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7 Strategies Guaranteed To Bring You MLM Success

When I first started out in internet marketing – incredible though it seems now – I knew nothing about list-building. And as a result I dove into MLM without a clue really and nearly burnt out after 6 months of banging my head against the proverbial brick wall.

List-building is not as easy as every product owner will have you believe, but there are ways of doing it effectively and without burning the midnight oil.

For those of you just starting out, I’ve drawn up 7 points you should focus on for making any kind of MLM opportunity work for you. (Without the head injuries!)

1. Build your network one by one

If you think you can email a few friends – Facebook or otherwise – and build a business network, think again. It just won’t happen. This business, like any other business, takes time and hard work. To some people chatting online isn’t hard work, to some it sucks. If it sucks for you, stay away from network marketing. If you enjoy it, or at least can do it effectively, it’s simply a question of thinking one person at a time, not blasting groups and websites with your link.

Remember, if you can get one person on your side/team, he or she may well be motivated to do the same. With time you will build a solid foundation – or downline – not a bunch of people who wondered how in hell they ever came to have your name in their inbox.

2. Write posts and articles on and around your subject

The more you put out there that informs people about the opportunity you are promoting, the more traffic to your sites and your links. You need to produce content to build your list AND to come across as an expert on your chosen opportunity.

3. Attract interested parties to your squeeze page and free gift

Put up a squeeze page where you offer a gift relevant to your opportunity, so that you can collect names and emails.

4. Build a theme oriented site

Once you’ve build a squeeze page which is specifically geared toward one opportunity, you can build a site that caters for various MLM opportunities. Once again this can help project you as an expert in more than one field. You also benefit from a sort of cross-fertilization of leads, as parties seeking one of your number one opportunity decide to sign up for your number two opportunity.

5. You must remain tenacious and consistent

Most network marketers quit within the first year. Cos it’s tough. It’s not work that delivers instant riches, it feels at times like you’re being sold a lie. But think of this, when the going gets tough, most businesses don’t turn a profit in their first year. You simply have to stick at it. And that means doing one task a day to build your list AND motivate your downline. One hour a day is probably enough. Heck even 30 minutes is better than nothing and keeps you in the loop.

6. There is no real secret to a large downline!

Unless you enter network marketing having just inherited wealth or sold a business for a nice lump sum, the only way you’re going to build a downline fast is by steadily recruiting.  And by encouraging your downline to recruit too. Let me give you an example of what I mean: with the FantaZ (social gaming) opportunity I’m working, I direct traffic to a squeeze page where I not only inform my visitors of this amazing business opportunity that is about to take off, I also offer them customised and customizable marketing tools to help them build their own downline.  Work with your downline members, as most of your growth will come from their efforts. Try to get them to chat with you on Skype or in a Facebook group.

7. Diversify for even greater profits

Once you’ve developed your downline and your contact list, you should market new opportunities to the list(s) you’ve built. Multiple streams of income will take you to the next level and your monthly income will continue to grow. What I tend to do is bring people in on one opportunity, help them get the hang of it, then introduce them to other, perhaps similar, opportunities and products that will help them build their own lists and downlines.

Follow these magnificent 7 and you’ll be mining network marketing gold after about 12 months – sooner if you like hard graft!

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The best ways to build a downline in MLM programs like FantaZ

The best ways to build a downline in MLM programs like FantaZ

If you haven’t heard of social gaming yet – July 2011 – you soon will.

If you know how to build a list and network through social media and Skype, you could make a serious amount of money with the Fantaz marketing opportunity

Fantaz is all about playing online games – for cash rewards. Of course many people who join your team will never be interested in playing, some may never have tried, but get caught up in the excitement and have a go.

It’s not enough simply to recruit and have people join your team. You have to follow up and constantly encourage your team or downline to recruit and encourage their downline.


Get an autoresponder and build your own list

If you’re new to online marketing and don’t even have a list, the Fantaz opportunity is going to be quite a challenge.

Lead Generation requires a little imagination. Fantaz is a game, so it makes sense to hang out in gaming forums to attract leads. You could join a Facebook group or fan page, or even set up one of your own. You could write an article on the opportunity with a link that attracts leads.

Don’t do any MLM without a squeeze page and autoresponder! This is essential – you have to have a means in place of collecting leads that go to your autoresponder, not just the back office of Fantaz.

With leads of your own secured in an autoresponder you can also update your team regularly with broadcasts, keeping them motivated.

