Commission Autopilot Review (plus Bonus)

Document Distribution

I came across Commission Autopilot through a webinar presented by marketer Paul Ponna and I was pretty amazed at the demonstration he gave showing us what his software suite could do.

You’re perhaps aware that since Google Panda came along it’s become harder for marketers to get their articles ranked. But along comes a new trend called document distribution. Apparently the new document distribution sites are the places to seed your links – and the way to do it is to write little articles as before, embedded your affiliate link, and upload. Along comes the traffic searching for your keywords and every 100 or so visits you get a sale. The big thing about document distribution is these kinds of articles are easier to rank for because they sit on sites with high rankings.

But here’s the problem: it would take you forever to write enough articles, turn them into PDFs together with your affiliate links and distribute to these sites. Just forever.

Solution? Commission Autopilot.

What is Commission Autopilot?

Commission Autopilot is made up of two pieces of software. The first one, Commission Activator, works by gathering content relevant to the keywords you want to rank for and turns said articles into several PDFs at the push of a button.

Part 2 of the software suite – Commission Multiplier – then distributes the PDFs you’ve just created to all the major document distribution sites. How cool is that!

So I bought it. And I’m going through the tutorials today and everything is very clearly explained. So far I’m impressed. This is the best Clickbank offer I’ve seen in a very long time.

Even a newbie who has no website and no list could use this – because it’s all about document distribution and affiliate links. If you have a blog, you can use these PDFs to attract traffic to your blog. Or a combination of both.

You get a 60 day guarantee, so provided you don’t just sit on this, you’ve plenty of time to see whether you can generate enough cash to go into profit. I’ll be writing a post to outline my results in a few weeks from now – by which time Commission Autopilot could well have gone up in price, so all I’m saying now is this looks VERY PROMISING.

Buy through my link – Generous Entrepreneurs Recommends Commission Autopilot – and I will send you, Power Link Generator & Viral Friend Finder as a BONUS. You can check out the products by clicking on the hyperlinks. Just forward me your receipt to with subject line “Commission Autopilot Bonus” and I will send you the download links to the just mentioned products.

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Create a new internet marketing product by interviewing an expert

Create a new internet marketing product by interviewing an expert

A focused interview (on Skype) can be every bit as good as an ebook

This morning I called my good friend Igor Kheifets on Skype.  For a change this wasn’t to have a chat or pick his brain for advice on internet marketing – I was to interview him. With a view to creating an mp3 that we could turn into a product.

We were due to do the interview over a month ago, but both of us got busy and had to put the date back. The lull of the post Christmas period allowed us to schedule the long call and on Boxing Day, while most of you were still nursing overeating disorders, we got stuck in.

We spoke for just under an hour about list-building. At the end of it, Igor commented that we’d perhaps gone a little too broad – as a result our focus was less than 100%. That said, we did cover a lot of helpful content on the subject of list-building – it was the kind of conversation I wish I’d been in on when I first started internet marketing. Still, we both agreed we could go one better, so we scheduled a second call, agreeing to sharpen our focus and theme.

So this morning we got back on Skype and did Call Number 2. Igor was very happy with the interview and said he was keen to add the produced recording as a special bonus to his next product. I anticipate doing the same for my next launch – Be My List Building Buddy, which should me out mid-late January 2012.

The whole event was something of a step forward for me. It was the first interview I’d done using Pamela (to record Skype) having in mind to use the recording as a product, not a giveaway or an experiment. It was my first interview with an internet marketing expert… and, happily, it went very well for both parties! So, naturally, I plan to do more. In fact, Igor has said we should do a series. Sounds like a good plan to me!

If you can keep an interview tightly focused on the subject you’ve chosen, you can draw a lot of very useful information from an expert. Too many interviewers, in my view, allow their interviewee to go off-track. The call becomes too ‘chatty’ and before you know it, you’re listening to a pitch. We didn’t want to do that. There’s no pitch at all in our call, it’s 100% content.

Using Pamela is easy

Recording on Pamela – I use the Professional version, as it allows you to record for over 15 minutes – was easy. The finsihed recording is available as an mp3 which you can then edit and produce.

To improve on the sound quality, I set the  two-way call recording mode to: ‘Save sound in stereo mode’. When you’re in Pamela, just go to Tools > Options > Advanced and click on the second option half way down the page, as you see in the screenshot below. The stereo option will make it easier for you to ‘clean up’ in post, which you can do in Camtasia.

