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Dialogue opens doors for your online business

One of the best bloggers I know in Internet Marketing is Yaro Starak. And one thing I’ve learned from visiting Yaro’s blog is that he presents himself in an interactive fashion – by which I mean, he invites the reader to come in and comment and ask questions. He likes to interview people, for instance, and through his interviewees he provides tips on what makes for good blogging (or marketing) as well as promoting his own blogging course.

Of course it takes time to build up a readership of any kind, longer still to build up a loyal readership. You have to be consistent. If not persistent. You also have to come across as someone who is genuinely interested in having a dialogue with his readers. No one is all that real to us until we engage in a dialogue.

I write reviews on my blog, but I don’t consider it a review site, or merely an information centre, a depository of free internet marketing tips. I would hope it serves as a medium through which you, the reader, can gain more than mere information.

How often have you said about a movie, “I didn’t care for the characters, so I switched it off.” The older you get, the less impressed you are by mere cleverness – you want character, warmth, kindness, generosity… or else why spend time with this person?

But it’s also partly up to you…

What do I mean?

Be an interactive reader

Well, the more you interact with me, the better your experience in coming here. By engaging me in a dialogue I will get to know you, consider you and possibly throw you a favour or two. And hopefully we get into something we’d call – loosely speaking – a relationship.

So tell me what you’d like to see more of here. Ask me what I think… A guy I was doing an ad swap with asked me for my opinion on his squeeze page today. I said, Well, I think there’s too much yellow highlighter everywhere (looks a bit like a traffic hazard!) and the copy could be cut down 20%, the headline 4 words shorter. He didn’t have to agree with me, but hopefully he appreciated the feedback. The point is, we’d made a connection that was instantly more real than it had been at the point we’d agreed merely to do an ad swap. Now I’ll remember him and he’ll remember me. That could count for something in the future.

Dialogue (with a blogger you like) can make the difference between a mere (good) read and opening a door that could lead to an opportunity.

I reply to all my (relevant) comments, so let’s hear them. Meantime, you may find this FREE ebook of use in your own blogging.

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Regular posts keep you alive to Google’s bots

Almost an ironic title for a post given that I’ve not written a line on this blog since before Christmas! My excuse: I’ve been writing a novel. Which at last is done. As am I. It was quite an effort.

Now it’s time to get back to business. Calling around friends in advertising I find there’s not a lot of business going on – but then again it’s early January.

Normally I’d have some issues to raise, but today, being a little whacked from the book-athon, I’m going to limit myself to one simple point which is easily overlooked.

I’m referring to being consistent in your marketing. Even a short post like this keeps you alive to your readers. And on the radar with Google.

By the way, if you’re on Aweber, you can link up your posts to your list so it goes out as a broadcast. It’s a good way of keeping in touch with your subscribers and saves you having to go into your autoresponder specifically to write a separate broadcast. Having posts reach your subscribers more often than sales pitches helps build trust.Which, in time, will result in better conversions for sales and optins.

As I’m only just emerging from an exhausting job on a book, I’m hardly bouncing up and down with ideas in internet marketing. One thing I do to refresh and gain quick access to quality content is to visit forums like the Warrior Forum. As a copywriter I have no qualms about lifting information from posts and remodelling it to produce my own post.  It could be information my readers haven’t come across yet after all.

The key thing is consistency. Grab stuff, shape it up, get it out there. It’s not always achievable, (like when you’re writing you magnus opus), but it’s probably true to say you’re better off writing a post about having little to say – as long as you can write with some wit – than write nothing at all. Worse-case scenario, even if your readers are not thoroughly entertained or educated, you keep the Google bots well fed – and your rankings up.

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How to get more comments on your blog

Do you get enough DECENT and RELEVANT comments on your blog?

We all want comments, right? Good ones, that is. Unfortunately most blogs, especially new blogs, receive very few real comments from real people (everyone gets spam comments though).

Well, firstly, if your blog has no traffic, you will not receive any comments.

If no one is reading your blog then no one will leave comments either. Simply posting great
articles to your blog is not enough – you have to market your blog to bring people to it.

But what if you do have some traffic… and you’re still not getting comments?

Generate more comments to your blog:

– Write articles that reference or focus on other bloggers. You will get their attention that way and there’s a good chance they will come to your blog and leave a comment as a result

– Ask your readers a question at the end of your article

– Write about topics that stimulate conversation, such as current events

– Be controversial with your writing. Have a strong opinion and others with strong opinions
will reply to argue or agree with you

–    Join in in the conversations once you’ve got a couple comments

–    Look at the posts that generate comments and compare those without and do more of the kind that attract comments

–    Ask you subscribers what kinds of posts they’d like to see more of?

And on that note, what would you prefer to have more of?

Just leave a comment to tell me! By the way, I have a new book coming your way shortly – Power Up Your Squeeze Page – which will cover just about every aspect of using squeeze pages you can think of, from concept to creation to traffic generation. I wrote it as an answer to all the kinds of questions I had when I first started out online. More on that soon.

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