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Fast Commissions With Product Launches

If you find SEO a bit of a head****, I’m with you on that! On-page SEO, that’s easy enough for me – I’m a copywriter after all. And nowadays you can buy software that pretty much does your on-page SEO for you – SEO Pressor, for instance. Off-page SEO, well that’s usually where the headaches start. You have to do your keyword research, find a domain that matches what you’ve garnered from your keyword research, you have to amass content, write articles, spin them, submit them, write PR, submit PR, submit to RSS feeds… wo, it never ends!

The list is long. It’s so long, you really need some kind of seo blueprint to work from or you just end up all over the place. I’ve come across a few good seo guides, but the best I’ve come across so far, in terms of an action plan, is Fast Commission With Product Launches, How to Make Consistent Money by Promoting Product Launches by Emmanuel Carreras.  His blueprint is actually for review sites – which of course are highly targeted and therefore easier to rank for, but his methods are effective for whatever site you are putting up.

He assumes you’re a complete beginner and takes you by the hand, step by step through all the more advanced stuff – and he manges to make it look pretty straightforward.  In his bonus guide – Backlinksplaces – he recommends various resources you can use to outsource your mammoth tasks. And unless you like spending endless hours submitting stuff and re-writing stuff, you definitely want to check out his recommendations.

At the time of writing, his course is going for a song, it really is. Something under ten bucks anyway. And it’s not one of those courses you finish and think, Yeah, but it looks like I need part 2 and 3 – because it’s all there. And like I said, you won’t want to do all of it – but now you know what and how to outsource.

Check out Fast Commission With Product Launches for an excellent investment in getting your sites ranked and making you money.

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  1. Emmanuel September 23, 2011 at 2:00 pm #

    wow Nicholas, you’re very generous indeed. Thank you so much for this very kind review. I deeply appreciate that. People like you reinforce my beliefs that I can really make a difference in people’s lives. .


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