Really, I don’t know why I took so long to do one of these. Technophobia, perhaps – yet one more bit of technical crap I had to get my head around – but of course it was easy. Even the sound quality was near perfect. We nearly broke up once or twice, but considering we were on the ‘line’ for nearly an hour and Igor is based in a village in Israel and I’m in London, I was amazed at how clear our voices remained throughout.

Why do Skype calls with experts?

Interviewing experts in your niche is a great way of:

– Creating a product (or the basis for one)

– Building a working relationship with an expert

– Associating your name with said expert

– Pleasing said expert, who may later be happy to help you in a more direct fashion

– Building your ‘public speaking’ confidence

It’s also a lot of fun!

Get on Skype and create an internet marketing product

If you’re in internet marketing and stuck for an idea for a product… do an interview. Don’t know an expert, go to the blogs of some experts in your niche, get to know their work… and write them a proposal. You’d be surprised how many people will consider your idea. After all, unless you’re a complete dolt, it’s good publicity for them.

But make sure you’re prepared. Don’t just wing it. Igor’s my friend, but he wouldn’t have taken kindly to spending an hour with me just chewing the fat. Me neither, come to that. So, for our first interview (the rehearsal), I wrote out about 8 or 9 questions I would put to Igor and sent them to him so he had an idea of what we’d be covering. After the rehearsal we discussed strengths and weaknesses of what we’d done and agreed on a sharper version for the next, definitive interview. You may not be able to do a second interview with your chosen expert, but the point is: be prepared. Even if you’re a nobody, if you can look sharp you will grab the attention of an expert – unless, of course, he’s right in the middle of a product launch!

And when you do the interview, keep it moving, keep it interesting. Always have in mind your audience. Are you providing valuable information or just stroking each other’s egos? Essentially, you should be teaching here, not just marketing yourself. Well, if I think about it, you should be aiming to blend the two, seamlessly.


From Skype Call to Webinar


Doing a Skype interview is a great way to warm yourself up to the slightly more daunting prospect of conducting a webinar. Maybe not daunting, but you know what I mean…

Now I really have no excuse not to go to the next logical step and start doing webinars for real. So far I’ve only done a couple – with my kids!

Given I’m a senior copywriter, I think I’ll be setting my sites on internet marketers known for their copy skills… “Hey Frank, how’s it going?”

Finally… the best internet marketing interview I’ve come across <==


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Looking for a new and highly profitable model for banners advertising?

Looking for a new and highly profitable model for banners advertising?

BannersBroker is revolutionizing the way we buy and sell banners

Doubtless you’ve put up a banner or two in your time. You may have worked hard enough to have had advertisers coming to you to place banners on your blog – for which you are getting paid, according to impressions.

Well, imagine there was a company that could sell banners on your behalf – in massive quantities – and, as a return for your purchase, serve you up a VERY decent profit only a few weeks down the line.

Such a company exits – and it’s called BannersBroker.

According to BannersBroker expert, Ian Driscoll, all 18,000 +BannersBroker members have gone into profit since joining the program. Do you know any MLM program that can boast those kinds of figures? I doubt it.

What is BannersBroker?

Banners Broker is a new way of advertising banners which you purchase in packs and which they sell for you. You buy impressions – I went for the 40,000 package – and get paid well over and above your initial purchase only weeks later.

Believe it or not it’s free to sign up to BannersBroker. At the time of writing – December 22nd 2011 – they are working on their site. They’ll be back up again early in January 2012. So enjoy your Christmas and, if you have money left early in the New Year, I strongly suggest you add me as a contact on Skype – nic.penrake – and get the heads-up on this amazing online marketing opportunity. In fact, I really don’t like using the word ‘opportunity’ for BB, it’s so often a by-word for scam – BB has put together a business model that works and pays out.

Once you’re set up, it’s mostly set-and-forget, requiring very little in the way of maintenance. Where else could you bank major returns for so little work? Shares, maybe, but nothing I’ve seen in internet marketing delivers this kind of return.

So… come early January, head over to my BannersBroker site, sign up for free, add me on Skype (nic.penrake) and, if you have further questions, I will put you in touch with BannersBroker expert, Ian, who will talk you through all you need to know over Skype.

Join FREE here <–

This is potentially the best internet marketing business model I’ve come across all year. It only makes sense to try it out!

