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This is a review of WP Commissions – a WordPress plugin. (video review half way down the page)

What do you find you battle with most marketing online? I’d probably say: Time. Does that figure for you? Just so many tasks for one person to do! Yes, there’s outsourcing – that’s assuming you’re making enough profit to consider it – but even that also takes time.

So automation is key. And in the blogging world, that tends to mean plugins.
Not all automated content is desirable

Plugins are among the few things in internet marketing that I always check out. Sometimes they don’t deliver, sometimes they do.

Not so long ago I bought a plugin that provided me with automated content relevant to keywords on my site. So far, so good.

But what I got was a non-stop bilge pulled from yahoo answers. Then one day I came to look at one of my blogs to find ‘I HATE N1GGER’ plasted all over it, like 50 times. Wo! I don’t know what was going off, but I can tell you I pulled the plug on that little script machine like it was burning a hole in my pants.

Not good.

WP Commissions

So I was a little wary after that experience. But then I came across this – WP Commissions…

Same kind of thing, except… It picks up reviews/promotions of affiliate products in the IM niche and posts them to your blog – with your affiliate ID already embedded in the content.

Now the key difference for me was this: these posts that are going to populate your site are handwritten – and readable. So your blog doesn’t fill up with mere keyword crap.

To quote the developers: “WP Commissions removes ‘bots’ and ‘scripts’ from the automated blogging equation and replaces them with HUMAN content that will earn you commissions from MULTIPLE platforms hands-free.”

Generous Recommends WP Commissions

Resale Rights are also available right on the front page, as well as a killer instant commission affiliate program.

This plugin has the potential to make a HUGE impact in the internet marketing arena this year – and YOU are the first to see it!

Admittedly the content that populates your site is not – should not – replace your own blogging, but so far I’m happy to be getting some extra traffic and possibly the odd sale or two by having it there.

It’s very useful for those blogs you don’t post much on – keeps them looking fresh and keeps the traffic coming. I’ll be trying it out on a couple and see how it goes. You can always edit the posts yourself anyway, or even delete them if you don’t feel they’re relevant enough. For the money, it’s pretty amazing. You can vary the number of posts you ‘import’ too. And you can turn it off when you think your blog needs a break from it.

The developers are running a pre-launch right now (April 1st – it’s after 1pm so I can say that without making it sound like a joke!) and price is ultra low – though I don’t know whether it’ll stay that way once they launch in a few days’ time.

In summary: I’m impressed so far. Definitely worth checking out.
Generous Recommends WP Commissions

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4 Responses to “WP Commissions Plugin Review”

  1. Glynn February 13, 2012 at 2:53 am #

    I have installed this wp comm. plugin on my site. It worked in the first instant. It posted some post automatically. Almost the same posts I glimps in your presentation on YouTube. Which I find Strange!!!!. And after that not another article or post again. up to this date not another post. You can check my site:http://www.myiamrich.com. So I have nothing to rave about that plugin as yet but to say for now it is a failure. For the fact that is worked the instant it was activated and after that not again, tells me the problem may be that the plugin is not compatible with changes that may take place within the blog or webpage. Changes like an upgrade to the existing theme or a plugin installed or wordpress itself. If you know how to fix that please let me know, because I am almost ready to request my money back

    • admin February 13, 2012 at 8:13 pm #

      I’ve been delayed giving this plugin a proper run for its money, but am about to get to it this week. If you continue to get poor results, yes, I would ask for a refund. I’ll let you know how I get on.

  2. Glynn February 17, 2012 at 6:01 am #

    Well, things are still the same; no posting at all. And no response to my email from the author either. Anyway I deleted the plugin from my blog , re-downloaded it from the site( I hope it is not missing files) and uploaded it once again. Try it…no posting at all. I wish the author come forward and atleast say something and their is no help desk either. I have not gone viral yet with this complaint(Facebook, ect) because I kinda like the idea behind the plugin. What I did notice when I uploaded the plugin, using c-panel is that the two(2)files appear in the right section(Hostgator)under plugins. But in the left section the name ‘wp commissions’ does not appear. To me this is usual. Even when using ‘Filzilla’ I notice the same thing. The onliest place that the word:wp commissions appear both places is in my blog administration in the left panel and under plugins. These are just my observations and are meant no harm, because I am not a plugin inventor. So I am appealing to anyone that know about this plugin to give some details as to it’s working and proper set up.

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