You can also then market to your list – sending them info on similar business opportunities, sounding them out and adding them to your customers’ list.  So they may come in as FantaZ team members, but you want to be able to persuade them to take a look at other opportunities and products. This is how you create multiple streams of income.

This is a chance to develop your personal brand. You may have heard it said on numerous occasions: “People don’t buy the opportunity, they buy… you.” Admittedly, not entirely accurate, but it’s an adage that serves to underline the importance of establishing a rapport and trust with your list – you are the guy who knows where and how to invest in good stuff. If you come across as likeable and trustworthy, people will flock to your Fantaz business.

Too many independent distributors make the mistake of directing people to their company replicated website. You must set up an optin page or squeeze page to stand in front of this company site. For one thing this helps introduce prospects to you – remember personal branding? – and, as already mentioned, enables you to add their names and emails to your autoresponder.

On this squeeze page you create you will have to offer more value than most. When I set up mine I didn’t just blab on about the opportunity, I told visitors that if they signed up under me they’d be getting the same squeeze page they were looking at, plus email copy which they could use to send to their list. So I’m practically doing their job for them!

So straight off the bat, they are likely to appreciate me as a credible leader. I’ve invested in the opportunity AND I’ve invested some of my time in helping them – for no more than a request that I be allowed to mail them – guess what – more useful stuff!

For more help with building a motivated downline check out Nic’s Fantaz.

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Build your own list as you build a downline

Build your own list as you build a downline

How do you get round MLM burnout?

One of the problems with MLM opportunities is that you can do a truck load of work and end up making very little money because your downline wears thin. It’s one of the reasons I kept away from it for a long time…

See if this rings any bells with you… You sign up to a business op, you’re given a link, you paste it here and there, hopefully not spamming too often… and a few leads trickle in. You make some money, but generally you’re pretty underwhelmed.

The big problem with this model is this: your link goes to a web property that you do not control or own. So whenever someone hits that page, they sign up to your opportunity, not to you. You are just a username. You mean nothing to them. True, you can email them from your back office and get to know them that way, but that takes time and effort and isn’t all that productive.

Worse still, your downline is not on a list in an autoresponder. Just try adding those names and emails to your Aweber account. Aweber are very picky about how you came to acquire a person’s email. I’ve been having problems getting them to add customers, never mind downline leads!

So what do you do?

You build a squeeze page and stick it in front of the website that your link goes to. And you direct potential prospects to your squeeze page, not the link you were given when you signed up.

In your webform you go into Settings and under Thank You Page you paste the sign up link you’ve been given – this is your redirect, i.e. the page your visitor will be sent to directly after signing up to your list. You switch Confirmation from ON to OFF, because you want your potential prospects to go as quickly as possible to the sign up page – or they might lose interest.

By using a squeeze page this way, not only are you building a downline you can mail updates to re the primary business opportunity you drew them in on, you can also email them about similar business opportunities in the future.

Here’s an example. When I signed up to FantaZ, I signed up under my sponsor’s link. I was then given my own link (username + fantaz in the url). This link would then send my prospects to my sponsor’s page. He would net the names via an optin. So would I. But here’s the thing: his data was going to an autoresponder, mine was going to the back office of my FantaZ page. Well that’s not good enough, I realized. Because when I now wanted to get in touch with people in my downline, I’d have to email each one of them individually. If I had them on my own list in my Aweber account, I could do one broadcast and that would be it – job done for my entire downline.

So I built a squeeze page to put in front of my sponsor’s page. Yes, it makes the journey a little longer for prospects, but it introduces them to me (as their sponsor) and, for serious parties, I don’t think it’s a big deal anyway. As an added incentive, on that same squeeze page, as well as talking about the business opportunity very briefly, I offered to provide everyone who signs up with some marketing tools to make their job of building a downline that much easier: I gave them the very squeeze page they had come in on, which they could download as a zip and edit however they wanted, plus an email swipe they could send to their downline to keep them motivated. So I was making it totally worth their while by asking them to sign up to my list.

So this is the model I urge you to follow if you are doing anything like MLM.

As for FantaZ, I just heard from my sponsor that a guy in his team knows someone who was involved in a similar business 8 years ago and they made $2.8million in 3 years. Kind of motivating hearing that 😉

The FantaZ website, when it launches in the US, any day now, is capable of handling 4 MILLION HITS PER SECOND. They have over 100 celebrities signed up already. This isn’t some tin pot fad about to be cooked up.

