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High Ticket a little too high?

January’s a good time of year for at least one thing – a re-think…

Never mind New Year’s Resolutions – they always start out bold and end up revealing themselves as quite fragile. This is mid-January thinking…

I’ve been talking to a few marketing friends about high ticket items. And there’s a wide consensus they are priced too high in most cases.

When I first joined YourNetBiz, I figured the pricing structure was industry standard. I figured I was paying a high price for the privilege of having a hands-on mentor who would take me from zero to hero within a year.

Hm. Was I naive?

I’ve been talking to the people who do my SEO for me. The vice-president of that firm told me that around 5% of people succeed selling high ticket items (unless they are the creators themselves) – unless they have hands-on help from a mentor. The problem with these high ticket items, he said, is that most mentors do not invest in their ‘students’ and so their students fail. As a result high ticket item get a bad rep.

You only have my word for it that I do put in the time with my students. So I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and offer a major discount on the price of joining me as an associate with YourNetBiz. I would rather have more team members who are getting on and make possibly less money than have a few who have paid a lot and are struggling.

My honest opinion: generally speaking, high ticket items are over-priced.

There are a lot of people out there wanting to get into internet marketing and they are being taken advantage of. I know a lot of people try internet marketing because they are flat broke, they’ve just been made redundant, they’re looking for something new – they don’t need another smack on the nose…

So… here’s what I’m prepared to do.

If you join my team as a Platinum member between now and February 14th I will give you a 30% Discount. You will pay me the full amount and I will reimburse you 30% of the fee you paid me.

I don’t know of any other YourNetBiz or CarbonCopyPro member offering a deal like that. If you find someone who can beat it, prove it and I will beat it.

So now, those of you who are serious about marketing a high ticket item, those of you who are serious internet marketing entrepreneurs, have very little excuse to join me as an associate member with YourNetBiz.

Go take a look at Generous Commissions and do the YNB tour to get a feel of what you can gain from taking up this offer.

As with any Great Offer, you have until Valentine’s Day. This is my little bit of love to you…;)

But seriously, work with me and we can make serious money together.

To find out more add me on Skype: nic.penrake

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High ticket scams – YourNetBiz & Carbon Copy Pro

As the internet marketing niche becomes increasingly saturated with information products, it’s inevitable that many of the high ticket item out there (typically products which are marketed as tuition plus one on one training) will be devalued.  Unless…

Well that’s the question and it’s something that’s been bothering me and some fellow marketers for some time. If the mentoring side of the high ticket item is found to be wanting by the buyer, he or she is only left with the materials, which as anyone knows can be found at prices under £100. Maybe you’d have to buy several of those $67 and $77 products, but you’d probably buy a bunch before you spent the same as you would have done for a high ticket item.

So it’s CRITICAL that the sponsor or mentor who has become an associate of a company like YougNetBiz or Carbon Copy Pro follows through. What I’m hearing is that most don’t follow through.

By applying the philosophy of ‘sink or swim’ to their new ‘students’ or associates, these companies risk ruining the very foundations they are built on, namely providing an education. Once the trust starts to go, these high ticket packages will become dinosaurs. Unless the sponsors or mentors really teach their ‘students’.

So the real value of packages from YNB and CCPro is down to the quality of each sponsor’s tuition. Sadly these companies don’t run any kind of check on their sponsors and students. To me that’s like hiring a teacher for a school and paying no attention as to what he or she teaches, whether he or she is liked by the students or is utterly useless.

But that’s the model they run. They boast fine materials but fail to deliver great tuition.

So if you’re thinking of joining a high ticket opportunity, make sure you get to know your mentor. Of course, it’s unlikely you can do that face to face, but these days we have Skype and, after a couple of calls, you should be able to make a judgment call.

With my students I make myself available as much as I can. Not least because their success adds to my own.

There are some more experienced mentors out there than me. But just bear in mind they have hundreds of students, in most cases. And how much time do you think they devote to ecah of their students?

I keep my groups small and exclusive.

If you want to find out more about what I can do to help you get ahead in online marketing, get in touch through nic.penrake [at} generousentrepreneursonline.com or add me on Skype nic.penrake and tell me why I should add you. And I’ll be happy to discuss what I can do for you.

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Not all mentors mentor equally

I had an interesting conversation with the vice president of a top US SEO company last night. Among other things, we discussed the viability of marketing a high ticket item. And one of the things we both agreed on right off the bat was the lamentable lack of genuine mentors.

One of the big problems high ticket marketing faces is not the price – which is higher than your average Clickbank product or even most courses out there – it’s the not unfounded suspicion that mentors of these high ticket products are only there for the sale and will smartly make themselves unavailable and ‘madly busy’ thereafter, leaving the new ‘team member’ to sink or swim.

As my VP friend said, about 95% sink.

Which is crazy when you think that one of the main reasons you’d market a high ticket item is to take advantage of the residual income. You won’t earn much residual income if all your team members sink, will you.

Besides which, it’s a bad way to do business. If high ticket marketing is all about personal branding, what are you doing for your personal brand by letting your team members drown?

