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Make sense online

I spent 30 minutes messing about on Paypal today trying to make out how to issue a refund.  Yeah, my first, can you believe it. Someone had somehow bought the same product twice, so of course I was perfectly happy to reimburse him (or her, I didn’t get a name). The thing is the instructions weren’t so great. I got to stage 2 or 3 in the process when I was asked to select 3 options one of which was : I have made a refund. Well, I hadn’t yet made a refund, I was in the process of trying to make one, so I ignored that, hit backspace and… went round in circles for another 15 minutes.

Finally I called Paypal and an American woman with a dolly voice took me through the process and told me to select the I have made a refund option. I said, Couldn’t you at least get the tense right? Grammar…? She made a sound as if to humour me and told me what to do next. The rest was straight forward. In two minutes I was done.

Some days I spend hours doing this kind of crap – going round in circles because some dickwad can’t write clear instructions. You may have noticed this theme is a Woo theme. It’s one of the better premium themes. But the instructions on Woo for the various settings are pretty dire. Maybe not to a websmaster, but that ain’t me. or most people, come to that. Surely it would make more sense making a series of step-by-step videos for every theme so everyone was clear. Instead they seem to rely on their forum as a space for troubleshooting. Like that’s real fun, going to and fro writing questions and deciphering answers and writing questions again. I am so bored of searching forums for answers. OK, hands up, I’m not a techie or a nerd – but I guess that makes me part of the majority. If developers and designers made fewer assumptions of their customers’ knowledge, things would move a lot quicker.

Misdirection is part of the modern disease that accompanies information overload. I get loads of emails from marketers with clever, tricky subject lines that get me to open and sometimes click. Like, Your account has been suspended. Your order has been processed…. You are at risk… We are giving you all this software… I arrive at a web page only to discover I’m not being ‘given’ anything, I’m being sold to. These techniques may well entrap a few subscribers, but my gut feeling is they work against everything you are trying – or should be trying – to do to establish trust. If you want a following, if you want people to believe in you and buy from you, repeatedly, you would be better served not using tricksy subject lines and phony call-to-action lines.

So this short post is really a bid for clarity, a request that designers and developers ask themselves, Would my mum get this? A request that marketers tone down the hype and talk to their subscribers as they would if they met them at a bar in a pub. You can still be full of enthusiasm – but just leave the bullshit to corporations. Because if you’re just an entrepreneur, people will only buy from you again and again if they like you. You have to come across as a friend – who talks sense. Make sense?

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How not to market online

When you’re completely new to IM, you just want to get out there and start selling, right? You’ve been told to take action, so you want to broadcast to everyone, Here’s me, I’ve got a great product or sysem!

The thing is, no one gives a shit. And if you paste/pitch your products on Forums and Facebook, people actually think worse of you. I know it sucks – wouldn’t it be so much easier if that’s all you had to do? – but once you’ve been online for a while, you’ll be feeling exactly the same. It’s just kind of vulgar and naff.

So the first thing to learn is patience. Put your time into working at something that will attract and help people, and build yourself a real business.

Credibility is ESSENTIAL for long term business and profits. You have to interact and generally appear as though you are interested first in helping people, and second, making money. You have to convince people that you deserve being paid. And then it’ll start coming in.

The only person going to buy from you when you shout your wares in a forum or on FB is another newbie, as desperate or more so, than you. True, there are more newbies joining every day, but if you are only targeting ‘virgins’ you are unlikely to develop any lasting business relationships that provide you with a sustainable source of income.

Making Money Online involves creating a BUSINESS. Only businesses make money – and businesses are all about solving problems for people.

Whatever niche you are targeting always ask the question, ‘What do they need and how can I help?’ Provide a tangible answer to that and you’re in BUSINESS.

Want help with your online business – which perhaps is not even a business yet? Make a start here – http://learn-internet-marketing.ws

Or Skype me on nic.penake

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Radical Strategy For Marketing On Twitter

Y’know what, I’ve tried automation -tweetadder is the bot I went for, and I’m so-so happy with it – and I continue to automate… However, just the other day, I thought to myself, Maybe there’s a better way – at least for getting people interested in me as an internet marketing mentor, which is my ‘primary business’ after all.

