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Dialogue opens doors for your online business

One of the best bloggers I know in Internet Marketing is Yaro Starak. And one thing I’ve learned from visiting Yaro’s blog is that he presents himself in an interactive fashion – by which I mean, he invites the reader to come in and comment and ask questions. He likes to interview people, for instance, and through his interviewees he provides tips on what makes for good blogging (or marketing) as well as promoting his own blogging course.

Of course it takes time to build up a readership of any kind, longer still to build up a loyal readership. You have to be consistent. If not persistent. You also have to come across as someone who is genuinely interested in having a dialogue with his readers. No one is all that real to us until we engage in a dialogue.

I write reviews on my blog, but I don’t consider it a review site, or merely an information centre, a depository of free internet marketing tips. I would hope it serves as a medium through which you, the reader, can gain more than mere information.

How often have you said about a movie, “I didn’t care for the characters, so I switched it off.” The older you get, the less impressed you are by mere cleverness – you want character, warmth, kindness, generosity… or else why spend time with this person?

But it’s also partly up to you…

What do I mean?

Be an interactive reader

Well, the more you interact with me, the better your experience in coming here. By engaging me in a dialogue I will get to know you, consider you and possibly throw you a favour or two. And hopefully we get into something we’d call – loosely speaking – a relationship.

So tell me what you’d like to see more of here. Ask me what I think… A guy I was doing an ad swap with asked me for my opinion on his squeeze page today. I said, Well, I think there’s too much yellow highlighter everywhere (looks a bit like a traffic hazard!) and the copy could be cut down 20%, the headline 4 words shorter. He didn’t have to agree with me, but hopefully he appreciated the feedback. The point is, we’d made a connection that was instantly more real than it had been at the point we’d agreed merely to do an ad swap. Now I’ll remember him and he’ll remember me. That could count for something in the future.

Dialogue (with a blogger you like) can make the difference between a mere (good) read and opening a door that could lead to an opportunity.

I reply to all my (relevant) comments, so let’s hear them. Meantime, you may find this FREE ebook of use in your own blogging.

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Not all mentors mentor equally

I had an interesting conversation with the vice president of a top US SEO company last night. Among other things, we discussed the viability of marketing a high ticket item. And one of the things we both agreed on right off the bat was the lamentable lack of genuine mentors.

One of the big problems high ticket marketing faces is not the price – which is higher than your average Clickbank product or even most courses out there – it’s the not unfounded suspicion that mentors of these high ticket products are only there for the sale and will smartly make themselves unavailable and ‘madly busy’ thereafter, leaving the new ‘team member’ to sink or swim.

As my VP friend said, about 95% sink.

Which is crazy when you think that one of the main reasons you’d market a high ticket item is to take advantage of the residual income. You won’t earn much residual income if all your team members sink, will you.

Besides which, it’s a bad way to do business. If high ticket marketing is all about personal branding, what are you doing for your personal brand by letting your team members drown?

That’s why at Generous Entrepreneurs we do things differently. The people I work with, who help me, believe in being generous. As a way of life and as a way of doing business. It’s not enough to talk it, either, you have to do it. Few actually do. And that’s where the disappointment and disillusionment comes for so many who try their hand at internet marketing – the gap between the promise and the reality.

The best you can do if you’re just starting out is find a mentor. But make sure he or she is generous – and means it. And that means finding someone who is accessible and who will give you his time.

If you want to find out more about how Generous Entrepreneurs  can help you, get in touch through skype (nic.penrake). Meantime, you’re welcome to download my pre-launch report on list building:


The full guide will be out shortly – when I get my voice back and can shoot the video for it!

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Make Money Online As A Stay At Home Dad

Thanks to the internet you can now be a stay at home dad and do more with your day than change diapers and mash bananas for little ones. Or revisit your geometry lessons for the older ones.

Statistics seem to vary a lot but according to the Office of National Statistics in the UK there are now 200,000 men staying at home to bring up their children – almost double the number in 1993, when official records began. A not insignificant fraction of those fathers are working part-time and sharing the childcare, or bringing up children by themselves.

As more and more of us can work from home through the internet, being a stay at home dad isn’t the oddity it was even 15 years ago. Because dad can now look after his kids AND pull in some money – through the internet – the emasculating connotations to the phrase ‘stay at home dad’ are no longer what they once were.

How much money can you really make online as a stay at home dad?

The first thing you find yourself doing more of when staying at home is browsing on the internet, chatting on Facebook, Twitter, visiting blogs. Blimey, a whole day can go by and all you do is surf and wipe bums. Let’s face it, you’re not likely to be down at Cafe Nero with your kids and some other fella’s kids talking about schools and waistlines, are you? Men aren’t as comfortable as women are showing off their offspring and chatting about ‘their day’… But that might be about to change.

