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Dialogue opens doors for your online business

One of the best bloggers I know in Internet Marketing is Yaro Starak. And one thing I’ve learned from visiting Yaro’s blog is that he presents himself in an interactive fashion – by which I mean, he invites the reader to come in and comment and ask questions. He likes to interview people, for instance, and through his interviewees he provides tips on what makes for good blogging (or marketing) as well as promoting his own blogging course.

Of course it takes time to build up a readership of any kind, longer still to build up a loyal readership. You have to be consistent. If not persistent. You also have to come across as someone who is genuinely interested in having a dialogue with his readers. No one is all that real to us until we engage in a dialogue.

I write reviews on my blog, but I don’t consider it a review site, or merely an information centre, a depository of free internet marketing tips. I would hope it serves as a medium through which you, the reader, can gain more than mere information.

How often have you said about a movie, “I didn’t care for the characters, so I switched it off.” The older you get, the less impressed you are by mere cleverness – you want character, warmth, kindness, generosity… or else why spend time with this person?

But it’s also partly up to you…

What do I mean?

Be an interactive reader

Well, the more you interact with me, the better your experience in coming here. By engaging me in a dialogue I will get to know you, consider you and possibly throw you a favour or two. And hopefully we get into something we’d call – loosely speaking – a relationship.

So tell me what you’d like to see more of here. Ask me what I think… A guy I was doing an ad swap with asked me for my opinion on his squeeze page today. I said, Well, I think there’s too much yellow highlighter everywhere (looks a bit like a traffic hazard!) and the copy could be cut down 20%, the headline 4 words shorter. He didn’t have to agree with me, but hopefully he appreciated the feedback. The point is, we’d made a connection that was instantly more real than it had been at the point we’d agreed merely to do an ad swap. Now I’ll remember him and he’ll remember me. That could count for something in the future.

Dialogue (with a blogger you like) can make the difference between a mere (good) read and opening a door that could lead to an opportunity.

I reply to all my (relevant) comments, so let’s hear them. Meantime, you may find this FREE ebook of use in your own blogging.

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Tone of voice

I’ve been working on a brief for E.On this week, the multi million energy corporation. A recruitment pitch. An interesting thing happened two days into the job. We did a raft of ideas that the account handler was happy with. Next day he came back with a note completely re-writing the tone of voice, even going against the existing brand guidelines.  We were supposed to be ‘more conversational’.

My art director and I were a little bemused. But what the hell, we’re not hired for our opinion on the new brief, we’re hired to knock out more ads. So that’s what we did. At least 35, later whittled down to about 16. It was actually harder than following the brand guidelines, because now we had lost the specificity to our brief – being conversational almost meant being, well, bloody vague. Still, that was the job.So we did it. And the agency people were happy with what we produced. Anyway, it got me thinking about tone of voice and internet marketing. There are those who waffle on – that’s most people. Those who shout. Those who overclaim. At some point, hopefully, you come across someone, like Perry Marshall, who tells it you straight. With few wasted words. Getting to the point has never been more important. It’s amazing more marketers don’t.

Internet Marketing Mentor

When it comes to talking about the concept I work with – a high ticket item – there’s even more need for transparency than with, say, an mlm system. Because the investment is bigger. The prospect has to consider the mentor, can he be trusted, is he likable? The tone of voice has to be just so;) – authoritative but friendly, too. As you’re reading this, I wonder what tone of voice you feel most comfortable with. And at what point does the tone sound sweet enough for you to get in touch. As Eon say, let’s have a conversation and discover if the tone rings true;)

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