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The List Connection Review

I liked the way The List Connection’s creator Mark Acutt takes you through the thinking process behind list-building.  His course pivots around the importance of connecting with your subscribers on a deeper level than just offering hot (or even mediocre) products. You’ll notice TLC also stands for tender loving care, which underlines the connection Mark says we must make with our subscribers if we are going to make good money online.

He shows you how to segment your lists and why you should. Mark is big on ‘ethical’ email marketing – which is fine, although he doesn’t define ‘ethical’. He reveals a neat strategy for engaging with his subscribers which is non-evasive and, done well, could even be alluring; although quite time-consuming to set up – if the product retails at $17 or more it’s probably worth the effort and, arguably, essential if you’re marketing anything at over $27.

He takes the reader through a campaign he rolled out targeting the weight loss niche, taking the reader from research to emails. Personally this was less useful to me at this point in time as I do nothing in that niche – but useful insight for anyone working in that niche.

As a copywriter – and this perhaps just a side point – I was really impressed with the structure and eloquent flow of Mark’s sales page –  made a refreshing change from the typical hype fest of most internet marketing sales pages.  If you want to check it out click The List Connection.





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Why invest in the Resale Rights of best-selling products?

Is it worth investing in the Resale Rights to ‘old’ internet marketing products?


The quick answer to that is… I’m not sure yet. But, if you think about it, it shouldn’t be so different from selling PLR. In fact, given that a lot of PLR is crap – and most marketers worth their salt know this to be true – you’d think that selling quality products, even if not brand new, provided they still solve current problems, should be a lot easier.

Last week I purchased Mike Filsaime’s WSO, giving me Resale Rights to 3 of his top selling products: PowerLink Generator, Viral Friend Finder and The Butterfly Manuscript (the document, not the software). Seemed like a solid investment. But you do wonder about things like this. I mean, why’s he giving us resale rights, after all? Could it be his products are no longer so hot? On the other hand, it could be a clever way of bumping up the awareness for 3 products that are evergreen – and still work effectively.

So I think to myself, you won’t know till you DO something, right?

I downloaded this pretty huge kit of stuff, which included sales pages, affiliate pages and so on. It took me two short days to edit the pages and upload to my server. I could have done it quicker – but I’m a copywriter, so I went through every line of copy pruning and correcting typos like ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ and ‘it’s’ instead of ‘its’. (Come on, Mike, get someone to check your copy!) On the whole the sales pages were well written, though, if a little repetitive.

I’ve now linked The Butterfly Manuscript and PowerLink Generator to a squeeze page/sales funnel – and they’re due to get a run this coming week. I’ll let you know how this experiment turns out in a later post.

I paid $27 for the privilege of being able to sell Mike Filsaime’s 3 best-selling products – and I’ll make all that back with one sale. I’m offering all 3 products at a price that undercuts the competition – as far as I can tell, having done a quick search. So I have a reasonable chance of going into profit fairly soon.

The importance of having a range of internet marketing products

One thing I’ve noticed marketing in the IM niche – even with a large list, it takes a lot of $9.00 sales to make a day’s wage. You really do need to have a few products that market at $47 and above. You’ll never get rich selling at $7.00 and $9.00. I have my own coaching program – Generous 1-2-1 Training – that pulls in $297 (a one-time fee) – but I have few products between $17 and $297, which is partly why I invested in Mike Filsaime’s WSO – now I have 3 at $47-$77. It’s grown increasingly apparent to me you have to have products you can call your own that range from $7 to $47 to $77 and $97 all the way to $197 and $297.  As well as providing you with a bigger source of income, having a range puts you out there as a credible authority in your niche, pretty vital if people are to trust you, long-term.

Next I’ll have to do a little extra research on viral marketing etc. and knock out a few articles that can link to my new sales pages for The Butterfly Manuscript etc.  Perhaps a Squidoo lens, too. I’m curious to see how well these products convert, given they aren’t ‘launch products’.

Mike’s WSO offer is now closed. I’m not surprised: if everyone had the resale rights to his top products their value, perceived or otherwise, would surely drop beyond recovery point.

I’ve been checking the products over and each one has its merits. As I said, I’m selling all 3 at well below what others are selling them at, so if you want to get more advanced marketing tools and strategies, now might be a good time. I’ll be honest with you, though, they are NOT for the complete beginner – they are aimed at marketers who are at least reasonably fluent at putting together a squeeze page and sales funnel.