Because as more and more stay at home dads make money online, they will feel they actually have something that other men would like to talk about over a mid morning coffee – making money! Which money-making opportunity is best for a stay at home dad? The internet is full of ‘make money online’ opportunities, and few of them actually form the basis of a real business. Every next link you click on takes you to a webpage asking for your email or your credit card. In return you will be able to make a silly amount of money in just 7 days. Wow, this looks great! Except, of course, it isn’t. It might not be a scam, but the promises made are very often hypothetical and seldom applicable to your circumstances. So how do you get ahead in online marketing? Answer: get a mentor. Don’t keep spending on ebooks and courses. Chances are you’ll end up spending more than you actually use and getting yourself into a funk. Just as you would with any other serious business pursuit – you have to learn from people who will invest in you and expect you to take action.

I got into internet marketing in a roundabout way. I’d been about to see my first novel published when I heard the publisher had gone bust. After a lot of gnashing of teeth, the only deal I could get after that was an on-demand deal – which is little more than a distribution deal with no marketing push. So I set up a group on Facebook, plus a Page, of course. I emailed friends, family and Facebook friends. I blasted Twitter with links to my book’s page on amazon. And the money rolled in. Yeah, right. So was my book crap? Not according to the people who had reviewed it on amazon – but my marketing was crap. Because, in my ignorance, I was doing it the spammy way.

I investigated further. I could barely see the wood for the trees. Friends and family said the internet marketing world looked like one big scam. Be careful, they said. Six months later, I’d learned plenty but still hadn’t made a dime online. Maybe my friends were right and I should give up. But as a stay at home dad, what were the alternatives? Not so many. So I stuck at it and resolved to make it work.

Get a blog and make a start

I set up a blog on internet marketing – even though I knew very little about the topic. But it’s like most things in life, if you trawl long enough you will pick up food to sustain your fledgling business. And gradually I became – to new people at least – an expert. Just a blog? Well, no, you don’t do one of anything when it comes to internet marketing. It’s all about diversification. And yet – and here’s the tricky part – it’s also about balance; if you diversify too much too soon, you will spread yourself too thin and possibly end up achieving nothing but a chronic wrist condition from using your mouse all day long.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way in to making money online

Affiliate marketing involves marketing someone else’s product and being paid a commission for each sale. You don’t even have to have a physical product – it can be digital, an information product such as you’d find at Clickbank. The best way to market as an affiliate these days is through review sites. Set up a mini site, keep your page limited to a very narrow niche, aimed at buyers not freebie seekers, and you WILL start to make money online. Unless you’re an experienced marketer and really know your niche, one site won’t do it, you’ll need several. But once they’re up and running, they make money more or less on autopilot. But is this really a business? Not quite, in my opinion. Because unless you’re building a list, you are building an income, not a business. How does a stay at home dad create a business online – from scratch? To build a list you need to set up web pages – known as squeeze pages – that offer a gift in return for a visitor’s email. Once you have a list, you have a potential customer base. Now we’re talking. But in all of these processes, you need help, don’t you? Of course there are plenty of tutorials, videos, etc. on the internet. But how do you piece all these disparate lessons together to form a coherent business strategy when you’ve got Freddy there demanding milk every five minutes, or Naomi with teething problems? Even assuming your kids are out of their tantrum phase, kids don’t know the meaning of closed doors and they interrupt you every moment a question pops into their heads. I have 3, I know. So unless you have a fortified shed at the end of the garden or can afford round-the-clock help, your best plan is to find a mentor. And the way to do that is to do what you’re doing now – reading on the net and checking out the authors of those articles and blogs you read and opening a dialogue with the ones you like the look of.

Find a generous marketing mentor

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of finding a mentor with whom you click – he or she is worth their weight in gold. Not only will you learn a viable internet marketing model, you will find yourself the equivalent of a personal trainer AND, with any luck, a buddy. Through your mentor you will more quickly acquire the opportunity to network with more experienced marketers than you. The learning curve will be less arduous and the money will start to appear in a shorter period of time. Leave the heroics of being a stay at home dad to bringing up your children, just be practical with the task of building an online business – get a generous marketing mentor and you’ll never want to return to the office.

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Your friends suck…

How to make money online? Well, you can probably be sure of one thing: your friends won’t be there rooting for you until you’ve proven them wrong. So in the meantime, where can you find a friend? Starting a business from home can be a lonely experience… You have ebooks and video tutorials, copious amounts of info, but who’s there to help you put it all together?

