report on list building:

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