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There’s more to list-building than understanding the mechanics of creating a squeeze page and hooking it up to an autoresponder.  

To achieve the big numbers – 100-400 a day – AND to sucessfully make sales as you build your list, you have to have mastered expert techniques – which, perhaps not surprisingly, very few marketers ever reveal to you.

Lucky you found this page then...

Hi, my name’s Nic Penrake. I’m a senior copywriter.  I have my own little outfit, Generous Entrepreneurs Online, and I work from home. (Or anywhere I can get a wi-fi connection.)

I'd say my entry into internet marketing wasn't a typical one. I never got into it to make a fortune – I was searching for a means of finding more readers for the novels I’d written. (I bet you don't hear that one too often;) I’d heard blogging and social media might be a remedy for my publishers’ malnourished marketing budget – and so I gave it a go.
Once I got stuck in, I was bitten by this fella  bug – which is to say, the challenge of trying to make money online.   

Yes, I had some marketing skills (let's hope so after 15 years in advertising!) but I was soon itching all over with information overload. I hadn't a clue about building websites, code, autoresponders, ppc – any of that. 

And at the time, I’d just been made redundant, so I wasn’t exactly loaded, either. I had no mentor to lead me, no insider friends to show me the ropes and very little support from loved ones...

So, like many people who take a shot at internet marketing, I got burnt, disillusioned and properly cheesed off with all the false hopes I was being fed... Until, finally, I ran into someone who was willing to crit my folio of websites and set me straight.

Applying his formula to what I already understood about branding from working in ad agencies, I came up with my own formula for making money online.

When I saw the results I was getting – shooting from 2-3 leads a day to 40-50 and then 100 – I decided to write an account of what I was doing.

If you've ever fallen for  sales pages Blasting House size Fonts and scrawled red arrows at you every other line, this course will come as a breath of fresh air.

Quite simply, because although I am not offering you silly riches overnight – 

"This is a proven-to-work blueprint for generating 100-200 subscribers per day and making a 4 figure per month income working from home - part-time"

Good enough?

If my customers' feedback is anything to go by, I'd hazzard a guess that this web page may very well be the most important website you’ll visit in 2011.

Here's a recent testimonial I had in from marketer Igor Kheifets, now doing very well for himself working full time as an internet marketer. 

igor kheifets

"I've been using Nic's system ever since late 2009 and I've added thousands of subscribers to my lists as a result.

I've been able to completely supplement my JOB using this system as well as pay for a 3-day luxury vacation in Israel's top 5 star resort without hurting my budget...

It's probably the easiest way to build a list I know of to date ...and the FASTEST too!"
                                                                                   Igor Kheifets: Thanks Nic!"

You Will NOT Have To Deal With Any Of This Stuff:

Big X SEO and Article Marketing

Big X  Blogging

big X  Googe, Yahoo or Bing

big x  PPV and CPA

big X  Facebook Ads

Big X Twitter

Big X  Building Backlinks

 Big X YouTube

Big X  Giveaways

Once you put this formula into practice you’ll be so glad because you’ll know:

green tick This was no fluke

green tick You made it happen 

green tick You can make it happen AGAIN tomorrow

"'On Autopilot' Won't Be A Dream Anymore - It'll Be A Daily Recurrence"

The question is, are you ready to take action and follow through with what I can teach you?

Or are you happy where you are? Perhaps over time you'll become better at list-building on your own...  You have lots of time for trial and error?

Then again, if you’re a little fed up with the strategy of dogged self-reliance... I've made list-building easy. That’s to say, I’ve clarified it for you. Fine-tuned it, souped it up so it's revving to go...

"When I First Applied This Method, I Achieved A
Subtantial Financial Breakthrough
Within A Month
And Haven’t Looked Back"

In this course, which also includes 3 x 20 minute videos, I teach you how to:

green tick Re-think your sales funnel and bump up conversions

green tick Win over your prospects so they quickly identify you as a person
       they can trust and safely buy from

green tick Extend your sales funnel so you have 20% or more chance of
       making money from each and every optin

green tick Approach other marketers and get them to help you even if you
       have a much smaller list than they have

green tick Market smarter for the time you put in

green tick Lay the foundations for your own ‘personal brand’

green tick Fine-tune all of the above

So why am I sharing this formula with you?

Because I’m also an online marketing mentor these days. I’m on the look out for students and jv partners – so it makes sense to share my knowledge with as many people as I can, because I know only the serious entrepreneurs will take action and consider working with me.

My students’ success stories mean a lot to me. They make the pain of those first 9 months sweeter even than the money I have coming in. 

Now I’m assuming you’re not ready to jump in and take advantage of my personal coaching – you don’t even know me yet. That’s OK. That’s why I’ve produced this course so you get the chance to test out what I teach at a very affordable price – just $17, the price, incidentally, of an everyday pizza.

>>>Click Here Now To Get Started<<<

I can tell you now, the knowledge you’ll find in this course? You’d likely as not have to pay a mentor $497 for it. At least. And I’m talking from experience.

I am also offering you a BONUS 45 minute Skype call, during which time we will run through where you are in your marketing and draw up a plan of action to get you on the road to building your list in rapid time. 

$100 Value - yours Free!

Oh, I nearly forgot, here's a graph Igor made for me showing you how his lead generation spiked after he applied the lessons in my course.

So, are you going to open this box and pull out the goodies to use yourself, or are you going to prevaricate and just hope something shinier comes along?

You'll appreciate this as much as my students do, because I know for a fact that after you master these techniques, you'll see a major breakthrough in your business within a few weeks.

belcher 17

And just in case you're still sitting on the fence? I've decided to take all the risk out for you by offering you a 100% Risk Free Guarantee. Which means if, after 30 days, during which time you've put my course into action and for some bizarre reason it's not propelling your business forward, you can have your money back and go buy a pizza with it. 


If you have any problem with your purchase, downloading the formula or making it work, you can always reach me at nicpenrake@generousentrepreneursonline.com.

I’ll get back to you within 12-24 hours. I don’t take weekends off and I check my email on holidays, so you will get my undivided attention if you run into any trouble. 

green tickOK, Nic, I've heard enough! I want to download your in-depth risk-free course that will teach me how to make money with a newly constructed sales funnel even as I build my list faster than ever - a course which also includes 1-2-1 tuition with you on Skype for 60 minutes. Let me download it right now!

PS. If you keep procrastinating, chances are you will miss this course because I’ll reabsorb it into the membership program I am developing. And then of course, things get a little more expensive... 

PPS. Can you afford an opportunity this generous to slip through your fingers? Click the Add To Cart button to secure your own copy of Swap Your Way To The Top - now!


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