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Almost an ironic title for a post given that I’ve not written a line on this blog since before Christmas! My excuse: I’ve been writing a novel. Which at last is done. As am I. It was quite an effort.

Now it’s time to get back to business. Calling around friends in advertising I find there’s not a lot of business going on – but then again it’s early January.

Normally I’d have some issues to raise, but today, being a little whacked from the book-athon, I’m going to limit myself to one simple point which is easily overlooked.

I’m referring to being consistent in your marketing. Even a short post like this keeps you alive to your readers. And on the radar with Google.

By the way, if you’re on Aweber, you can link up your posts to your list so it goes out as a broadcast. It’s a good way of keeping in touch with your subscribers and saves you having to go into your autoresponder specifically to write a separate broadcast. Having posts reach your subscribers more often than sales pitches helps build trust.Which, in time, will result in better conversions for sales and optins.

As I’m only just emerging from an exhausting job on a book, I’m hardly bouncing up and down with ideas in internet marketing. One thing I do to refresh and gain quick access to quality content is to visit forums like the Warrior Forum. As a copywriter I have no qualms about lifting information from posts and remodelling it to produce my own post.  It could be information my readers haven’t come across yet after all.

The key thing is consistency. Grab stuff, shape it up, get it out there. It’s not always achievable, (like when you’re writing you magnus opus), but it’s probably true to say you’re better off writing a post about having little to say – as long as you can write with some wit – than write nothing at all. Worse-case scenario, even if your readers are not thoroughly entertained or educated, you keep the Google bots well fed – and your rankings up.

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