The games themselves are skills-based, and nothing to do with gambling. As a sponsor, you make money when anyone 7 levels down plays a game.

If you think you’ve got the time to invest even 30 minutes a day in this opportunity, I strongly suggest you jump on this link – Nic’s FantaZ – asap. If you’re interested in gaming, how it’s evolving online right now, I’d say it’s a must.

Have fun and make money – can’t be a better combination!

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The Pros and Cons of Ad Swaps

I had an interesting email from an internet marketer I’m getting to know – a great guy, James Francis, whom some of you may know. His email was – to my surprise – took the form of an apology. I couldn’t think what he’d done wrong – he’s one of the few internet marketers who mails me with consistently solid recommendations.

So I clicked on the link and went to a page where he’d put a video. He stood before a whiteboard looking suitably contrite and, once I’d hit the start button, he began his apology.

His reason for apologising was that he believed he’d been doing too many ad swaps. As a result, his list had been buying less and was quite possibly getting fed up with the volume of ad swaps.

Ironically, only that very afternoon, I’d been adding a chapter to a report I’d been writing mostly advocating ad swaps. James’s apology did make me pause and think, however. I had already included a cautionary note in my report, but his apology got me underlining it. And it’s this: you do want to be careful just how many swaps you do. James’s point was, the minute you go into swaps, you abandon quality control. He has a point. So you need to be mindful of that.

Consider whether:

– Your ad swap partners are sending out affiliate links or links to squeeze pages with valuable content
– The ratio of your sales emails versus emails offering free and valuable content is tipping toward the Spam zone

If you’re swapping a lot BUT ALSO offering some great content, I think your list will be forgiving. If you’re not, they’re less likely to be. As a newbie or lower intermediate, I think swaps are a great way to get up to, say, a 1,000 subs for any given niche.

Once you start to develop a reputation as a marketer, once you start putting out quality products, you need to exercise a little more discretion. If you’re just starting out and your list isn’t all that responsive anyway, you might reasonably think, Well, what difference does it make whether my list receives swap emails or my emails? Maybe the swaps will make them responsive… And you know what, you might be right. I think you just have to monitor the situation: check your open- and click-through rate as well as your unsubscribe rate.

If the swaps are adding to your business, keep ‘em coming – just don’t ever get complacent. Your list is actually a bunch of people and people have feelings, people can change their minds about you when you take them for granted…

So that’s my take on ad swaps. What’s yours? By the way, if you’re on my list, I’ve got a few swaps on their way;)

Want to JV with me? Get in touch – nic.penrake (Skype)

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Web Design For Internet Marketers

Web Design For Internet Marketers

James Francis is a British internet marketer, who is consistently generous with his provision of valuable content to his subscribers, so it’s no surprise his Web Design For Internet Marketers course is very good value for money.

It breaks down to 5 modules:

Module 1: Introduction To Simple Webpage Creation

Module 2: Creating Killer Squeeze Pages

Module 3: Designing Cash-Sucking Sales Pages

Module 4: Setting Up Your Own Members Area

Plus bonuses.

There are over 23 live videos with “100% uncensored footage” – all in a step-by-step format, leaving no room for error as you set about implementing them.

He’s also included his own high-converting web templates and PDF workbooks with each video, so you can follow along with the course. Check it out.

I personally vouch for the material. I think it’s only rivalled by courses from Lee McIntyre. But I haven’t seen Lee put out a course this thorough on the practical side of squeeze page creation/list-building. Lee is fantastic on strategy, but if you’re looking for a step-by-step approach, you’re in great hands with James.

Web Design For Internet Marketers

Click the image or just here to check it out.

Oh and if you go for it, I will send you FREE my own Power Up Your Squeeze Page ebook which perfectly complements James’s course. Just email me at nicpenrake [at] generousentrepreneursonline.com with your receipt and I will send you Power Up Your Squeeze Page by return.

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Take Action – With A Generous Entrepreneur

I was talking to an internet marketer friend yesterday and in the course of our conversation I suggested a couple of simple joint ventures we could do.

“Yeah, sure, but I’m just waiting on some stuff to come through, and then we can perhaps do that.”

Hm, I thought. OK.  He wants to wait. He’s not a copywriter, so he’s probably not warming to the idea of writing an email we can swap. Whatever his reason, waiting was the outcome. Waiting is another way of saying Do Nothing, by the way;)

It’s not automated or passive until you DO SOMETHING

I know internet marketers bang on a lot about automated /passive income a lot in this business, but let’s be clear, you won’t see much of that unless you Do Something.

