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Make a list connection  and give your subscribers some tlc (tender loving care) – that’s the central message to Mark Acutt’s new product, The List Connection.

It’s a valid message.

If all you’re doing is pimping your list, as Mark puts it, (quite strong language for sending offers to people who’ve opted in to your list, but anyway), you’re not making a connection, you’re not building trust… you’re not building a business – or, at least, not the right way.

It all makes good sense.  Except: the thinking seems to damn ad swaps outright on account of the fact that some of the swaps you agree to will subject your list to a few poor quality offers. However, if you cut out swapping, you would have to build your list almost entirely by solo ads and free traffic, such as opting in to your blog’s giveaway. Solos almost invariably put you out of pocket in the short term – so that’s hard for most newbies – and SEO traffic is typically made up of speculative and information-fishing traffic, not buyers. Ad swaps are still a good way to build your list, provided you don’t overdo it. So, for me, Mark’s strategy is certainly an ideal worth aiming for, but not entirely reflected in the reality – as I know it, anyway.

Also, there are a number of marketers I know who swear by the strategy of blasting their lists: only those who buy get the kid-glove treatment by being segmented off to ‘customer lists’ within an autoresponder, the rest are left to fall away. And these marketers – the ones I know anyway – are very successful with this strategy.

For me, it’s a question of balance: you need to keep adding to your list because it’s the fresh subscribers who tend to buy from you more than the rest (with the exception of your customers), and yet you also need to establish a rapport and trust.  I’d be first to admit I don’t always succeed achieving a balance –  it’s tricky.

Later in the guide Mark reveals a neat strategy for engaging with his subscribers which is both non-evasive and, done well, could even be alluring – although quite time-consuming to set up, if the product retails at $17 or more it’s probably worth the effort and, arguably, essential if you’re marketing anything at over $27. I’ll begin incorporating it into my marketing very soon.

He takes the reader through a campaign he rolled out targeting the weight loss niche, taking the reader from research to emails. Personally this was less useful to me at this point in time as I do nothing in that niche – but useful insight if that’s a niche you’re working in or want to work in.

As well the initial PDF, Mark sends you a series of emails over the course of a few days that provides you with a sort of template email campaign. I’ve received the first one – and it’s great stuff for the weight loss niche, but not all that relevant for anyone in the internet marketing niche. His email example is long and, for IM, way too long in my opinion. The only long emails I read are those from Rich Schefren, which are very well written (probably crafted by his copywriter) and exceptionally motivating. I’m more the Frank Kern school of 3 short paragraphs and a motivational PS.

Overall, this is well worth the (low-price) purchase and maybe even a must if you’re doing anything in the weight loss niche. Mark’s a sensitive marketer and it’s good to have a few of those around!

If you want to add some TLC to your list, check out The List Connection. <<==

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