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I was looking at the stats for generous entrepreneurs yesterday. For some reason Fridays seem really quiet. I guess that’s possibly something to do with people rushing off to wherever to wind down for the week, finally leaving their screen behind for a while. I scrolled down the page and took a look at the chart for countries. Unsurprisingly, UK was top and USA second. In third place… can you guess? I would never have thought it. I asked a couple of friends and they ventured, France? Germany? Spain? China? Australia? New Zealand?… They never got it. Well, third place was Russia. So for all my Russian visitors, I just want to say Dobro požalovat! I used to work with an Art Director from Moscow, great guy, name of Alexey Fedoseev. Big guy with a very gentle manner and always eager to help out. Loved – and I’m pretty sure, still loves – his vodka from time to time. He used to announce himself at London ad agencies as, ‘The first Russian Art Director in London.’ He was good, too. Not just with art direction, he was the first art director I’d ever come across who knew CSS and html! Fourth place was Holland. So welkom to my site! I’m not going to list them all, of course, but the stats for Russia intrigued me.

I hope to hear from some of you people visiting the site from hundreds and even thousands of kilometers away. enjoy the content. And if there’s anything you think I can do for you, get in touch.

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