Pop up domination – an attractive honey trap

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Well, as you can see, I like this pop up. Like most people, I don’t usually like pop ups – they get in the way, they seem pushy… and usually they’re ugly.

This one is definitely on the attractive side. And being as we’re all supposed to be practioners of attraction marketing, it seems only appropriate to be sporting an attractive pop up.

You’ll see mine is dark green. You have a choice of over a dozen colours.

As for setting it up, that’s pretty easy. Once you’ve made the purchase and downloaded the zip file, you go to Add New Plugin on your blog. Click Upload. Takes a few minutes. Check your email or somethng. When it’s done, click ‘activate’.

Up comes a box asking you for your ID. I took a guess and pasted in the Invoice ID from off my Paypal receipt and that did the trick.

Now you’re presented with the log of all your plugins. Find ‘pop up domination’ and click on ‘Settings’. Choose a template and enter your main heading, values for name and email, etc.

For the webform code, you need to go to your autoresponder and set up a new list. Design a webform for that list. Actually, don’t faff around with designs, because all you need to do is choose any old template, save it and go to the final step, which asks you how you want to publish your webform. If you’re on aweber, you want to install your own code – and in this case, you want the raw html.

Paste all that html into the field for – guess what – html. Click update options and move on to the other features of the pop up, such as the bullets. By all means compare your creation with mine.

All in all it took me about 30 minutes tweaking this and that and then I was done.

Personally I like how it falls across my page. Neat how it leaves my video running on the sidebar. If you don’t like the template I’m trying out, you have another 6 attractive layout to choose from.

Tell me what you think. And if you like it, you’ll probably understand how it is that this plugin can double your optin rate. More optins: more money, long-term. So here’s the link (below). Go see for yourself.

PS. The first time I got set up I ran into a small problem. The next day I went to my blog… no pop up! What the hell? Turns out I needed to clear my cookies. You can either do that by going to your options and clearing your history or go into the settings>schedule and click ‘clear cookies. Sorted. The reason it wasn’t showing up was that the scheduling was set so that the pop wouldn’t show up again for another 7 days for anyone landing on my blog via my ip address. (Obviously regular visitors don’t want to see it every time they visit).

Popup Domination

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