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7 Strategies Guaranteed To Bring You MLM Success

When I first started out in internet marketing – incredible though it seems now – I knew nothing about list-building. And as a result I dove into MLM without a clue really and nearly burnt out after 6 months of banging my head against the proverbial brick wall.

List-building is not as easy as every product owner will have you believe, but there are ways of doing it effectively and without burning the midnight oil.

For those of you just starting out, I’ve drawn up 7 points you should focus on for making any kind of MLM opportunity work for you. (Without the head injuries!)

1. Build your network one by one

If you think you can email a few friends – Facebook or otherwise – and build a business network, think again. It just won’t happen. This business, like any other business, takes time and hard work. To some people chatting online isn’t hard work, to some it sucks. If it sucks for you, stay away from network marketing. If you enjoy it, or at least can do it effectively, it’s simply a question of thinking one person at a time, not blasting groups and websites with your link.

Remember, if you can get one person on your side/team, he or she may well be motivated to do the same. With time you will build a solid foundation – or downline – not a bunch of people who wondered how in hell they ever came to have your name in their inbox.

2. Write posts and articles on and around your subject

The more you put out there that informs people about the opportunity you are promoting, the more traffic to your sites and your links. You need to produce content to build your list AND to come across as an expert on your chosen opportunity.

3. Attract interested parties to your squeeze page and free gift

Put up a squeeze page where you offer a gift relevant to your opportunity, so that you can collect names and emails.

4. Build a theme oriented site

Once you’ve build a squeeze page which is specifically geared toward one opportunity, you can build a site that caters for various MLM opportunities. Once again this can help project you as an expert in more than one field. You also benefit from a sort of cross-fertilization of leads, as parties seeking one of your number one opportunity decide to sign up for your number two opportunity.

5. You must remain tenacious and consistent

Most network marketers quit within the first year. Cos it’s tough. It’s not work that delivers instant riches, it feels at times like you’re being sold a lie. But think of this, when the going gets tough, most businesses don’t turn a profit in their first year. You simply have to stick at it. And that means doing one task a day to build your list AND motivate your downline. One hour a day is probably enough. Heck even 30 minutes is better than nothing and keeps you in the loop.

6. There is no real secret to a large downline!

Unless you enter network marketing having just inherited wealth or sold a business for a nice lump sum, the only way you’re going to build a downline fast is by steadily recruiting.  And by encouraging your downline to recruit too. Let me give you an example of what I mean: with the FantaZ (social gaming) opportunity I’m working, I direct traffic to a squeeze page where I not only inform my visitors of this amazing business opportunity that is about to take off, I also offer them customised and customizable marketing tools to help them build their own downline.  Work with your downline members, as most of your growth will come from their efforts. Try to get them to chat with you on Skype or in a Facebook group.

7. Diversify for even greater profits

Once you’ve developed your downline and your contact list, you should market new opportunities to the list(s) you’ve built. Multiple streams of income will take you to the next level and your monthly income will continue to grow. What I tend to do is bring people in on one opportunity, help them get the hang of it, then introduce them to other, perhaps similar, opportunities and products that will help them build their own lists and downlines.

Follow these magnificent 7 and you’ll be mining network marketing gold after about 12 months – sooner if you like hard graft!

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The best ways to build a downline in MLM programs like FantaZ

The best ways to build a downline in MLM programs like FantaZ

If you haven’t heard of social gaming yet – July 2011 – you soon will.

If you know how to build a list and network through social media and Skype, you could make a serious amount of money with the Fantaz marketing opportunity

Fantaz is all about playing online games – for cash rewards. Of course many people who join your team will never be interested in playing, some may never have tried, but get caught up in the excitement and have a go.

It’s not enough simply to recruit and have people join your team. You have to follow up and constantly encourage your team or downline to recruit and encourage their downline.


Get an autoresponder and build your own list

If you’re new to online marketing and don’t even have a list, the Fantaz opportunity is going to be quite a challenge.

Lead Generation requires a little imagination. Fantaz is a game, so it makes sense to hang out in gaming forums to attract leads. You could join a Facebook group or fan page, or even set up one of your own. You could write an article on the opportunity with a link that attracts leads.

Don’t do any MLM without a squeeze page and autoresponder! This is essential – you have to have a means in place of collecting leads that go to your autoresponder, not just the back office of Fantaz.

With leads of your own secured in an autoresponder you can also update your team regularly with broadcasts, keeping them motivated.

You can also then market to your list – sending them info on similar business opportunities, sounding them out and adding them to your customers’ list.  So they may come in as FantaZ team members, but you want to be able to persuade them to take a look at other opportunities and products. This is how you create multiple streams of income.

This is a chance to develop your personal brand. You may have heard it said on numerous occasions: “People don’t buy the opportunity, they buy… you.” Admittedly, not entirely accurate, but it’s an adage that serves to underline the importance of establishing a rapport and trust with your list – you are the guy who knows where and how to invest in good stuff. If you come across as likeable and trustworthy, people will flock to your Fantaz business.

Too many independent distributors make the mistake of directing people to their company replicated website. You must set up an optin page or squeeze page to stand in front of this company site. For one thing this helps introduce prospects to you – remember personal branding? – and, as already mentioned, enables you to add their names and emails to your autoresponder.

On this squeeze page you create you will have to offer more value than most. When I set up mine I didn’t just blab on about the opportunity, I told visitors that if they signed up under me they’d be getting the same squeeze page they were looking at, plus email copy which they could use to send to their list. So I’m practically doing their job for them!

So straight off the bat, they are likely to appreciate me as a credible leader. I’ve invested in the opportunity AND I’ve invested some of my time in helping them – for no more than a request that I be allowed to mail them – guess what – more useful stuff!

