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Join me at The Internet World Summit

Join me at The Internet World Summit

Some of you reading this will know of the importance I place in mentoring 1-2-1 as a way in and up for internet marketers.

Well, I’m not going to talk to you about how I can help you today, I’m going to talk to you about how a bunch of experts can help you… So…

Get Help From A Whole Gang of Internet Marketing Gurus

The World Internet Summit is 4 days of easy-to-understand teaching on how to start and market your own internet business.

Even if you’re an absolute beginner, you can learn how to do it.

This event is assembling the world’s best internet business experts to show you how they get ideas for what to sell online, how they get people to their websites and how they convert them into sales.

And they’re going to show you how you can do it too. These LIVE lessons on stage are quick, simple and entertaining, even if you’ve never had an internet business before.

Which all means, that you’ll know how to get started as soon as you leave the event.

You’ll discover the latest and greatest techniques … including a ton of FREE strategies … for:

· Video marketing

· Article marketing

· Social media like Twitter and Facebook

· Blogs

· Search engine optimisation (SEO)

· Paid traffic

· Joint ventures

· Traffic harvesting

· Affiliate marketing secrets, and more

They’re also running something that no other seminar in the world does:

The “World Internet Challenge”

To prove that what they teach actually works, throughout the course of this seminar they’ll be putting their strategies to the test to see how much money they can generate online over the 4 days of the event.

They will start an internet business from scratch and launch it LIVE on the internet.

Then, over the course of the weekend, they’ll monitor the new little biz to see how it’s doing.

On the final day, someone from the audience (maybe even you) will be given a cheque for the money they generate over the weekend. Which means, if you win it, you get to go home with a wad of free cash. That’s not including the bonuses they’re offering.

I’ve got my ticket already. Tickets are going fast, so if you can possibly attend, even if you can only do part of the 4 days, I really urge you to go. This is much more than a series of lectures. You have the chance to network with other marketers. And of course, you can meet up with me and some of the people from The Six Figure Mentors. So even if you come alone, you won’t be alone. Just drop me a line before you set out –

nic.penrake (Skype)

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