The Butterfly Manuscript – for advanced strategies in internet marketing (will definitely take your marketing to the next level)

Power Link Generator – this link will take you to an optin page and a video demo of the product.

Viral Friend Finder – as it sounds, a piece of software that you upload to your site which allows you to encourage visitors to your websites to recommend your links to their friends.

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How to make money with PLR in internet marketing

PLR – or private label rights content – is content written by someone else which you have the right to modify and sell or give away. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Buy something once at x, cut it up and tweak, sell it for x several times over and make a profit.

The main problem with this form of marketing is that a lot of PLR is waffle and so generic as to be useless and a lot of people know this and shy away from PLR, especially in the internet marketing niche. So, to begin with, you want to work only with quality PLR. If you sell or even give away crap, you will harm your long-term reputation. You also want to add value to any PLR you buy, so it stands out as being one class better than what you purchased.

If you are going to buy some PLR, I suggest you choose products that solve a specific problem in a short period of time.
Look for proof, too, that the stuff you’re buying delivers results – for example, screenshots of Paypal earnings, testimonials, reviews.

How to use PLR effectively
Convention has it you buy 2 or 3 PLR packages, cut them up, re-shape to target the earlier mentioned specific need and sell as your own. It’s the lazy way to product creation. And yes, you can do that. Although in the internet marketing niche, in my experience this is a lot harder than it sounds. Because marketers with any experience are quick to pounce on rehashed material and condemn it. You’d probably be better off, cutting up the PLR content and distributing it through your autoresponder sequence as a newsletter providing useful content for free. This will ingratiate you to your subscribers and instil confidence in them that your emails are worth reading and acting upon. This is in turn will encourage them to buy from you when, from time to time, you market your own products to them or recommend a product as an affiliate.

So let’s say you spend $37 on a high end PLR product. You could cut that up and divide among your lists and make that last as free content in your AR sequence for up to 1 year. This alone would create enough goodwill to get you back your initial investment many time over during that same period of time.

You could also cut away some of your PLR to use as a giveaway on a squeeze page. On the redirect you could then offer the new subscriber a related product also crafted from the same PLR package, or if that didn’t work, a related product of your own or created by some other marketer.

You could get a product made – e.g. squeeze pages made by designer. Then sell these plus the Private Label Rights for these.
I was listening to an interview with the prolific and ubiquitous marketer Jason Fladlien recently as he revealed he had offered to write a free report and design a squeeze page for you for a certain price while he kept the rights to the report. He also embedded his reports with affiliate links – another way of monetizing the PLR you’ve invested in.

Use PLR as a bonus

Offering bonuses is a great way of maximizing your affiliate offerings. When I’m interested in a product I very often do a search for “product name +bonuses”. If the bonuses are good, I’m likely to buy from the person offering them, not a link that arrived in my inbox. So, you can offer bonuses on stuff you’re selling and also add them to your squeeze page freebies. Every time I’ve offered a bonus on a squeeze page it’s helped boost the optins.


Let’s say you buy some PLR on Time Management. Now niche it down to time market management for internet marketers or in email marketing or time management for web designers, etc. This is what you call re-leveraging content by calling it something more specific. You win with more targeted keywords (SEO) and on the basis of differentiation. Like I said earlier – offer a specific solution to a specific problem whenever possible.

You can also cut up and refashion your PLR to put it on Kindle,, slideshare etc. Submit your PLR to directories. Repurpose content and make micro blogs, get visitors to opt in to your micro blog. If the PLR you bought is video, distribute across your video sites – youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, etc.

I have to admit I’m not a big fan of PLR – I so rarely find anything really current and cutting edge. However, if you can find reliable sources/products, the above strategies will make you way more money than your initial investment – and that’s what counts.
Here’s one good PLR product I came across you might like to start with – specific help with making money from blogging. Hope this helps.

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WSO Domination review

Warrior Special Offers or WSOs are becoming a hot topic in 2011. So if you’re doing anything in internet marketing, especially that niche itself, you really do need to be producing WSOs of your own.

But what makes a WSO? More importantly, what makes a good one? How best to promote one? Where do you get affiliates from? How do you use the Warrior Forum’s horrible BB code to best effect…?

All these – and more – questions are answered in concise an understated detail by the down-to-earth and level-headed Geordie, John Thornhill, in his new product WSO Domination.

