When you feel like jacking it in, that’s when you step it up even more

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If you’ve been in internet marketing for even as long as six months, I’d be surprised if you haven’t had a day or two when you’ve thought to yourself, Sod this.

Information overload. Are you there yet? An inbox every morning stuffed with so many-money making possibilities your brain is beginning to seize up even after two strong coffees. You buy this new system. Then that new system. They pile up like dirty washing. And, later that week, before you’ve opened systems 1 and 2, you’ve bought system 3. And you still haven’t gotten round to writing a post on your blog this week, or emailing your facebook group, or putting in an appearance on – how many twitter accounts do you have?! Oh, and then there’s the forums you’re supposed to be taking an interest in…

If only someone would tell you how to focus. How to do more marketing and less scratching around…

As if that weren’t enough, eyes burning red from hours in front of your screen, you tune in to somebody on a webinar who kindly reminds you – yet again – that 95% of people in internet marketing aren’t making any money. Someone else that same day tells you it’s more like 98% who are not making any money. Oh,boy. Were you ever in the top 2% at school? This doesn’t look good. Where’s the whiskey?

So let’s pause a minute. The business. You’re running a business, remember? So what do you need most of all? People. Subscribers. That’s where your focus should be.

Now, part of building that business lies in – yes, you’ve probably heard it before – taking action. Normally you have to follow up with your prospect several times before they order from you. Are you pestering them? Well, that’s a fair question. So take some time to make your second and third email a little different from each other. Each time a little more persuasive. Break up the sales letters, be friendly once in a while without seeking any gain.

There’s an art to it – but you only learn it by doing it.

Or, of course, by talking with a mentor. The best online marketers have learnt from a mentor. In my experience, few of them are great writers, but many of them have learnt how to write good, or even great copy, by copying from their mentors.

The successful online marketers aren’t afraid of failure and are totally committed to getting going, not getting it right. You don’t have to get a business right the first time round, but you do have to broadcast your message on a regular basis – and with style (or at least some passion;) – or you’ll never make more than pocket money.

In many ways it doesn’t matter what you market – low ticket or high ticket – it matters you keep doing it. And every now and then, just because you keep doing it, you’ll break through a wall, you’ll pick up a nugget of information that will give you a little more leverage than you had before and perhaps just enough so that you no longer think of throwing the towel in.

It’s really down to a question of your stamina. If you want it bad enough, you’ll get it. Now, I couldn’t say the same of the arts, (I’ve written 4 novels and had one published in spite of having a good agent), but I think with marketing, there are certain lessons you can learn which, once applied, and refined, will almost guarantee you success.

So, when you next feel like chucking it in, taking a deep breath and tell yourself you’re going to step it up. And at the end of the day, go and do some yoga!

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