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Generous 1-2-1 Training

The fact you're here proves to me that you’re serious about making money online.

So, the first thing I'd like to say to you is, Yes, it really is possible. Many people falter and fail, but you can be successful and create a much freer lifestyle for yourself if...

...you have:

  • A whole heap of motivation AND
  • A Generous Marketing Mentor

Without the second ingredient, chances are you'll be struggling for a long time. Don't. Your significant other will thing you're a loser and, in time, so will you. 

nic penrake

Hi, my name's Nic Penrake.  I'm a senior copywriter turned internet marketer. I'm not a super affiliate, don't have a flash sportscar and I don't go on holiday every other month... But I do know internet marketing well enough to give newbies to this business a major jump-start.

So, can I assume this about you? 

  • You have the will to make it as an entrepreneur online. Or perhaps a better one than you are now
  • You’re not looking for a so-called 'opportunity' or 'system' or MLM scheme 
  • You’re here because you want to build your own business; you want to build a list, you want to market information products and perhaps long-term you believe you can produce some pretty cool products of your own 

All of it possible. And so much more achievable when you have a mentor.

So this is what you get with...

Access to my Skype and email and a 12 hour response (often sooner) to your        latest questions

Immediate access to my two list-building products

When you're ready, access to all the latest strategies I am picking up from the        Inner Circle of leading internet marketers

Personalized help in building your list (no mentor offers this at the price I am        offering)

Camtasia video tutorials explaining specific techniques that boost your                    earnings

Hot tips on where to find the most lucrative offers

How to get buyers on your list who buy again and again from you

And, of course, help with your copy from a senior copywriter -                              yours truly

See the Paypal shot below? These are the kinds of REAL results you can expect to see dripping into your paypal account once you sign up for Generous Training 1-2-1. Yes, sometimes $7 a day, sometimes $77 or $177 - but it soon adds up, believe me. And all of this you can scale up.

How Will We Work Together?

texting back n forth

We start with your websites - if you have none, we start building them - then your sales funnel... you get a detailed crit from me on a regular basis and we build you up as fast as you can manage the feedback.  It’s largely up to you how fast we go. If you have a full time job, I’m not going to nag you to do your homework, (I’ve got 3 kids for that ;) although I will always be there as your motivator...

What Will It Cost?

Now I’m sure you’ve already come across offers of tuition in internet marketing. And you may have noticed that prices tend to float around $97 per month for the most part. 

But you know what? Those course are not 1-2-1 tuition, as I see it – they are teaching by way of webinars and video. Nothing wrong with that, but you won't get individual attention. Most established internet marketers offer 1-2-1 tuition for $497 and above.

Which frankly isn’t unreasonable.

I average about $495 a day as a copywriter. And I’ve learnt enough in internet marketing to charge at least that per month for 1-2-1 tuition in internet marketing.

But I’m not doing that.

The fee I put on my 1-2-1 tuition is as small as it is for two simple reasons:

  • I genuinely want to help newbies because I remember how hard I found it (yes, even an ad man) when I first started out as an online entrepreneur and
  • I need the testimonials to build up my brand because I’m not (yet) a ‘guru'

If you are expecting instant riches from my tuition – or, frankly, anyone’s tuition – shoot your palm reader or whoever it is who told you to think like a moron. 

But if you work conscientiously at the strategies and tactics I teach you, you will start to make a lot more money per month than the price of my tuition. 

There’s every chance that even as a beginner you will be making you money back in the first two weeks of implementing what I teach. If you’ve already made a start, you will simply going into MORE profit. 

So - to cut to the chase: the price of this Generous 1-2-1 Training is a mere $97.00 per month. 

 To Sign Up For  Training
Is Quick And Easy

Just hit the Add To Cart button below and you’re straight through to Paypal. Then it’s just an email and a couple of buttons and you’re done. 

Once you’re through to the Welcome Page, you will have access to my Skype ID and all you have to do is add me. As soon as I get your add, we'll get cracking!

Just so you know: the minute I feel I am up to capacity I will be closing the doors – because I am absolutely committed to taking my existing students to the next level and that means I can only take on so many new students at a time. 

I'm only looking for around 10 people for my next batch of 1-2-1ers and even as I’m writing this I’ve got two people telling me they’re about to sign up. So don't hang around if you want this at $97.00.

PS. Places are going fast, so if you want a top London copywriter training you one on one, you simply can’t afford to put off investing in this Generous Training today.

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Any questions about the above feel free to contact me
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