That’s why having a mentor, who’s a friend, can make all the difference not just to your business but your experience of working from home. I mean, we want to enjoy this, right?

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Business in a box Carbon Copy Pro

Business in a box

Nice phrase, huh? As a copywriter I couldn’t have improved on it in a month of Sundays. It straight away conjures up the image of everything you need in one, easy-to-access place.

So what about Carbon Copy Pro – what’s their business in a box?

Carbon Copy Pro are a big name in internet marketing. I first came across them through a link I stumbled upon on Twitter. I watched a couple of videos by co-founder Jay Kubassak and I decided I liked this guy. He was calm, collected, even laid back. My kind of person, I thought.

So I ordered my BIB, as they call it.  Cost me $395. Naively I thought I was getting a bunch of videos and booklets on internet marketing. What I got was a box with 3 DVDs in it and leaders in CC Pro talking to me about the importance of mindset. There was very little in the way of what I’d call actionable stuff. And in fact the entire contents could have been found at no cost through joining a dozen or so marketers’ lists. I put the box on the shelf and wondered if I wasn’t a chump. OK, I did also receive another kind of BIB – the digital version, which comprised of a ‘back office’ and a bunch of marketing materials – but I’ll come to that in a minute.

One of the reasons I joined CCPro was because, not being a webmaster, it offered a way of marketing without having to build my own sites. Everything done for me, it seemed. The problem was, the websites available to me in the ‘back office’ of my CC Pro membership had OTHER PEOPLE talking about the CC Pro opportunity. So much for my becoming a LEADER with someone else’s mug up there. How could I possibly talk to people about personal branding in articles if I didn’t even have my own website?

Anyway, back to my BIB. Clearly I was gaga for having bought this thing. Who would be naive enough to buy it from me? Just think: $200 commission per sale. And once my referrals signed up with Carbon Copy Pro, I’d earn a $30 member referral commission when they paid their monthly membership fee. Oh, by the way, you also have to pay Wealth Masters International, CC Pros partners, a membership fee, too, for the privilege of selling your BIB and any other CC Pro product. But don’t worry, in no time at all you’ll be selling loads of these BIBs…

Sadly, it wasn’t to be. I was new to internet marketing – and I BADLY NEEDED A GENEROUS MARKETING MENTOR. I needed hands-on help to stand even the slightest chance of marketing such an expensive product. I needed help building a squeeze page, a blog, I needed to understand traffic generation, managing an autoresponder, etc., etc., but I wasn’t finding it in my back office – even if it was actually there!

The problem with any business in a box is that it makes one big boxy assumption: if we give you the tools, you can DIY your way to money and riches. OK, so, if that were true, how do you square that with the statistic that 95% of people who start a wor- from-home internet business fail? Answer: they either don’t have any help how to use these tools or they’re not getting enough help.
This isn’t to say CC Pro is a scam – it’s not and it clearly works. However, it is damn hard to make it work for you if you join them without a list. Not only do you have to pay the price for a BIB, if you want to make any sizeable commissions, you have to buy a M1 (the first top tier product) which markets closer to $2,000. Yes, you will earn bigger commissions selling it than you will with a BIB, but it’s more expensive, so it’s harder to sell. You can ‘work your way up’ by selling several BIBs, but of course it will take you longer.

Bottom line for me: I found a similar model which offered more. And so I joined YourNetBiz and, within days of joining, had a website up and running and a much clearer idea how to go about marketing. For the money, I found the support system better, I found the level of tuition better.

But in the end what it comes down to with any of these business in a box schemes is the standard of personal mentoring that they come with. When you buy your business in a box at either CC Pro or YourNetBiz, you acquire a sponsor or mentor. If you work hard and your mentor works hard on your behalf you will start to make money in under six months, and you will start to grow a real business. That mentor isn’t just some add-on feature, he or she is critical to your success. So before you opt for either of these home biz opportunities, find yourself a generous marketing mentor. And if at all possible meet him or her – if not in person, on Skype or MSN.

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How to deal with information overload in internet marketing

After a week in which I really took on WAY TOO MUCH, I thought I’d give you a tip on how to deal with INFORMATION OVERLOAD – because, let’s face it, it’s a common problem for internet marketers everywhere.

Last week I was not only running my primary business, pitching my feature script to agents and producers and looking after my three kids more or less single handedly, (oh, and the cat), I was avidly trying to digest and action 3 new programs I liked the look of. Round midnight I was looking in the mirror to see this red-eyed zombie looking back at me, asking me, What the heck?