Unless you’re very strong willed and have been in business before in some capacity, I humbly submit that in order to be doing more and waiting less, you need a mentor. Not any old mentor, but someone who takes an active interest in everything you’re doing: your tactics, your strategy and your management of both.

You need someone close who will comment on what you’re doing or not doing, else all you’ve got to go on are your stats. And I’m not saying they aren’t important, but they are very DULL and hardly motivating, unless you are a self-confessed nerd (no offence;)

So if you’ve landed here like a busy bee, and you’re about to hop off to another page and hope that one will give you a bag of magic tricks that you don’t find here,  good luck to you.  You might soon be about to fag out. So just pause a moment and consider getting in touch.

Always easier when you discuss your strategy with a mentor

If you’re a beginner, I have the perfect all-in-one-step-by-step ebook to get you from zero to earning a few thousand a month within a short period of time –

Power Up Your Squeeze Page.

If you are already an experienced marketer but not yet full-time, consider marketing a high ticket item. When you go for the paid item, you get the added bonus of being able to ask me for help with what you’re reading. I don’t know of any other mentor who offers that.

Check out my work for free and download the FREE version of Power Up Your Squeeze Page so you get an idea of the full version.

The way I started to generate momentum? I teamed up with people. I started talking to marketers, asking them for JVs, building relationships. If you’re waiting for the next hot course, or the monthly salary cheque to arrive before you implement this or that tactic, you’re doing too much waiting.

All you need to do is start talking to other marketers, because once you get them interested in you, and you agree to DO stuff together, you’ll be doing twice the lifting at only half the effort.

Of course some people will ignore you. Some people are too busy or way out of your league, but sooner or later you will find people who are willing and generous enough to DO stuff with you. That’s where you get the breaks.

So here’s me: nic.penrake

Add me today. And thanks for reading.

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Extract from Power Up Your Squeeze Page

Get people to open you emails

Do whatever it takes to get your subs to open those emails. So make those subject lines count by creating:

–           Curiosity

–           Controversy

–           Shock value

–           Humor

–           A sense you care

The trick with subject lines is to interpolate a person’s day with something that is actually generic but feels specific to your subscriber.  Your line should strike the reader as though you are resuming a dialogue he or she had recently. And there are two ways of doing this:

•          Identify with the positive, expectant outlook of your reader, or

•          Identify with your reader’s anxieties

With both approaches you are tapping into something that is going on in your reader’s life, which to him or her feels unique, but which is actually common to nearly all of us most days of the week.

We are nearly all waiting for a parcel or email – Hey, Nic, did you get that? – or some token of appreciation for something we just did – Hey, Nic, thanks for that, I appreciate it. Do you get the idea?

Just as effective is to hint at something they are about to miss out on in the event they fail to take action. For instance, Where are you, did you forget? We all forget stuff, don’t we.

So maybe this is one thing we absolutely shouldn’t have forgotten; here’s our second chance perhaps, so we open the email.

Whichever method you choose, be relevant – and ethical – to your content. If you don’t, your subscriber will feel cheated and your cleverness will backfire – Next time I am NOT falling for that one.

If you struggle to write well, look at the subject lines you’ve found compelling and make a swipe list. Then do a test on them and check to see which ones your subscribers are opening. Vary accordingly.

By writing subject lines that relate to the most common situations in a person’s social, personal and work life, you will double or even treble your open rate.

Get your readers to take action

And once they’re in, tell them specifically what you want them to do:

–           Read this report

–           Check this video, watch it today

–           Please fill out my survey

Let them know you’ve checked out the content, but don’t tell them what it is, keep the intrigue going.

Truth is, many of your subscribers will not only ignore your sales pitches, some of them will unsubscribe even before buying a $7 product. And funnily enough they will leave your list even quicker if you mail the same kind of thing over and over. The whole point of building a list is not simply to get round accusations of being a spammer, you’ve got to start to treat your list like these people are your friends, your team – even if they aren’t and never will be.

You have to undo all that you’ve been taught about selling and pitching and think, in a rewrite of Kennedy’s famous words… ‘Ask not, what can your subscribers do for you – ask, what can you do for them?’