It occurred to me, Don’t people keep banging on about ‘RELATIONSHIPS’ in marketing? Boy, they do. And yet, they rarely go about making them in a human fashion. They blast you with their business opportunity first. I’ve been guilty of it, too. I still throw out one or two tweets with clickbank bitlys and tinyurls. (Bad habits die hard) But of course how can you form any kind of a relationship if you’re spamming them or talking to them via your tweet bot? I really don’t think you can.

So here’s my ‘radical’ thought on working with twitter – for anyone marketing themselves as a mentor of some description…

Direct Tweets and Replies.  Once a week – it would drive me nuts to do this more than that – I go through my Direct Tweets and Replies (@whatever) and I reply to the people who have written to me. Now, here’s the thing, it would be stupid to go through all of your DMs. You’d end up in the nuthouse. So how do you do it?

Well, you stop thinking like a frazzled IMer and you remember how you are as a human being in a social setting. Would you talk to just anyone and everyone in a room where you knew no one? Well, you might if you were being paid to, but in any other case… no.

So what I do is I look at the photos. A photo isn’t the entire person, of course, and sometimes you will misjudge a book by its cover, but it’s pretty much all you’ve got to go on, save for a few lines in a bio. So you make use of it, just as if you were picking out a date. Yes, you read that right, a date. But not that kind of date, a business kind of date. A coffee, and a chat. And you ask yourself, Would I like to spend a half hour talking with this person? Is he or she the kind of person – from experience – I tend to get along with? Am I talking about facial steoetyping? I guess I am. But we all do all of the time, every second of the day when we’re walking down the street, so why get all cagey about it now? Certain faces suit us, certain faces don’t. That’s just the way it is.

You can’t possibly DM everyone on your list, unless your list is very small. So you have to be selective. You look at the photo and you weigh up that person’s last reply to you and you ask yourself, Is this the kind of person who might like to do business with me? And guess what? That gets you skipping over a number of faces. Be truthful to yourself…

So now you’re running rapidly down your page and onto the next… you can cover 5-6 pages,running off personal replies, using that person’s name, commenting on their tweet or blog, in about an hour. By which time you’ve just sent about 30-40 more meaningful tweets. So now you’re running rapidly down your page and onto the next… you can cover 5-6 pages,running off personal replies, using that person’s name, commenting on their tweet or blog, in about an hour.By which time you’ve just sent about 30-40 more meaningful tweets. With your link re a post, say, or a free gift – something of value anyway.

The hour you spend making these more personal tweets is more worthwile than an hour of blasting out links, manually or on on a piece of software -because you’re engaging in a real dialogue. And it’s only with a real dialogue you are likely to build a real relationship.

So, my advice is, if you want to build relationships on twiter, devote 60-90 minutes a week to DMs. It’s kind of a chore at first, and of course not everyone is going to get back to you, but the ones who do get back to you will be more likely to listen to you or take up one of your recommendations the next time you tweet – with or without software.

OK, hope that was food for thweet. Now reteeet this post!

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How to deal with information overload in internet marketing

After a week in which I really took on WAY TOO MUCH, I thought I’d give you a tip on how to deal with INFORMATION OVERLOAD – because, let’s face it, it’s a common problem for internet marketers everywhere.

Last week I was not only running my primary business, pitching my feature script to agents and producers and looking after my three kids more or less single handedly, (oh, and the cat), I was avidly trying to digest and action 3 new programs I liked the look of. Round midnight I was looking in the mirror to see this red-eyed zombie looking back at me, asking me, What the heck?

So come the weekend – and yes, I was working the weekend again, because the kids were at their grandparents and it seemed like a good opportunity to do YET MORE WORK – I decided, STOP DOING SO MUCH.  (As if my kids hadn’t said this a hundred times already). Make a plan, the zombie said.