That’s why at Generous Entrepreneurs we do things differently. The people I work with, who help me, believe in being generous. As a way of life and as a way of doing business. It’s not enough to talk it, either, you have to do it. Few actually do. And that’s where the disappointment and disillusionment comes for so many who try their hand at internet marketing – the gap between the promise and the reality.

The best you can do if you’re just starting out is find a mentor. But make sure he or she is generous – and means it. And that means finding someone who is accessible and who will give you his time.

If you want to find out more about how Generous Entrepreneurs  can help you, get in touch through skype (nic.penrake). Meantime, you’re welcome to download my pre-launch report on list building:


The full guide will be out shortly – when I get my voice back and can shoot the video for it!

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Carbon Copy Pro Business in a Box

Business in a box. Or BIB as Carbon Copy Pro call it. What’s in it? Does it rattle? Can you sell it? How easy is it to market? Is there a similar box that offers more? …Click on Play to find some answers…

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Your friends suck…

How to make money online? Well, you can probably be sure of one thing: your friends won’t be there rooting for you until you’ve proven them wrong. So in the meantime, where can you find a friend? Starting a business from home can be a lonely experience… You have ebooks and video tutorials, copious amounts of info, but who’s there to help you put it all together?

That’s why having a mentor, who’s a friend, can make all the difference not just to your business but your experience of working from home. I mean, we want to enjoy this, right?

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Business in a box Carbon Copy Pro

Business in a box

Nice phrase, huh? As a copywriter I couldn’t have improved on it in a month of Sundays. It straight away conjures up the image of everything you need in one, easy-to-access place.

So what about Carbon Copy Pro – what’s their business in a box?

Carbon Copy Pro are a big name in internet marketing. I first came across them through a link I stumbled upon on Twitter. I watched a couple of videos by co-founder Jay Kubassak and I decided I liked this guy. He was calm, collected, even laid back. My kind of person, I thought.

So I ordered my BIB, as they call it.  Cost me $395. Naively I thought I was getting a bunch of videos and booklets on internet marketing. What I got was a box with 3 DVDs in it and leaders in CC Pro talking to me about the importance of mindset. There was very little in the way of what I’d call actionable stuff. And in fact the entire contents could have been found at no cost through joining a dozen or so marketers’ lists. I put the box on the shelf and wondered if I wasn’t a chump. OK, I did also receive another kind of BIB – the digital version, which comprised of a ‘back office’ and a bunch of marketing materials – but I’ll come to that in a minute.

One of the reasons I joined CCPro was because, not being a webmaster, it offered a way of marketing without having to build my own sites. Everything done for me, it seemed. The problem was, the websites available to me in the ‘back office’ of my CC Pro membership had OTHER PEOPLE talking about the CC Pro opportunity. So much for my becoming a LEADER with someone else’s mug up there. How could I possibly talk to people about personal branding in articles if I didn’t even have my own website?

Anyway, back to my BIB. Clearly I was gaga for having bought this thing. Who would be naive enough to buy it from me? Just think: $200 commission per sale. And once my referrals signed up with Carbon Copy Pro, I’d earn a $30 member referral commission when they paid their monthly membership fee. Oh, by the way, you also have to pay Wealth Masters International, CC Pros partners, a membership fee, too, for the privilege of selling your BIB and any other CC Pro product. But don’t worry, in no time at all you’ll be selling loads of these BIBs…

Sadly, it wasn’t to be. I was new to internet marketing – and I BADLY NEEDED A GENEROUS MARKETING MENTOR. I needed hands-on help to stand even the slightest chance of marketing such an expensive product. I needed help building a squeeze page, a blog, I needed to understand traffic generation, managing an autoresponder, etc., etc., but I wasn’t finding it in my back office – even if it was actually there!

The problem with any business in a box is that it makes one big boxy assumption: if we give you the tools, you can DIY your way to money and riches. OK, so, if that were true, how do you square that with the statistic that 95% of people who start a wor- from-home internet business fail? Answer: they either don’t have any help how to use these tools or they’re not getting enough help.
This isn’t to say CC Pro is a scam – it’s not and it clearly works. However, it is damn hard to make it work for you if you join them without a list. Not only do you have to pay the price for a BIB, if you want to make any sizeable commissions, you have to buy a M1 (the first top tier product) which markets closer to $2,000. Yes, you will earn bigger commissions selling it than you will with a BIB, but it’s more expensive, so it’s harder to sell. You can ‘work your way up’ by selling several BIBs, but of course it will take you longer.

Bottom line for me: I found a similar model which offered more. And so I joined YourNetBiz and, within days of joining, had a website up and running and a much clearer idea how to go about marketing. For the money, I found the support system better, I found the level of tuition better.

