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What is Auto Traffic Xploit? Nic Penrake Reviews

What is Auto Traffic Xploit?

The short answer is it’s a bundle of software designed to boost traffic to any sites you set up offering affiliate products and CPA offers. You can use the software in any niche to sell any product.

Auto Traffic Xploit comes in 3 parts:

• Auto Site Xploit
• Auto Traffic Xploit Xtreme Software
• Here’s an overview of each component.

Auto Keyword Xploit Software

Auto Keyword Xploit software takes relevant keywords from the Google Wonder wheel and provides you with the number of searches for those keywords at the same time as finding .com, .net and .org domain names with the keyword included – great for SEO, of course. This saves you a LOT of time. Plus you get a GoDaddy discount coupon when you click on a domain name that interests you. Pretty cool.

Auto Site Xploit

Auto Site Xploit is a WordPress theme loaded with a software that automates your site. There are tutorials that take you through the set-up – not difficult.

The theme they give you has a clever mind of its own. When a visitor comes to your site, the theme automatically creates a customized page for that keyword that matches what the visitor is looking for. It also creates several links on the page providing different options for the visitor, who is then taken to another site, such as a CPA (cost per action) site.

Auto Traffic Xploit Xtreme Software

Essentially the software facilitates your submission to high quality sites that will provide you with powerful backlinks. There are 4 modules to work from – article submission, press release submissions, RSS & Social Bookmarking submissions. The software will automatically submit your site and different posts from your site which push up your site’s rankings.

You’d expect a software tool this sophisticated to come with a monthly fee, but you can get it for a one-time-only cost of just $39.

Give it a whirl?

Some of the parts of Auto Traffic Xploit sound familiar – although as a package it feels quite fresh. Just like any other automated system, you’re still going to have to implement it and you’re going to have to keep adding to it as well. But from what I’ve seen so far, it shouldn’t take long to make your money back many times over.

Let’s face it we all want – need – more free traffic and that’s what this product delivers.

More Traffic = More money (and, I might add, more time with your friends and family and less time glued to a pc screen! That’s got to be a bonus in itself!

And with Google coming down hard on affiliates and ad sense sites, this has to be one secret weapon that helps affiliates ‘fight back’.

If for any reason it’s not for you, it’s not what you thought it was, etc. etc., you have a whole 60 days in which to claim a refund, backed by Clickbank, which are 100% secure.

If you purchase from my link, email me at nicpenrake[at]generousentrepreneursonline.com and I’ll throw in a big bonus on CPA marketing from a top CPA marketer.

That should be plenty to be getting on with! Good luck!

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