The Ultimate Alex Jeffreys Interview Review

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Alex Jeffreys

Alex Jeffreys

If you haven’t heard of Alex Jeffreys, it’s probably fair to say you haven’t been in internet marketing for all that long. He started on ebay and then set up a very successful coaching program which drew notice from big names like Mike Filsaime and Rich Schefren. To look at, think of a Geordie version of Bruce Willis – but chattier.

This guy can honestly say he’s an ordinary guy – born on a fairly rough council estate in Newcastle – and has the tats to prove it.

Interviewer Anthony Tilley is a seasoned internet marketer and he’s popped round to Alex’s house to do this one.
The first thing you notice is the interview is every bit as good as a professional TV interview. Looks to me Anthony was using two cameras to get seamless cutting of his very talkative talking head.

I’ve seen Alex live at one of his seminars with Dean Holland in London and he’s full of energy, totally down-to-earth and credible and instantly likeable. And he’s the same here. Good humored, self-aware and eager to inspire other marketers.

The main take-out here is this: ‘success comes by way of association’. So get a mentor, who’s already a name, or a bit of a name, if you can’t afford ‘the name’.

Alex says his students rode on the back of his success and, in turn, his success grew because his students were successful. Perhaps we all know this, but there’s no harm in hearing it said by a man who practices what he preaches – and has become highly successful in the process.

If you’re looking for ‘ninja’ tactics etc. you’ll probably have to sign up to Alex’s coaching program – you won’t find them here. That said, it’s an enjoyable and lively interview.

If you want to check out the interview for yourself, here’s the link: The Ultimate Alex Jeffreys Interview . Especially inspirational if you’re new to IM.

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