But in the end what it comes down to with any of these business in a box schemes is the standard of personal mentoring that they come with. When you buy your business in a box at either CC Pro or YourNetBiz, you acquire a sponsor or mentor. If you work hard and your mentor works hard on your behalf you will start to make money in under six months, and you will start to grow a real business. That mentor isn’t just some add-on feature, he or she is critical to your success. So before you opt for either of these home biz opportunities, find yourself a generous marketing mentor. And if at all possible meet him or her – if not in person, on Skype or MSN.

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Generous Bonus For First 11 Students To Join My Team

Watch this video to find out how you can take advantage of this unique bonus I am offering for my ‘first 11’ when you team up with me on YourNetBiz.

This is what you’ll get when you join up with me:
– Help with setting up your website(s)
– Marketing tutorials on every aspect of internet marketing from forums to social media
– Help setting up your merchant account
– A pre-written email campaign
– 6 months free autoresponder
– Help with seo
– One to one tutorials over skype
– Free access to one of the best membership sites on the net (Six Figure Mentors)
– And much much more…

Check out http://generousentrepreneursonline.com/generous-commissions/ for more information on yournetbiz.

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The Six Figure Business Model – With Assistant, Saina

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Internet marketing scams

When you first approach the world of internet marketing, you can’t help thinking, This can’t be real… this has gotta be a scam. Rhymes with spam, man. And, in most cases, you’d be right. But guess what, you so wanna believe you’re wrong;)

So you go for this… and that… and wo, there’s another one! Chase it down… into a dark alley. Damn, lost my money again…

Was it a scam?

OK, this is my honest take on it. I’m not going to go into specific cases – you can read a very good article citing examples clicking here – but stay with me a minute, come back to that link, after this.

Most internet marketing opportunities aren’t literally scams. They are probably just imperfect systems. They require ideal conditions in order for you to gain from them. Let’s take mlm. Your average mlm, home-based opportunity requires you to get people to join your team. – But for what?

The chance to make some money, dumbhead.

OK. I get that. But what are you selling?

Cue laughter. The chance to be in my downline, stupid.

Your what?

Yeah, you know, my downline, man, it’s like part of a chain that goes 5 levels deep. No, 7. I forget. But it’s cool. You just have to recruit your entire family – and that aunt you never speak to – and you’re doing fine.

And that’s marketing?

Er, yeah, kinda. Get with the program, man.

And you could sell a new product with this, er, downline of yours?

Hey, man, don’t be so negative…

OK, so maybe it’s not that easy to sell these ‘opportunities’, and maybe they’re really little more than pushing money and emails around. And if you have big network of sometimes gullible friends, you can make some money. But what happens when the ‘opportunity’ and your downline gets tired?

Who cares, as long as I made enough money, right?

OK, so this is where I interrupt. I’m serious about becoming a better entrepreneur. I’m serious about being able to take any business and do the marketing for that product or service. No matter what. I am serious about becoming an expert in lead generation. And I am serious about helping other people achieve the same – or even better.

So what about these high ticket, direct marketing schemes, or systems, or whatever they’re called? These guys are charging big bucks for joining like this YourNetBiz thing of yours.

Why the high ticket? Well, that’s the business model. That’s all. YourNetBiz offer a lot of value and a lot of support. When you join my team, for instance, you gain instant access to The Six Figure Mentors -which is an excellent EXTRA resource you wouldn’t get with any other high ticket item I know of.  Would you expect to go to a college or university to study online marketing and pay only $97? Exactly.

The point is, with YourNetBiz, you can learn in your spare time, AND DO SOME MARKETING, too. And when you start to generate sales, your commissions will be higher than anything you’d see on an affiliate program. This is the busines model. It works.

Does it mean I have to, like, work at it?

Yep. At the beginning, you most certainly have to put the time in. If you don’t, you wont’ get results and you may even give up thinking, Oh, hell, it was just a scam. You have to study and you have to take action. But you know what, when you start attracting leads, when people start to see you’re here to help, they will happily pay what you’re asking…

What I do with YourNetBiz is I coach people and turn them into entrepreneurs, not email pushers. You have a choice, either you want to take it up a level or stay where you are. The internet is growing at 10% a year in the US. If you’re at all business-minded, you have to conquer this environment. Yes, you probably could muddle through on your own – but why go solo when you can work with someone with years of experience in marketing and multiply your chances for success? And make money while you’re at it;)

But how do I know who’s a good mentor and who’s a bad mentor?

Simple, listen to your gut. Get to know the guy before you sign up. I wouldn’t take on a new team member until he or she had visited my site at least 3 or 4 times. I don’t look for dilettantes. When I signed up to my mentor I’d watched at least half a dozen of his videos and returned several times to his site.

OK, this guy has something, I thought. Let’s do it. But only then. People who get scammed? On the whole they rush into things. So, if you’re reading this, I’d say, take your time, look around, come back here, open a dialogue, weigh things up. Then I’ll know you’re ready…

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Bank Big Commissions Working With YourNetBiz

In this video I give you the heads up on the kind of investment you need to make in order to get set up with YourNetBiz and the kinds of commissions you can look forward to once you join up and get working on the program. Once you’ve watched the video, I’d recommend you do the YourNetBiz tour.

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