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I was talking to an internet marketer friend yesterday and in the course of our conversation I suggested a couple of simple joint ventures we could do.

“Yeah, sure, but I’m just waiting on some stuff to come through, and then we can perhaps do that.”

Hm, I thought. OK.  He wants to wait. He’s not a copywriter, so he’s probably not warming to the idea of writing an email we can swap. Whatever his reason, waiting was the outcome. Waiting is another way of saying Do Nothing, by the way;)

It’s not automated or passive until you DO SOMETHING

I know internet marketers bang on a lot about automated /passive income a lot in this business, but let’s be clear, you won’t see much of that unless you Do Something.

Unless you’re very strong willed and have been in business before in some capacity, I humbly submit that in order to be doing more and waiting less, you need a mentor. Not any old mentor, but someone who takes an active interest in everything you’re doing: your tactics, your strategy and your management of both.

You need someone close who will comment on what you’re doing or not doing, else all you’ve got to go on are your stats. And I’m not saying they aren’t important, but they are very DULL and hardly motivating, unless you are a self-confessed nerd (no offence;)

So if you’ve landed here like a busy bee, and you’re about to hop off to another page and hope that one will give you a bag of magic tricks that you don’t find here,  good luck to you.  You might soon be about to fag out. So just pause a moment and consider getting in touch.

Always easier when you discuss your strategy with a mentor

If you’re a beginner, I have the perfect all-in-one-step-by-step ebook to get you from zero to earning a few thousand a month within a short period of time –

Power Up Your Squeeze Page.

If you are already an experienced marketer but not yet full-time, consider marketing a high ticket item. When you go for the paid item, you get the added bonus of being able to ask me for help with what you’re reading. I don’t know of any other mentor who offers that.

Check out my work for free and download the FREE version of Power Up Your Squeeze Page so you get an idea of the full version.

The way I started to generate momentum? I teamed up with people. I started talking to marketers, asking them for JVs, building relationships. If you’re waiting for the next hot course, or the monthly salary cheque to arrive before you implement this or that tactic, you’re doing too much waiting.

All you need to do is start talking to other marketers, because once you get them interested in you, and you agree to DO stuff together, you’ll be doing twice the lifting at only half the effort.

Of course some people will ignore you. Some people are too busy or way out of your league, but sooner or later you will find people who are willing and generous enough to DO stuff with you. That’s where you get the breaks.

So here’s me: nic.penrake

Add me today. And thanks for reading.

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