I bought WSO Domination on Friday, as I’m planning another WSO myself, so I was hoping to pick up a few tips from a more experienced internet marketer.

First thing you notice is that the course is very well set out, taking you from the absolute basics – What is the Warrior Forum? and Why Create a WSO? – to BB coding for forum marketing.  He even goes into Changing Image Background Colour on images you insert into the html editor on the Warrior Forum. You might think that’s no big deal, but first time I ran a WSO my sales page looked like a nasty patchwork of cheap and nasty sales pages, simply because I didn’t understand the interface. It’s great to see a marketer go into this kind of detail – so often overlooked by other marketers who assume you either know this stuff already.

Each section is broken down to bite-sized 10 minute videos.  I believe I counted 23 in total. The content is very well scripted and John narrates in a concise and measured Newcastle accent, without ever being dry and boring. And for each video you have the equivalent content in MP4, iPad, iPhone, iPod and PDF formats.  So you’re spoilt for choice as to how you consume this valuable course!

John also has a couple of bonuses for you: one is a course in making a professional ebook, presented by fellow Geordie Dan Sumner and the other is a piece of software – Clickbank Affiliate Master – that will allow you to create multiple affiliate links for additional pages in your Clickbank product, thus endearing you to your affiliates.

Personally I think this is the best product/course I’ve come across on producing a WSO.  Awesome value at under $10. This is generous indeed. Nice one John!

Click WSO Domination to see for yourself.


Rating *****

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Get response – or in this case get no response

Here’s what I call an example of bad customer service.

In July 2011 I discover to my horror that I have been billed by Get Response yet again, in spite of having had their written assurance that they understood I no longer wanted to renew my subscription with them.

Worse, when I try to get in touch with them, a couple weeks ago, I am directed to a page that instructs me to ‘Update billing details’.  So I have to pay them in order to inform them that they have billed me when no such billing should have occurred! Terrific. I click Contact and get the same page and instruction. I click Support and – you guessed it – get the same instruction. I call their helpline and get through to an answer machine that cuts me off. By now I am pretty much fuming.  Furthermore there isn’t any sign of an address on their website. I am only too relieved that my visa debit card they were using expired a few months ago.

To any sane person this is unacceptable behaviour. I’ll be sticking with Aweber – at least you can contact them and they write back!

This kind of lack of transparency and accountability is what people hate about working on the internet. I come across it less frequently these days, but was pretty amazed to experience this kind of thing from such a recognized name. This post stays up until I get an adequate response from Get Response.

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Viral List-Building [Siphon Hardcore review]

Viral List-Building [Siphon Hardcore review]

Syphon HardcoreCame across this the other day… a viral list-building system recommended to me by a list-building buddy – 5iphon Hardcore.

This is how it works… When you refer 5 other members to, the system ‘unlocks’ so that every next person who clicks on your link will go to your Siphon website and is added to your autoresponder list. So your siphon website works like a typical squeeze page, but with the crucial difference that everyone coming into your list after your first five referrals must now themselves refer 5 people to your list before they can ‘unlock’ their list-building siphon website.

So if you get 10 people to subscribe to your 5iphon website using your 5yphon referral link, that’s 10 people subscribing to your newsletter, but it also means you’ll get up to 50 more subscribers because you’re getting their first 5 base referrals as well. This means the majority of your list is going to be built on autopilot.

If you go for the upgrade called Extreme, you can monetize the backend of your 5iphon squeeze page. So this means 5 times the eyeballs on your offers. For every 100, that means 500 now looking at your landing page url/sales page.

So how do you use your Siphon website?

Well, you promote it much the same way you’d promote a squeeze page, the only difference being you wouldn’t enter it to a giveaway competition, for instance, as the ‘gift’ here is not tangible like an ebook, say. So you’d start off with free traffic methods, like ad swaps or emailing your internet marketing Facebook page and/or group. You can send out tweets, write articles (including your link in the body or resource area), create a Squidoo lens, write to your list…

And of course, whoever joins Siphon through your referral link will WANT to get their first 5 ‘base referrals’ (which are added to YOUR list and not theirs) as quickly as they can, so that they start getting the same viral list-building benefit from the people they refer.

