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Warrior Special Offers or WSOs are becoming a hot topic in 2011. So if you’re doing anything in internet marketing, especially that niche itself, you really do need to be producing WSOs of your own.

But what makes a WSO? More importantly, what makes a good one? How best to promote one? Where do you get affiliates from? How do you use the Warrior Forum’s horrible BB code to best effect…?

All these – and more – questions are answered in concise an understated detail by the down-to-earth and level-headed Geordie, John Thornhill, in his new product WSO Domination.

I bought WSO Domination on Friday, as I’m planning another WSO myself, so I was hoping to pick up a few tips from a more experienced internet marketer.

First thing you notice is that the course is very well set out, taking you from the absolute basics – What is the Warrior Forum? and Why Create a WSO? – to BB coding for forum marketing.  He even goes into Changing Image Background Colour on images you insert into the html editor on the Warrior Forum. You might think that’s no big deal, but first time I ran a WSO my sales page looked like a nasty patchwork of cheap and nasty sales pages, simply because I didn’t understand the interface. It’s great to see a marketer go into this kind of detail – so often overlooked by other marketers who assume you either know this stuff already.

Each section is broken down to bite-sized 10 minute videos.  I believe I counted 23 in total. The content is very well scripted and John narrates in a concise and measured Newcastle accent, without ever being dry and boring. And for each video you have the equivalent content in MP4, iPad, iPhone, iPod and PDF formats.  So you’re spoilt for choice as to how you consume this valuable course!

John also has a couple of bonuses for you: one is a course in making a professional ebook, presented by fellow Geordie Dan Sumner and the other is a piece of software – Clickbank Affiliate Master – that will allow you to create multiple affiliate links for additional pages in your Clickbank product, thus endearing you to your affiliates.

Personally I think this is the best product/course I’ve come across on producing a WSO.  Awesome value at under $10. This is generous indeed. Nice one John!

Click WSO Domination to see for yourself.


Rating *****

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