And what he meant was, writing down an achievable action plan for the day.

So: coffee and email till 9.30. fb and twitter till 10.15… and so on. Actually writing down the time I would allot to each task. And what this did for me was help deter me from exploring every tasty looking email that happened to drop into my inbox. It gave me a sense of structure and purpose. It took away the kind of anxiety that creeps up on you by the time you’ve done 7-8 hours online – because it does: we always start to feel we’ve spent too much time here and there and not enough there and over there.

It seems so obvious, doesn’t it. But do you do it? Do you write yourself a timetable and stick to it? It’s a way of regaining control. Instead of following every other email and link and disappearing down some sales funnel, you stick to the schedule you’ve made for yourself. Give it a go and discover the difference it can make.

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Generous Bonus For First 11 Students To Join My Team

Watch this video to find out how you can take advantage of this unique bonus I am offering for my ‘first 11’ when you team up with me on YourNetBiz.

This is what you’ll get when you join up with me:
– Help with setting up your website(s)
– Marketing tutorials on every aspect of internet marketing from forums to social media
– Help setting up your merchant account
– A pre-written email campaign
– 6 months free autoresponder
– Help with seo
– One to one tutorials over skype
– Free access to one of the best membership sites on the net (Six Figure Mentors)
– And much much more…

Check out http://generousentrepreneursonline.com/generous-commissions/ for more information on yournetbiz.

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How to get more traffic to your blog

…Put up a video of yourself singing in the shower. Your cat looking vaguely guilty for bringing in a headless pigeon…

But if you don’t have such footage…

…here are a few ways you can use to turn your blog into a mini magnet.

Open with compelling, keyword-rich titles.

If the title doesn’t strike a chord in your visitor’s mind, he’s gonna walk within half a minute or so. If you’re nuts’ about raw food, get those high search volume keywords in there in the title and first paragraph.

Don’t be afraid to repeat your main keywords. So if it’s raw food, you could say: Raw food isn’t a raw deal, except on the cancer lurking within

A strong title will increase your search engine visibility as well as increase the likelihood of visitors Retweeting or Liking your post. So that means their friends get to read you… and may also Retweet or Like… You get the picture.

Write blog posts that don’t tell your visitors the bloody obvious

Blog posts that waffle on about the patently obvious truths in life, or talk about how wonderful you are, are the verbal equivalent of a fart. Don’t we have enough vanity and celebrity crap to be getting on with?

Write blog posts that answer questions that you would have wanted answers to when you first started out. Create how-to’s and give away your best material. Be generous, create a vibe… people will tune in… eventually;)

Make it easy to subscribe to your blog

You know that little icon you see everywhere – the orange one that reminds you vaguely of radar. Put that up and then title it something like, Keep up to date with me. Don’t leave it there without the words urging them to take action.

Even if your blog is moneteized, remember people don’t got o a blog in a mindset, thinking, Oh, I wanna go shopping. They are here to read and pick up FREE stuff. Once a visitor subscribes to your blog, he or she becomes a potential buyer. But don’t make the mistake of assuming they signed up to be sold to – go easy on that one; make your sales pitches occasional not predictable.

Make sure your email and RSS subscription boxes are “above the fold” and easy to find.

Add a Retweet button to the top of every post and a ShareThis/like button at the bottom of each post.

If you write well, people are happy to Rewteet. It looks good on them too. On WordPress it’s easy to add Retweet or Like – they’re plugins.  Just go to Add new Plugin, and search for Retweet or Like button and install.

Add your blog posts to your Facebook business page

Sign up for a facebook ‘NetworkedBlog’ to get your blog posts appearing on your Facebook business page every time you write a new post. This will increase your reach – with no xtra work coming from you – and enrich your business page with more (hopefully good) content.

Add your blog posts to your LinkedIn profile

If you’re running a WordPress blog, you can have your most recent blog posts appear on your Linked in profile. You can set this up by going to the Application Directory under the More navigation tab.