So come the weekend – and yes, I was working the weekend again, because the kids were at their grandparents and it seemed like a good opportunity to do YET MORE WORK – I decided, STOP DOING SO MUCH.  (As if my kids hadn’t said this a hundred times already). Make a plan, the zombie said.

And what he meant was, writing down an achievable action plan for the day.

So: coffee and email till 9.30. fb and twitter till 10.15… and so on. Actually writing down the time I would allot to each task. And what this did for me was help deter me from exploring every tasty looking email that happened to drop into my inbox. It gave me a sense of structure and purpose. It took away the kind of anxiety that creeps up on you by the time you’ve done 7-8 hours online – because it does: we always start to feel we’ve spent too much time here and there and not enough there and over there.

It seems so obvious, doesn’t it. But do you do it? Do you write yourself a timetable and stick to it? It’s a way of regaining control. Instead of following every other email and link and disappearing down some sales funnel, you stick to the schedule you’ve made for yourself. Give it a go and discover the difference it can make.

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The Six Figure Business Model – With Assistant, Saina

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Find the right online marketing mentor for YOU and you’ll start making money

You’ve probably heard of people talking about personal branding. But how do you brand yourself when you aren’t even an expert yet, when you aren’t a known commodity, like Heinz or Playboy? Good question.

The answer is actually quite simple: find an online (marketing) mentor you feel comfortable with. Someone who gets back to you when you’re stuck. Someone who shows you what he’s learnt and is learning (even the experts never stop learning). And finding that online mentor is without doubt quite a personal thing.

As a mentor, myself, it’s one of the reasons why I never try to ‘sell’ what I’m offering.  It’s almost like a date situation. The harder the guy tries to win the girl the more he alienates her. It’s just got to flow. So what should you look for in deciding which mentor to go for?

  • Reliability. If you pick up a sense that this mentor is just fishing for more residual income through having another member join his/her team, you could probably do better elsewhere. This mentor might not be for life, but he or she will have to be for the life of your getting on your feet in this business, or you will struggle.
  • A certain expertise. When you visit the site of someone promoting themselves as an internet marketing mentor, read their stuff. Are they informative, helpful, teaching you anything? Or is it all self-promotion wrapped up to look like tuition. What evidence do you have – apart from this mentor telling you in a video – that he or she deserves the title of mentor?
  • The mentor’s primary company – is it reputable? Do some research and ask the mentor for an honest take on the company he or she works for, or with.
  • The product. Is it a product you feel you can sell?
  • Do you have a sense this mentor is genuinely eager to include you in more than a bunch of video tutorials? Will he be getting you together with other entrepreneurs, what kinds of networking events, online or face to face, can you look forward to? This experience wants to feel like the beginning of not just one but several opportunities.
  • Most mentors in my experience come with a ‘high ticket item’ – that’s to say you buy the product you’re going to be selling as a sort of membership fee. What you’ll typically get for that fee is access to:
  • A suite of digital products that will help you with internet marketing
  • An extensive online library of video tutorials, webinars, ebooks etc.
  • A network of entrepreneurs
  • Links and other tools that will help you promote yourself and other businesses you may be involved in

Once you have found a mentor you trust and get on with, together with YourNetBiz tour high ticket item, focus on a few set tasks to begin with. Don’t scatter yourself in the early days. Be consistent. Even two hours a day, every day is better than 14 on the weekend and nothing during the week. Think of the early days like learning to play an instrument. Your body and mind isn’t used to holding a guitar or violin. Grow the calluses before you turn your finger tips raw. So let’s say you’re all set up. You’ve followed the video tutorials, read some of the ebooks and you’re ready to get marketing. Now a good mentor will be there for you as you go along. There are some who disappear at this point. Not cool. Again, this is why you don’t want to rush in to joining the first nice guy you come across. Nice doesn’t always mean reliable.

Remember, though, your mentor also has a life, and also doesn’t have the answer to every little question on internet marketing. The main thing is you have a dialog and can work it through together.

With time, you’ll start to build a list and have prospect of your own. You won’t need quite so much ‘hand-holding’ – but a good mentor will stay in touch; you never know when you might need each other on some other venture. If you’re willing to work and work closely with a MENTOR who is willing to help you maximize your strengths, it won’t be long before you start reaping the rewards you deserve.

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Bank Big Commissions Working With YourNetBiz

In this video I give you the heads up on the kind of investment you need to make in order to get set up with YourNetBiz and the kinds of commissions you can look forward to once you join up and get working on the program. Once you’ve watched the video, I’d recommend you do the YourNetBiz tour.

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