Normally, when doing an ad swap or running a paid ad to somebody else’s list (i.e., a solo ad) to build your own, “x” number of people will subscribe, and that’s where things end. But with your Siphon website, those initial subscribers are only the beginning! As they each begin referring people to their Siphon websites, their first 5 referrals are added to YOUR list (and not theirs) as just mentioned…

So let’s say, for example, that you do an ad swap, or run a solo ad that produces 100 new subscribers to your list through your Siphon website. Normally that’s it. But thanks to the viral nature of your Siphon website, you’ll get up to 500 more subscribers on complete autopilot, off the ‘work’ of those 100 new subscribers!

As you can see, this is a pretty cool way to leverage your online marketing efforts and build your own opt in ‘money list’ at lightning speed – faster than ever before. It sure makes building a list one by one seem painstakingly slow and old fashioned. 🙂

The sign-up fee for Extreme (the upgrade) is $40, then $20 a month. I made nearly $20 back 30 minutes after joining. I’m pretty confident I’ll be making a fair bit more between now and the end of the month.

As a Siphon EXTREME member, you make ongoing $10 monthly commissions any time one of your referrals upgrades. And that’s in addition to the income you’ll make with your OWN special offer displayed right after each of your subscribers – and their first 5 subscribers – sign up through your Siphon website.

Of course people might sign up to your site and fail to deliver 5 referrals, but as mentioned they have a major incentive to get at least those first 5 because they can’t get the viral benefit of the system until they do. It’s early days, but I’m impressed so far. And I know other marketers who are already averaging around $19.56 a day with it and they’ve only just begun. Here’s the link – go check it out for yourself: 5iphon Hardcore <<==

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The List Connection Review

The List Connection Review

Make a list connection  and give your subscribers some tlc (tender loving care) – that’s the central message to Mark Acutt’s new product, The List Connection.

It’s a valid message.

If all you’re doing is pimping your list, as Mark puts it, (quite strong language for sending offers to people who’ve opted in to your list, but anyway), you’re not making a connection, you’re not building trust… you’re not building a business – or, at least, not the right way.

It all makes good sense.  Except: the thinking seems to damn ad swaps outright on account of the fact that some of the swaps you agree to will subject your list to a few poor quality offers. However, if you cut out swapping, you would have to build your list almost entirely by solo ads and free traffic, such as opting in to your blog’s giveaway. Solos almost invariably put you out of pocket in the short term – so that’s hard for most newbies – and SEO traffic is typically made up of speculative and information-fishing traffic, not buyers. Ad swaps are still a good way to build your list, provided you don’t overdo it. So, for me, Mark’s strategy is certainly an ideal worth aiming for, but not entirely reflected in the reality – as I know it, anyway.

Also, there are a number of marketers I know who swear by the strategy of blasting their lists: only those who buy get the kid-glove treatment by being segmented off to ‘customer lists’ within an autoresponder, the rest are left to fall away. And these marketers – the ones I know anyway – are very successful with this strategy.

For me, it’s a question of balance: you need to keep adding to your list because it’s the fresh subscribers who tend to buy from you more than the rest (with the exception of your customers), and yet you also need to establish a rapport and trust.  I’d be first to admit I don’t always succeed achieving a balance –  it’s tricky.

Later in the guide Mark reveals a neat strategy for engaging with his subscribers which is both non-evasive and, done well, could even be alluring – although quite time-consuming to set up, if the product retails at $17 or more it’s probably worth the effort and, arguably, essential if you’re marketing anything at over $27. I’ll begin incorporating it into my marketing very soon.

He takes the reader through a campaign he rolled out targeting the weight loss niche, taking the reader from research to emails. Personally this was less useful to me at this point in time as I do nothing in that niche – but useful insight if that’s a niche you’re working in or want to work in.

As well the initial PDF, Mark sends you a series of emails over the course of a few days that provides you with a sort of template email campaign. I’ve received the first one – and it’s great stuff for the weight loss niche, but not all that relevant for anyone in the internet marketing niche. His email example is long and, for IM, way too long in my opinion. The only long emails I read are those from Rich Schefren, which are very well written (probably crafted by his copywriter) and exceptionally motivating. I’m more the Frank Kern school of 3 short paragraphs and a motivational PS.

Overall, this is well worth the (low-price) purchase and maybe even a must if you’re doing anything in the weight loss niche. Mark’s a sensitive marketer and it’s good to have a few of those around!

If you want to add some TLC to your list, check out The List Connection. <<==

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