Tweet out your blog posts

Pick up the url for your post and run it through bit.ly, the shortner service (it’s free to register) then post to twitter. If all you post on twiter is the net hot business opportunity you’re going to turn into a spamometer, so a good post now and then helps lift your twitter profile as well as driving traffic (albeit not that much) to your blog.

Leave intelligent comments on other blogs

Leaving a comment on another blog will create a link back to your blog. But make it count or the owner may well delete it. If it’s intelligent, the blog owner may even reciprocate…

Home in on influential blogs within your industry, but don’t ignore well-written blogs that may not have much readership just yet.


That’s Japanese for stick at it. (My ex used to say that to me all the time;) It takes a while to develop a readership and drive a strong number of people to your blog on a regular basis. I’d say you need to reckon on having to write 2 – 3 blog posts a week for six months before you start making money from your blog. Your posts don’t need to be long; so 300 – 500 words is fine, so long as it shows evidence of some thought behind it, otherwise it just looks half hearted and indulgent.

Give your blog limbs

By that I mean, link your blog to your youtube channel(s), you twitter account(s), your facebook group, and so on.

Brand yourself

And wherever possible brand yourself in the process. For instance, my blog is called Generous Entrepreneurs Online. Guess what my facebook Group and fan pages are called. Excatly. And my youtube account? GenerousMarketingMan. My twitter account (one of them)? GenerousBoy. I now own the word Generous in internet marketing. What word or emotion would you like to own? Think about before you just slap down any old name.

If you need help driving more traffic to your blog, or converting that traffic into business, get in touch through the contact tab.

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Tips on Writing Great Copy for Squeeze Pages and Sales Pages

Let’s get some definitions out the way right from the get-go – because I’m aware some of you may be entirely new internet marketing, or even any kind of marketing. If you’re taking your first shot, you’ll need to get your head round writing copy for:

– Squeeze or lead capture pages
– Sales pages

A squeeze page is a one-page website with a free gift and an optin box, or webform. In exchange for your visitor’s email, you give away something like an ebook.

Why do you want your visitor’s email?

So you can start mailing him your offers. It can take between 5 and 12 times of seeing your offer before someone actually buys from you. If you only relied on a sales page and your visitor didn’t buy, you would have lost him, permanently. However, if you try him again with the same or similar offer a little later, once he’s got to know you and established that you’re not Mr. – or Ms – Con Artist, then he just might buy.

OK, so your visitor is on your page… You have approximately 7 seconds to grab his attention. Yes, just 7 seconds, on average. So you’d better make that headline a damn good one. Just because you’re offering something for free doesn’t mean your visitor will automatically go for it. He may already have a bunch of free gifts sitting on his hard drive he’s been thinking of trashing for some time now because he never gets to read them!

Your headline must be intriguing enough to compel the read to read on.

– Be generic or vague
– Too revealing
– Be specific
– A little mysterious

So a bad example would be:

Get My New Report Now To Make More Money Online

And a good example would be:

Amazing free report reveals how you can add an extra $733.56 per month to your income by adding only 3 extra sentences to your mini site

Being specific gives us an instant picture and feels real. We can also envisage 3 sentences even if we don’t know what they are. And, thirdly, we’re intrigued to know what those sentences are.

Oh, and convention has it that your headline should be in quotes, as though someone else is testifying on your behalf) and in red – to grab people’s attention. And each word starts in upper case. It was a strange one to me – as an adman copywriter I would be shown the door if I ever wrote such long headlines, but this is internet marketing so you follow convention or find yourself being overlooked.

Body copy

Body copy is everything but the headline and your bullets. For a squeeze page you can be – and should be – very brief. Don’t waffle on about how you’ve made money, or what your experience is, no stories, no fluff.

Just reassure your visitor that this particular gift you’re offering will be of use, it will, if applied, help him make money, even if it’s only an extra $100 a month. It’s got to be of VALUE to him if you want his email. So, 2-3 sentences will do it – and if your headline is a good one and your bullets precise enough, you could probably get away with one.


