Video in products should not be an excuse to waffle on

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I appreciate: more and more IM products figure video. Video is de rigeur. Video is now…

It’s also pretty boring sometimes. An excuse for people to waffle on about the bloody obvious. Chat. Yakety yah yakety yah.

And it’s chat which I’m being asked to pay for.

Oh, but it’s video and there’s a logo on the video and the members’ area page, so that’s alright, it must be legit.

Frankly I’m bored of a lot of products out there pretending to deliver ‘advanced techniques’ when in actual fact they’re delivering absolute beginner’s stuff – albeit with video. Or, at best, 80% chat, 20% actual teaching. If I’m buying, I don’t want chat. I don’t want your life story, your tough times in some hovel somewhere, your debt problems or your fantastic holidays. I don’t want your life coaching waffle either. I want actionable stuff that will make me better at my business and make me money. Period.

What people have to say in videos I don’t pay for – that’s up to them. Chat away. But when I’m paying for a product I don’t want chat. Now you’re on my meter and it had better be worth it.

That’s not to say I’m against a personable approach, not at all, but let’s have some economy and get down to business. I also wouldn’t mind if there was plenty of chat AND a boat load of content, but so often there’s just a mountain of the former and a little mound of the latter.

There are lots of very personable marketers who ride on just that and use video to ‘brand’ themselves. Well that’s fine for them – but very often bad for us.

So this is just a brief plea to marketers using video in their products – let’s keep it tight, economic, business-like and professional.

I welcome your comments.

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