Every single email you write should have a solid, powerful call to action. That doesn’t mean a hard sell directing your reader to a product. But you are doing a hard sell regards the action you want them to take, whether that be grabbing a free gift, reading your post or checking out a mate’s squeeze page.

If people on your list start to believe you are passionate about what you have to say and passionate about what they should do to help themselves, they will start to think of buying your recommendations.

But remember, your readers are short on time and only willing to do so much at your command. So, be brief, make your email quick to grasp, provide value, and always give them a tangible action to complete.

Think of your list as an investment. People investment. And that takes time. And at first you’ll wonder what the hell, my list never buys, never talks to me, never leaves a comment on my blog – hell to them all!

Don’t worry, your reaction is entirely normal;)

To read the full illustrated, step-by-step, no fluff guide this post was taken from check out Power Up Your Squeeze Page now

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How not to market online

When you’re completely new to IM, you just want to get out there and start selling, right? You’ve been told to take action, so you want to broadcast to everyone, Here’s me, I’ve got a great product or sysem!

The thing is, no one gives a shit. And if you paste/pitch your products on Forums and Facebook, people actually think worse of you. I know it sucks – wouldn’t it be so much easier if that’s all you had to do? – but once you’ve been online for a while, you’ll be feeling exactly the same. It’s just kind of vulgar and naff.

So the first thing to learn is patience. Put your time into working at something that will attract and help people, and build yourself a real business.

Credibility is ESSENTIAL for long term business and profits. You have to interact and generally appear as though you are interested first in helping people, and second, making money. You have to convince people that you deserve being paid. And then it’ll start coming in.

The only person going to buy from you when you shout your wares in a forum or on FB is another newbie, as desperate or more so, than you. True, there are more newbies joining every day, but if you are only targeting ‘virgins’ you are unlikely to develop any lasting business relationships that provide you with a sustainable source of income.

Making Money Online involves creating a BUSINESS. Only businesses make money – and businesses are all about solving problems for people.

Whatever niche you are targeting always ask the question, ‘What do they need and how can I help?’ Provide a tangible answer to that and you’re in BUSINESS.

Want help with your online business – which perhaps is not even a business yet? Make a start here – http://learn-internet-marketing.ws

Or Skype me on nic.penake

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Pop up domination – an attractive honey trap

Pop up domination – an attractive honey trap

Well, as you can see, I like this pop up. Like most people, I don’t usually like pop ups – they get in the way, they seem pushy… and usually they’re ugly.

This one is definitely on the attractive side. And being as we’re all supposed to be practioners of attraction marketing, it seems only appropriate to be sporting an attractive pop up.

You’ll see mine is dark green. You have a choice of over a dozen colours.

As for setting it up, that’s pretty easy. Once you’ve made the purchase and downloaded the zip file, you go to Add New Plugin on your blog. Click Upload. Takes a few minutes. Check your email or somethng. When it’s done, click ‘activate’.

Up comes a box asking you for your ID. I took a guess and pasted in the Invoice ID from off my Paypal receipt and that did the trick.

Now you’re presented with the log of all your plugins. Find ‘pop up domination’ and click on ‘Settings’. Choose a template and enter your main heading, values for name and email, etc.

For the webform code, you need to go to your autoresponder and set up a new list. Design a webform for that list. Actually, don’t faff around with designs, because all you need to do is choose any old template, save it and go to the final step, which asks you how you want to publish your webform. If you’re on aweber, you want to install your own code – and in this case, you want the raw html.

Paste all that html into the field for – guess what – html. Click update options and move on to the other features of the pop up, such as the bullets. By all means compare your creation with mine.

All in all it took me about 30 minutes tweaking this and that and then I was done.

Personally I like how it falls across my page. Neat how it leaves my video running on the sidebar. If you don’t like the template I’m trying out, you have another 6 attractive layout to choose from.

Tell me what you think. And if you like it, you’ll probably understand how it is that this plugin can double your optin rate. More optins: more money, long-term. So here’s the link (below). Go see for yourself.

PS. The first time I got set up I ran into a small problem. The next day I went to my blog… no pop up! What the hell? Turns out I needed to clear my cookies. You can either do that by going to your options and clearing your history or go into the settings>schedule and click ‘clear cookies. Sorted. The reason it wasn’t showing up was that the scheduling was set so that the pop wouldn’t show up again for another 7 days for anyone landing on my blog via my ip address. (Obviously regular visitors don’t want to see it every time they visit).

Popup Domination

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The Six Figure Business Model – With Assistant, Saina

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