After your intriguing headline you write a selection of 4-7 bullets. Again, you have to keep the intrigue running. Don’t spell things out, for now only hint at solutions and how they might be achieved.

Bad bullet:
Why not revealing the full secret in your bullets will make your sales copy more persuasive

Hm, cat’s out of the bag now, isn’t it. So how about:

A simple change to your copy that will instantly make your bullets more persuasive

If your visitor wants to know what that ‘simple change’ is, he has to sign up. And that’s all we’re doing here – no sale pitch, just grabbing an email.

Sales letters

Again, make that headline count, big time. Remember you’re aiming for that perfect balance between precision and intrigue. And how new does it sound? Has it got a usp (unique selling proposition)? In answer to that last question, it may not have, but it’s your job to create the illusion. A visitor buys on perceived value not actual value, unless he already knows the product you’re selling, in which case he’s probably bought it already;)
After your headline, get down your selling points. At least a couple.

You’ll need a guarantee. If you’re offering a 60 day guarantee (fairly normal with most digital products) get it in early, don’t wait until the end of the page, because your visitor might have flown by then.

Mid way down the page you can include what I’d call empathy copy. If you were marketing to the internet marketing niche, you might say, I remember when I first started out and how difficult it was… information overload… I was flat broke, frustrated, wished I knew someone who could help…’ and so on. Personally, I find a little of this goes a long way. Your visitor came to your page looking for a solution not to read your biography.

And as you write, continue to create intrigue and – if you can do it without resorting to stupid exaggeration – shock the reader. Emphasize your main benefit(s).

A good practice is to divide the sales copy up into chunks of 30 seconds’ reading time. So you test the coy on yourself as if it were a 30 second commercial. If you haven’t got your story laid out in 30 seconds, you’re losing your reader’s interest. That’s not to say you can’t go on for longer than 30 seconds, but the rest of your sales copy should be an elaboration of what you’ve just neatly outlined.

Break up the copy with subheads and, if you have screengrabs that prove the effectiveness of your product – e.g. Clickbank accounts – include them. But not too many – don’t clobber your reader with your success, that just turns off the empathy you want to establish.


Build your page with subheads, which will:
– Allow your page to breath
– Tell the ‘story’
– And sum up your complete sales message

Your subheads should bring your reader along building the emotion to buy. In fact if you glance down the page, reading only the subheads, a visitor should have a clear idea of the kinds of benefits he’s going to get when he finally clicks on that order button.


Highlight text in yellow or use bold. But don’t overuse formatting. It’s enough to highlight or just a few key phrases that help to make a complete sales message.

Don’t keep varying your font styles and sizes. Your main heading should be large, subheads about 20-25% of that size. A mixture of fonts and sizes just creates a mess.

Some economic use of graphics, such as ticks for bullets, adds weight and colour. Don’t use them in a gimmicky way, though.


Again, make your sales bullets drive home the key selling points. Make them a mixture of intriguing and specific, but don’t reveal too much. The secret of your product can only be had on the next page.


With your guarantee, it’s a good idea to give it a name. E.g. My “Generous Entrepreneurs Training” Guarantee.

60 days is the norm. But if you’re dead confident in your product you can even offer a cash payment in the event the buyer fails to make money from using it.

Don’t forget your call to action! Needs to be compelling – but not shouting. Emphasize the urgency factor (e.g. ‘…only 16 copies left before I raise the price’) and reassure your reader he won’t be disappointed. Whether you say it directly or imply it, make your reader feel he is going to miss out if he doesn’t click Order Now.

A short PS

Your PS gives you one more chance to convince visitor to buy. Restate the CTA with a slight twist, perhaps using a more chatty style. Still tell reader what to do but emphasize a different aspect of offer and reiterate the guarantee and the sentiment that he’s got nothing to lose and everything to gain by buying now.

Final test

Finally, get a friend or two to read your copy before you commit to putting it up. You don’t have to be a copywriter to appreciate good or great copy. In fact a test of great copy is when any old Tom, Dick or Harry enjoys reading it.

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The Six Figure Business Model – With Assistant, Saina

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