For more help with building a motivated downline check out Nic’s Fantaz.

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Writing your own e-Book

Writing your own e-Book

I appreciate that, in the internet marketing niche, the ebook is no longer quite the thing it was. We have video now, and lots of it. Video tutorials are more to people’s taste, it would seem… And yet, videos aren’t always accompanied by the clearest of voice overs….

I bought a product recently – a ready-made website using WordPress – that came with a very bad video tutorial. If you were a beginner, you’d have given up, plain and simple. Myself, I had to stop, pause, rewind… and even then I had to ask a friend to help out with a couple of things.

What I’ve found with a lot of ebooks, especially the freebies, is that they’re poorly written, they contain pages of waffle and fluff and don’t cover all the steps I need in order to have a solid foundation in the kind of marketing they are aiming at.

That’s why I sat down to write an ebook on writing and creating squeeze pages. There’s plenty of info on this subject and plenty of videos on various aspects of the squeeze page system, but I wanted to write an ebook that covered all the basic aspects of the squeeze page – from concept and creation to promotion. This had to be the book that I wished I’d found when I started out.

When marketers tell you you can knock out an ebook in an afternoon, well, good for them…. Mine took me a solid week. Admittedly, I went to the trouble of designing an eye-catching cover and taking the main picture (I had a friend do the photoshop work) and I spent a few hours screengrabbing images, a couple more just formatting the pages… By the time I’d finished, I realised I wasn’t going to make this a giveaway any more. I’d be charging $7, if only to partly cover my time on the job. I’d be very surprised if it made me the equivalent I’d charge as a copywriter – but I wrote it in the spirit of a giveaway, so that’s OK.

One of the problems everyone has with internet marketing is the sheer volume and diversity of information on the subject. One day we wake up and there’s an email telling us we should devote all our energies to Facebook marketing. The next day it’s backlinks. Then it’s CPV. Or Cell phone marketing. And if you think that’s enough, no, you should also be vlogging. Basically, go put your head in the microwave…

And we read all this info – a bit here, a bit there – or view it – and although we’re learning, we struggle to put it all together. Some of us, who have mentors, get a little help, but most of us just have to do it ourselves. ‘It’s not rocket science,’ you keep hearing, and yet 95-97% of people in internet marketing don’t make a profit.

So, in a bid to make a little dent in that figure for failure, I’ve written an ebook that aims to pull together various techniques into one coherent story. It’s called Power Up Your Squeeze Page. Do look out for it.

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Your friends suck…

How to make money online? Well, you can probably be sure of one thing: your friends won’t be there rooting for you until you’ve proven them wrong. So in the meantime, where can you find a friend? Starting a business from home can be a lonely experience… You have ebooks and video tutorials, copious amounts of info, but who’s there to help you put it all together?

That’s why having a mentor, who’s a friend, can make all the difference not just to your business but your experience of working from home. I mean, we want to enjoy this, right?

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When you feel like jacking it in, that’s when you step it up even more

If you’ve been in internet marketing for even as long as six months, I’d be surprised if you haven’t had a day or two when you’ve thought to yourself, Sod this.

Information overload. Are you there yet? An inbox every morning stuffed with so many-money making possibilities your brain is beginning to seize up even after two strong coffees. You buy this new system. Then that new system. They pile up like dirty washing. And, later that week, before you’ve opened systems 1 and 2, you’ve bought system 3. And you still haven’t gotten round to writing a post on your blog this week, or emailing your facebook group, or putting in an appearance on – how many twitter accounts do you have?! Oh, and then there’s the forums you’re supposed to be taking an interest in…

If only someone would tell you how to focus. How to do more marketing and less scratching around…

As if that weren’t enough, eyes burning red from hours in front of your screen, you tune in to somebody on a webinar who kindly reminds you – yet again – that 95% of people in internet marketing aren’t making any money. Someone else that same day tells you it’s more like 98% who are not making any money. Oh,boy. Were you ever in the top 2% at school? This doesn’t look good. Where’s the whiskey?

So let’s pause a minute. The business. You’re running a business, remember? So what do you need most of all? People. Subscribers. That’s where your focus should be.

Now, part of building that business lies in – yes, you’ve probably heard it before – taking action. Normally you have to follow up with your prospect several times before they order from you. Are you pestering them? Well, that’s a fair question. So take some time to make your second and third email a little different from each other. Each time a little more persuasive. Break up the sales letters, be friendly once in a while without seeking any gain.

There’s an art to it – but you only learn it by doing it.

Or, of course, by talking with a mentor. The best online marketers have learnt from a mentor. In my experience, few of them are great writers, but many of them have learnt how to write good, or even great copy, by copying from their mentors.

The successful online marketers aren’t afraid of failure and are totally committed to getting going, not getting it right. You don’t have to get a business right the first time round, but you do have to broadcast your message on a regular basis – and with style (or at least some passion;) – or you’ll never make more than pocket money.

In many ways it doesn’t matter what you market – low ticket or high ticket – it matters you keep doing it. And every now and then, just because you keep doing it, you’ll break through a wall, you’ll pick up a nugget of information that will give you a little more leverage than you had before and perhaps just enough so that you no longer think of throwing the towel in.

It’s really down to a question of your stamina. If you want it bad enough, you’ll get it. Now, I couldn’t say the same of the arts, (I’ve written 4 novels and had one published in spite of having a good agent), but I think with marketing, there are certain lessons you can learn which, once applied, and refined, will almost guarantee you success.

So, when you next feel like chucking it in, taking a deep breath and tell yourself you’re going to step it up. And at the end of the day, go and do some yoga!

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