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I appreciate that, in the internet marketing niche, the ebook is no longer quite the thing it was. We have video now, and lots of it. Video tutorials are more to people’s taste, it would seem… And yet, videos aren’t always accompanied by the clearest of voice overs….

I bought a product recently – a ready-made website using WordPress – that came with a very bad video tutorial. If you were a beginner, you’d have given up, plain and simple. Myself, I had to stop, pause, rewind… and even then I had to ask a friend to help out with a couple of things.

What I’ve found with a lot of ebooks, especially the freebies, is that they’re poorly written, they contain pages of waffle and fluff and don’t cover all the steps I need in order to have a solid foundation in the kind of marketing they are aiming at.

That’s why I sat down to write an ebook on writing and creating squeeze pages. There’s plenty of info on this subject and plenty of videos on various aspects of the squeeze page system, but I wanted to write an ebook that covered all the basic aspects of the squeeze page – from concept and creation to promotion. This had to be the book that I wished I’d found when I started out.

When marketers tell you you can knock out an ebook in an afternoon, well, good for them…. Mine took me a solid week. Admittedly, I went to the trouble of designing an eye-catching cover and taking the main picture (I had a friend do the photoshop work) and I spent a few hours screengrabbing images, a couple more just formatting the pages… By the time I’d finished, I realised I wasn’t going to make this a giveaway any more. I’d be charging $7, if only to partly cover my time on the job. I’d be very surprised if it made me the equivalent I’d charge as a copywriter – but I wrote it in the spirit of a giveaway, so that’s OK.

One of the problems everyone has with internet marketing is the sheer volume and diversity of information on the subject. One day we wake up and there’s an email telling us we should devote all our energies to Facebook marketing. The next day it’s backlinks. Then it’s CPV. Or Cell phone marketing. And if you think that’s enough, no, you should also be vlogging. Basically, go put your head in the microwave…

And we read all this info – a bit here, a bit there – or view it – and although we’re learning, we struggle to put it all together. Some of us, who have mentors, get a little help, but most of us just have to do it ourselves. ‘It’s not rocket science,’ you keep hearing, and yet 95-97% of people in internet marketing don’t make a profit.

So, in a bid to make a little dent in that figure for failure, I’ve written an ebook that aims to pull together various techniques into one coherent story. It’s called Power Up Your Squeeze Page. Do look out for it.

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